Can You Put Laminate Over Tile? Are There Specific Requirements?

Occasionally, you’re drained of dealing with tile flooring. It is tough and cold and needs fairly a bit of scrubbing to keep cleanse. But if you’re prepared to ditch the tile, do you need to pull it up, or can you simply install laminate above the tile?

You can install laminate flooring correct over tile, but there are a few variables that you want to consider beforehand. We split it all down for you listed here and even give you a few causes that you ought to think about switching to laminate from tile if you haven’t previously produced your choice.

Can You Put Laminate Over Tile?

You can definitely place laminate in excess of tile in most situations. This signifies you do not have to be concerned about tearing out the flooring and setting up new subflooring, items that can significantly increase the expense of your task.

However, whilst you can install laminate in excess of tile, there are a handful of exceptions and factors that you ought to examine prior to purchasing your new laminate flooring.

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Things to Check Before Putting Laminate Over Tile

Get the time to check out these four elements to guarantee that you will have no problem installing laminate flooring and that you will get the final results that you want.

Tile Condition

If you’re changing your tile flooring simply because they’re not in excellent shape, just hiding them under laminate flooring may not be an selection. There are a handful of reasons for this. Initial, if there are broken tiles, you may well not get a flush fitment for the laminate floors.

Next, broken tiles will permit humidity to get beneath them, which implies you will need to install another water-proof underlayment ahead of setting up the laminate.

Lastly, destroyed tiles can harm the laminate if it strikes it the wrong way. This signifies you could set in all the work to install the laminate floor, only to tear up to resolve the tile and do it all more than once again.

Whilst some men and women will set up laminate flooring in excess of damaged tiles, we don’t advocate it.

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Although you ought to previously have a watertight layer due to the fact you have a tile floor, that does not suggest you must instantly skip any prospective underlayment.

Tile is hard and unforgiving, so if you want much more comfort, you need to set down an underlayment amongst the tile and the laminate. This is an optional step, but you are going to get a softer and much more relaxed ground if you set up an underlayment.

Floor Height

If you’re already very near to the ceiling, you may well want to reconsider adding a laminate ground on leading of the tile. This is specifically correct if you program on placing down an added underlayment for extra convenience.

The more levels you add, the closer you are going to thrust almost everything to the ceiling, which can be an unpleasant expertise.

Floor Leveling

This is more of an concern in older houses, but if your existing tile flooring isn’t degree, there is a excellent possibility that you will have difficulty setting up laminate floors.

Even so, if you are putting in the laminate flooring yourself and know what you’re performing, this is a perfect possibility to degree out the floor just before installing the laminate.

The biggest problem with setting up laminate floors above unlevel tile is if there are dips or elevated parts through. You ought to be able to put in laminate floors on a sloping tile ground with no any key troubles, but we nonetheless suggest fixing it initial.

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Why You Might Want Laminate Over Tile

Some folks adore tile flooring, while other people cannot stand it or just really don't want to deal with it. If you’re thinking about laminate flooring alternatively of tile, below are five various advantages of laminate.


Laminate floors are not always more sturdy than tile floors, but if you consider treatment of them accurately, they can last just as prolonged. Several laminate floors can final among fifty and 75 a long time with proper maintenance, which implies you won’t have to fret about replacing them once more any time soon!


Tile is difficult. Laminate can provide a softer and more comfy area for you to stand on. This is a big perk if you choose to go over your tiles flooring with laminate. You can get an even softer surface if you set up an underlayment among the tile and laminate.

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Low Maintenance

An additional fantastic perk of laminate flooring, specifically compared to tile, is how effortless they are to treatment for. All you want to do is sweep and mop them about after a week, and they’ll remain in wonderful issue.

In contrast to the require for scrubbing that will come with tile floors, it’s a lot less complicated to take treatment of laminate flooring.

Low Cost

1 of the major advantages of laminate flooring is that it is not pricey to install. In comparison to just about any other flooring option, laminate is about as minimal value as it receives.

Just preserve in head that different variations of laminate flooring will value more than other types, so if you want a high quality layout or style, you even now might finish up exceeding your budget.

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Many Designs

No make a difference what flooring choice you’re contemplating, you won’t uncover one with very as numerous types as laminate. From colours to textures, there are so many options!

You can match the design of the area, or you can get inventive and make the flooring the focal position. Laminate flooring opens up myriad design and style options for you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that you can set your new laminate flooring correct above the tile, all that is still left is for you to choose out the flooring and get began on the installation procedure. Setting up laminate flooring is a reasonably simple flooring Do-it-yourself task, so attempt it out for your self!

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