Palm Tree vs Palmetto Tree: What’s the Difference?

The palmetto tree and the palm tree both belong to the very same family members. Nonetheless, they are quite distinct. While most palmettos develop in the Western United States, only a handful of palm trees are indigenous to The us. If you are fascinated in learning much more about the distinctions amongst these two trees, preserve reading through while we look at the dimension, foliage, bouquets, fruit, and much more to support you be greater knowledgeable.

Overview of the Palm Tree

Palm Tree vs Palmetto Tree: What’s the Difference?
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The palm tree is the larger of the two, with a lot of species growing eighty ft tall or much more. These trees do not produce trunks like ordinary trees, and they have no bark. They continue being quick for the initial handful of a long time whilst their stems develop underground. With the underground stem recognized, the palm tree will begin to send its stem upward, escalating its height each calendar year.


Palm trees produce large fronds that will have an alternating pattern. It will have extended leaves that can be 36 inches with parallel veins. Several of the fronds have a fan shape with shiny leaves.


Different species of palm trees create different varieties of flowers. The desert palm, royal palm, and queen palm all have white flowers satisfying to the eye and comfortable to the touch. Royal palm trees have yellow flowers that are really aromatic.

Palm Tree vs Palmetto Tree: What’s the Difference?
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Palm trees create a lot of sorts of fruit, which includes coconut and dates. Queen palm trees in the United States increase vivid orange dates largely utilised for ornamentation purposes.

  • Tall trees
  • Several varieties
  • Tasty fruit
  • It might be too large
  • Won’t grow much in the Northern US and above
  • Take a long time to grow

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Overview of the Palmetto tree

Palm Tree vs Palmetto Tree: What’s the Difference?
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The palmetto tree is normally significantly smaller sized than the palm tree and generally grows to about thirty feet tall. It is related to the palm tree in that it does not have a trunk or bark but rather makes use of an underground stem. As soon as the palmetto tree establishes the stem, it will start off to develop horizontally shut to the floor. Most develop no a lot more than twelve ft tall.


Palmetto trees have thick flat leaves that, like the palm tree, can also be about 36 inches prolonged. These rigid leaves typically have a star-formed sample that offers these trees their identify.


Palmetto bouquets are related to palm trees and are dependent on the assortment. Observed Palmettos make long sticks with yellowish-white flowers, and the dwarf palmetto produces shorter sticks that increase just outside of the tip of the foliage.

Palm Tree vs Palmetto Tree: What’s the Difference?
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Palmettos generate a small berry that’s generally significantly less than an inch lengthy. Birds and regional wildlife typically consume this modest fruit, and it can be a fantastic way to provide them on to your property.

  • Inexpensive
  • Stays close to the ground
  • You can plant it further north
  • You usually require several of them
  • Only one type of fruit; not tasty

Which One Is Right for Me?

The two palm trees and palmettos can make outstanding additions to your landscape. Palm trees can be very tall, so you need to have to be mindful about positioning them way too shut to your home, and only a handful of versions can deal with the colder temperatures of the northern United States. Although the palmetto is also a heat-weather conditions plant, you can discover them significantly farther north than palm trees, so they are a far better choice for folks in the northern states. These vegetation are a lot shorter, and you will want much more of them, but they are quite hardy and can reside in numerous soil varieties.

Palm Tree vs Palmetto Tree: What’s the Difference?
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When To Use Each Kind

Palm trees are a perfect decision if you require to insert shade to your yard or would like to start generating fruit. Palm trees also leave a greater footprint that you can see from a appreciable distance. Palmetto trees are a wonderful option when you need anything nearer to the ground. These are the ideal accent to any backyard, and they are less complicated to take away if you change your thoughts later.

When to Buy A Palm Tree
  • When you need shade
  • If you like coconuts or dates
  • When you need more variety
When to Buy A Palmetto Tree
  • When you only require a small, bushy plant
  • When you want to provide shade for other plants

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We suggest checking with your local backyard heart to see what sorts of palm trees and palmettos will grow in your area. As soon as you have your choice, we recommend picking a selection to give shade and excitement to your landscape.

Featured Graphic Credit rating: L-R: Palm Tree (Image Credit rating: Pixabay), Palmetto Tree (Picture Credit score: ehrlif, Shutterstock)