Are Ford Fusions Reliable? Are They the Right Car for Me?

Ford Fusions are a single of the most popular cars in the US, position as the seventh-greatest-promoting auto in the US in 2019. The Fusion is an reasonably priced and desirable sedan, but is it reliable? For the most element, they are quite dependable cars with first rate fuel mileage, though they are susceptible to some concerns. Some consumers have described driving their Fusion for in excess of 200,000 miles, which is really respectable for the price. Let’s check out out some other information about the Ford Fusion’s dependability, as effectively as some problems to seem out for.

How Reliable Are Ford Fusions?

In accordance to Repairpal, the Ford Fusion has a dependability score of four out of five stars, which is above typical. End users on-line observe that the one.5-liter engine is the most inclined to concerns, so steer clear of Fusions with that motor if attainable. On the other hand, two.five-liter Fusions are quite properly regarded and 1 consumer even named them “virtually bulletproof.”

Sadly, the competitiveness of the midsize sedan phase indicates that the Fusion only ranks 18th out of 24. The severity and frequency of unscheduled repairs rank about average for the section, and fix costs are about typical, also.

We know that might seem contradictory, but it is really just a indicator of how higher-quality and reliable midsize sedans have grow to be in latest a long time. The Fusion appears to only rank common in stats, but consumers who have them say they’re very trustworthy automobiles with few problems.

Why Were Ford Fusions Recalled?

Ford Fusions have been recalled numerous occasions for various concerns. Most not too long ago, the Fusion is between 5 autos recalled due to the fact of a rollaway threat. The concern is a defective bushing that connects the transmission to the shifter cable. When the bushing fails, you can change to “park” and the automobile might not really change, creating it to roll absent.

In the past, other Fusion remembers have been spurred by door latch, brake, and steering help problems. The issues that brought on these recollects are only in specified models of Fusion, so it is important to seem up if a particular Ford Fusion’s calendar year has notable issues.

What Common Issues Do Ford Fusions Have?

Like most automobiles, Ford Fusions are much more inclined to some problems than other people. Underneath we have compiled some of the most frequent troubles documented with Ford Fusions, and what product year they happen in. It’s crucial to be informed of likely issues so you can location them sooner prior to they trigger damage to the vehicle.

Shifting Issues

The most typically noted troubles with the Fusion are related to shifting, and it would seem all types from 2006–2018 are vulnerable. Some drivers have reported erratic shifting, slipped shifting, or delayed shifting. These issues are more widespread in higher mileage Fusions with 80,000 miles or more.

Swollen Lug Nuts

Several Fords from 2010 onward endure from swollen lug nuts, such as the Fusion. Instead of creating the lug nuts 1 strong piece of steel, Ford opted to use stainless metal lug nuts with aluminum caps. Large temperatures and torque ranges result in the caps to swell and delaminate, generating them virtually impossible to take away. Some motorists even described that they ended up stranded with flat tires simply because they couldn’t get rid of the lug nuts!

Steering Failure

The 2011 Ford Fusion need to undoubtedly be averted due to a popular electrical power steering failure. Some consumers reported mild problems, while in other circumstances the technique unsuccessful completely, warranting a high priced mend. In most circumstances, the failure happened appropriate around the 80,000-mile mark.


Even though Ford Fusions have experienced some poor PR from recollects and common troubles, they are typically very trustworthy cars. As extended as you keep away from particular design a long time, the Fusion is a excellent, affordable every day driver.

Featured Picture Credit history: Darryl Boediarto, Unsplash