Are Ford Escapes Reliable? Are They the Right Car for Me?

Ford Escapes are a bit less trustworthy than the regular new automobile, in accordance to Customer Studiesone. As considerably as SUVs go, the 2022 Ford Escape is just a tiny less trustworthy than regular. Technically, this does not make it a poor auto. Nonetheless, you can count on an average amount of breakdowns and an common repair value.

With that mentioned, major difficulties are inclined to be instead unusual in this auto. Most repairs reported are for minor troubles that only expense about $600 to fix. Therefore, even though this vehicle technically needs to be fixed about common, the severity of the needed repairs is low. You can do what you’d like with that bit of details.

The most dependable SUVs consist of the BMW X6, Kia Sportage, Chevrolet Equinox, Toyota Highlander, and Subaru Forester. Of course, there are slight variants from calendar year to 12 months. Nonetheless, astonishingly, most automobile models keep their previous year’s placement in conditions of reliability.

Regrettably, Ford does not appear to offer you significantly in terms of trustworthiness. Most of their vehicles are not listed as some of the most dependable.

Do Ford Escapes Have a Lot of Problems?

Ford Escapes have about an regular quantity of incidents and repairs. Consequently, they aren’t technically more unreliable than other automobiles out there, but they are not the most reliable vehicle, both.

The typical yearly mend expense for this SUV is around $600, according to the house owners. Which is slightly much more than average.

Ford Escapes are identified for possessing considerable quantities of transmission difficulties. These troubles tend to be especially high-priced to repair, costing above $3,000 in most circumstances. Nonetheless, these problems aren’t terribly common.

Occasionally, ignition misfires, engine stumbling, and electrical power steering loss are considerably widespread, as properly. Luckily, these repairs are not terribly pricey. An ignition misfire expenses about $one hundred fifty to fix.

Of system, the product yr does affect the troubles frequent in the car. 2016 Ford Escapes experienced acknowledged problems with their cooling method. Other designs did not necessarily have this same hyperlink. The most substantial difficulty years are in between 2006 and 2014. More recent years tend to have fewer troubles than older many years.

2019 Ford Escape SE
2019-Ford-Escape-SE (Image Credit: Mr.choppers Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)

Do Ford Escapes Last Long?

If you consider treatment of your car, Ford Escapes can final very a lengthy time. They demand normal upkeep just like any other auto. Plus, how you generate the vehicle also has a substantial result on the car’s durability. If you push your vehicle meticulously, then it will final a lot more time than it may normally.

The most frequent issue with this automobile would seem to be the ignition coils breaking down. Nevertheless, these can be replaced without having too considerably of a difficulty. Typically, this issue is small and isn’t limited to this car, either.

Usually, we’d expect this car to last about typical. It is not the most sturdy auto out there, but it is not nearly unreliable, possibly.

driver starting the car engine
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Is It Worth Buying a Ford Escape?

Ford Escapes are offered in a extensive range of trims, which makes them a little bit more popular than some other cars. You can choose a structure that greatest suits your needs and funds. They also offer two different hybrid powertrains, which is more than most vehicles out there.

A lot of car proprietors like that this design features Smartphone app integration across all their autos. This enables you to remotely lock or in contrast to your automobile, as nicely as routine service appointments. This substantial-level feature is typical across a lot of Ford automobiles.

The vehicle also characteristics a amount of other technologies-abundant features. For occasion, there is a present day head-up display that works to reduce distractions. There are tons of various basic safety functions, as nicely. These functions assist avoid mishaps and protect the occupants need to an accident take place.

Nevertheless, this auto has a amount of issues, as nicely. The managing and ride are not all that clean. Several complained that the car handles badly because of to its stature. Moreover, the cargo spot is very little. Even with currently being an SUV, this auto are not able to carry significantly.

For that reason, no matter whether or not you ought to buy this vehicle depends on what you are searching for. It has a good deal of technologies packed into it, generating it fantastic for these that are seeking for lots of technological positive aspects. However, the experience and managing are not fantastic.

person driving a Ford vehicle
Image Credit: Skitterphoto, Pixabay

Which Ford Escapes Had Transmission Problems?

Not all Ford Escapes have transmission issues. Usually, the most troublesome models are between 2006 and 2009. These have important transmission concerns, with many customers needing new transmissions after about eighty,000 miles.

This is a lot faster than other options out there. Consequently, these types ended up known for getting much less reputable than other SUVs. Transmissions are really pricey, so this is a enormous blow to automobile homeowners with this model.

Luckily, however, other types really do not have very as several problems and they can be much more dependable possibilities for these that want a Ford Escape. The most recent models tend to be the most trustworthy, with the average dependability heading up every single 12 months.

It would seem that what ever was leading to the preceding transmission troubles in these automobiles has been mounted in newer versions.

Does the Ford Escape Have Engine Problems?

The Ford Escape has a couple of described engine issues. Specifically, misfiring and coolant leaking are most typical. However, these have subsided more than the past handful of many years after coming to a head in 2017. In some circumstances, the engine even fails or catches fireplace. For that reason, normal service is essential to guarantee that the engine is nevertheless functioning properly.

Regrettably, these issues arose rather quick, following only fifty,000 miles, so engine repairs are needed pretty early. These repairs can variety from really cheap to fairly costly.

mechanic repairing car engine
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What’s The Worst Year for Ford Escapes?

Usually, this is dependent on who you ask. However, in conditions of trustworthiness alone, the 2008 product had the most problems all round. This car experienced many issues, such as quite a handful of that struck early and had been pricey to fix. For that reason, this automobile typically has a really reduced rating.

Even so, the auto with the worst general score is the 2012 design. This auto attributes lower-good quality attributes all round, regardless of the reality that they knowledge much less breakdowns. Consequently, we typically really do not advise this car to most customers – even if you’re not mainly anxious with dependability.


The Ford Escape scores about the center of the pack in conditions of dependability. This car is not recognized for having the greatest trustworthiness, but it does not have the worst dependability, possibly. Each and every 12 months, the price tag of fixing 1 of the newer models is around $600, which is only somewhat greater than the typical value of repairs for an SUV.

With that explained, this automobile does look to have comparable longevity to other automobiles. It doesn’t very last a extremely lengthy time, but it should last about typical (for most designs, at minimum).

Primarily based on most metrics, this auto is about common.



2020 Ford Escape (Graphic Credit rating: Kevauto, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.)