How Much and How Often to Water Strawberries?

Strawberries are exciting to increase and produce a delicious fruit that several folks appreciate. Numerous starter backyard garden programs include strawberry seeds simply because they are simple to increase. Nonetheless, numerous men and women are not confident how typically they require to water them to get the ideal harvest. The limited reply is that you will need to h2o them a number of occasions a 7 days, but preserve reading as we describe how to know when your vegetation need to have water and when you are watering them as well much.

How Much Water Do Strawberries Need?

Strawberries normally require 1–2 inches of h2o for each 7 days for optimum progress. Greater vegetation will need to have more water, and you will also want to provide more water when the temperature rises.

Watering at the Right Time

Strawberries have shallow roots, so they want steady watering. Sporadic watering can allow the roots to dry out, affecting expansion and even killing the plant. Generating up for dry soil by supplying it extra water is equally as harmful due to the fact the soggy soil can guide to root rot or mould progress.

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How Do I Know If My Strawberries Need Water?

Finger Method

Constant, scheduled watering will normally produce very good results, but the greatest alternative is to take a look at the soil just before you h2o it, and the finger technique performs effectively. To take a look at the soil, adhere your finger into the filth to a depth of about two inches. If the soil feels damp, there is sufficient water. Dry soil will need to have water, and soggy soil will notify you that you are watering the plant too considerably.


If you really do not supply your strawberry plant with sufficient drinking water, you will likely notice that it has significantly much less leaves than it ought to, and the leaves will be small. The plant will also make less strawberries that do not style as very good as they typically do.

Plant Age

Plant age can also have an effect on how frequently your strawberries need to have water. For illustration, more youthful crops tend to maintain h2o better than older vegetation and can go lengthier without having drinking water. Older vegetation will be more inclined to even a minimal drought, so a rigid watering plan is important.

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How Do I Know If My Strawberries Are Getting Too Much Water?


Strawberry vegetation that get as well much drinking water are likely to wilt, which can trigger some folks to worry that the plant isn’t receiving enough water. Even so, more h2o will very likely only guide to root rot and a little harvest if the plant carries on to live.

Leaf Color

If you are overwatering your strawberry plant, you will most likely discover that several of the leaves have brown edges, and their condition will only worsen. Extra h2o in the soil eliminates oxygen-containing air pockets that your crops need to develop effectively. Slicing back again on the volume of water that you offer and taking away the brown edges will help you get your strawberries back on observe.

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Tips for Growing Strawberries

Add Mulch

When the climate starts off to get heat, incorporating mulch below your strawberry plants will support avert the soil from drying out too quickly. Nonetheless, in cooler temperatures, the mulch can allow mildew to expand.

Choose the Correct Variety

There are several strawberry kinds obtainable to expand in yard gardens. Having the time to seem by way of them thoroughly to select some thing that will develop nicely in your spot can tremendously effect your capability to increase them productively and will likely let you to get a bigger harvest.

Check Soil Frequently

Strawberries have shallow roots, so frequent watering is necessary to maintain the soil moist without having adding too a lot h2o that can damage the roots. Tests your soil often using the finger technique will aid you make sure that your plants constantly have the right sum of h2o.

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Use a Bucket to Test Hydration

You can use a bucket to see if your vegetation are receiving enough drinking water. Spot the bucket more than a strawberry plant, and permit it keep there right away. If you get rid of the bucket and there is drinking water on the leaves, the plant has sufficient water. If the leaves are dry, it is dehydrated.

Use a Hygrometer

A hygrometer is an low-cost instrument that you can use to accurately preserve observe of the moisture content material in your soil. It’s an excellent answer for men and women who struggle with the finger approach, and it operates just as well, if not better. Hygrometers are effortless to locate at your neighborhood components keep or on-line. Some types will also notify you the pH of your soil and offer other useful info.


Strawberries have shallow roots, so you must drinking water them numerous times weekly. For the ideal harvest, examination the soil often, and drinking water it when it starts to feel dry. If the plant starts off to wilt, you are supplying it too considerably drinking water, and you will want to water it a lot more typically if it only has a couple of little leaves. Picking a variety that grows well in your location can be a big assist, and some types increase greater in pots, so consider the place you will plant prior to creating a purchase. If you have a hard time testing the soil, use a hygrometer, as they are not expensive and get rid of a lot of the guesswork about when you should h2o your vegetation.

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