Construction Screws vs Wood Screws: What’s the Difference?

Just like nails, screws are praised for their usefulness, relieve of use, and dependability. There are dozens of choices obtainable on the industry, but most contractors and Diy supporters choose to use wood and design/structural screws. They have confirmed to be durable and simple to get. The issue nonetheless stands, though—which fasteners do you select for your new undertaking?

Do you go with the more reasonably priced wood screws or place your religion in the bigger and more powerful design screws? What are the professionals and negatives of these fasteners? How do you know which screws offer you the very best bang for the buck? And lastly, what do these screws have in frequent? We’ve got all the responses right right here! Make your self comfortable, and let’s set the file straight!

tool dividerConstruction Screws

Most individuals know what wood screws seem like. The exact same can not be stated about development screws, even though. Also known as structural, multi-objective, or even exterior wood screws, these fasteners are robust, sturdy, and praised for making long-lasting connections. So, what’s the greatest application(s) for such a screw? Will you need to have pricey instruments and gear to use it? Here’s a in depth breakdown!

Key Properties and Characteristics

Lengthier and larger than the common screw, these are exclusively made and made to take care of heavy hundreds and large pressure. Which is exactly why structural screws are often used in building these days, specifically on massive-scale projects. Now, to the naked eye, construction screws are virtually equivalent to standard screws. Nevertheless, if you just take a closer appear, you are going to see that they are, certainly, somewhat bigger.

Much more importantly, because they’re largely utilised outside, building screws are crafted from copper and stainless steel. Or, at the very minimum, they have an added layer of coating for protection in opposition to rust/corrosion. Most makers provide a ten-yr promise against rust. As a bonus, these fasteners are heat-handled for extra performance. That makes structural screws a go-to choice for humid, wet, and even dusty areas.

Are Construction Screws Easy to Use?

The reality that structural/multi-purpose screws are greater and more robust than the average screws doesn’t indicate they are any harder to use. Even though this is needed for some fasteners, these screws do not need to have any pre-drilled pilot holes. They go in quite easily, many thanks to the sharp edge and the threads. Oh, and in contrast to well-known perception, not each and every solitary design screw out there is entirely threaded.

Some variants even have much less threads than wooden screws. Still, most development screws do have prolonged threads. Does that indicate they take more hard work to drive into a wall? If you are employing an influence driver, you won’t recognize any difference. These screws are accessible with hex, spider, and Torx heads, and assortment is always a big pro.

The Best Uses for a Construction Screw

In development, it is not that rare for large hundreds to hurt and even split typical screws. That is why design/structural screws had been invented. Many thanks to the thicker threads, they are significantly far better at holding hefty boards with each other in contrast to wooden screws. Plus, as pointed out, they are either crafted from resistant components or coated to endure normal components.

As for the greatest manufacturers of development screws, we have received FastenMaster and Spax. GRK is also quite popular, but these screws are not that straightforward to obtain (and they’re pricey).

  • Impressive holding capacity
  • Highly resistant to breakage
  • Strong protection against rust
  • Different heads to pick from
  • Not as widely available
  • A bit on the expensive side

Wood Screws

These are the most well-liked sorts of screws on the market. In reality, wood screws are far more commonly employed for woodworking than nails. When buying at a hardware shop, you are going to be stunned by the selection of designs, sizes, and gauges. But, at their core, all wood screws are the exact same. They are low cost, extensively offered, and have a good keeping energy. How effective are they, however? What’s the very best use for these fasteners? Let’s speak about that following!

wood screws
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Key Properties and Characteristics

Wood screws are usually reasonably limited (only 3–4-inches long) and their shafts are not completely threaded. When not confident what size is proper for your venture, select a screw that can get to at least two/3 of the wood board’s thickness. As for the diameter, it ranges from one/16 inches to five/sixteen inches. And what about the most frequent measurement? It’s the a single with a 5/32-inch diameter (recognized as the #8 wooden screw).

The golden common for these screws is a tapered head, semi-threaded shaft (60–70% thread, 30–40% shank), and a pointy idea. Now, the main work of a wooden screw is to be part of wooden with each other. And the partly threaded style helps make it exceptionally effective in woodworking purposes. It creates a sturdy bond whilst not creating important hurt to the personal wood items.

Are Wood Screws Easy to Use?

Yes, wooden screws are mainly recognized as person-friendly and uncomplicated. As long as you’ve got a screwdriver, drill, or driver, it shouldn’t be challenging to generate them in. Wooden screws are not only self-tapping but also self-drilling. What that means in exercise is that you won’t have to make a pilot hole with a drill bit ahead of heading in with the screw. That saves a whole lot of time when functioning on huge initiatives.

In the US, the most common wood screws arrive with the Phillips heads. They just take small energy to drive into wood. Robertson (sq.) and star heads are also available but not as well-liked. Do remember, even though, that no make a difference which option you go with, the heads will not be straightforward to disguise unless of course you paint/end them.

wood screws
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The Best Uses for a Wood Screw

If you’re working on a Do-it-yourself venture in your garage or yard, wooden screws will be the best pick. As the name suggests, these screws are produced with wooden in brain (lumber and plywood, for instance). As prolonged as you get the correct size and gauge (question for it on the web or at a neighborhood store when not a hundred% confident), they will do a excellent work of keeping two regular-sized items of wood collectively. Also, make positive to get the proper type of threading for the occupation.

We’re chatting about fine and coarse threads. Coarse threads function very best on plywood and softwood, whilst fine threads excel at maintaining hardwoods jointly. Chairs, tables, wood fences, and cabinetry—that’s what wooden screws specialize in. With that stated, you shouldn’t genuinely use wooden screws on anything else than wooden until you don’t have one more fastener helpful. Most probably, you’ll stop up ruining the head and damaging the metal sheet.

  • Widely available, easy to work with
  • Perfect for entry-level woodworking
  • Great at joining low-density wood
  • Keep damage to a minimum
  • Hard to hide the heads
  • Average holding strength

What Do Construction and Wood Screws Have in Common?

In numerous ways, these fasteners are quite comparable. The concept is the identical: we’re not dealing with bolts or nails below. Wood screws have a pointy edge, a thread, and a shank with a head at the top. This is also real for structural screws. As pointed out previously, to a particular person that only utilizes screws sometimes they will search quite a lot alike. One more issue that they have in typical: equally fasteners are a fantastic choice for woodworking.

And you are going to be making use of the exact same equipment for driving them in, such as drills, impact motorists, and great aged screwdrivers. Given that there are no nuts or washers included, it is considerably less complicated to shop wood and structural screws. Just make confident not to place them all in one box, as they’ll get mixed up. Previous, but not the very least, even though construction screws are greater and stronger, they’re only great for wood. They can pierce through metal and concrete but will not be able to maintain anything at all for extended.

screwing door frame
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Which Screws Cost More? How Big is the Price Difference?

Design screws are the much more high-priced option. You could say that they are the “big brother” to the less expensive, considerably less sturdy wooden screws. If you’re operating on a weighty-load undertaking and put safety and longevity initial, structural screws will be a fantastic investment decision. So, how considerably ought to you count on to shell out for a set of these screws? It is dependent on the maker, the diameter, length, thread count, form of the screws, and even the region that you live in.

On average, you can get wooden screws for $.1–$.2 each and every. Occasionally, they are sold in bodyweight (like 1–10 lbs .). As for design screws, expect the price tag to be 40–50% increased (or a lot more). Indeed, the price tag hole is fairly significant, but, considering that a wooden screw can in no way be as successful and reputable in weighty-duty initiatives as a construction screw, the relatively steep price tag is a lot more than justified. A fast notice: in many retailers, if you get screws in bulk, that will give you a wonderful discount.

What is the Right Option for You?

It all arrives down to the thickness, bodyweight, and particulars of the wooden content that you are working with. If it is your typical Do it yourself undertaking (like constructing a elevated bed, fence, or, let us say, repairing one thing in the garage), wooden screws will be more than sufficient. At the very same time, when working with hefty hardwood and you know that the screws will be underneath strain and higher loads, we would advocate spending a little bit extra for a set of structural screws.

Once more, these screws aren’t that distinct from each other. Both are really dependable, straightforward to use, and can penetrate wood very easily. Even now, design screws are more resistant to all-natural components and have a greater keeping strength. If which is exactly what you are hunting for in a pack of screws, these will absolutely be the proper option for you. If not, wood screws will do just fantastic.

When to go with Construction Screws
  • Most of the work is done outdoors
  • It’s a heavy-duty, heavy-load project
  • Screw holding strength is a top priority
  • You’re looking for quality over quantity
When to go with Wood Screws
  • No exposure to elements (indoor project)
  • You’ll be working with average-sized wood
  • You need handy, easy-to-use screws
  • The budget for the project is limited

tool dividerConclusion

When it comes to choosing the right screws for a new undertaking, there is far more than adequate to pick from. The tricky element is to actually find that 1 screw variety that suits your Do it yourself beginnings best. Right now, we took a search at some of the most typically used screws—the wood and building/structural screws. As always, it all comes down to what you’re hunting for. If it’s a low cost, straightforward-to-perform-with fastener, go with wooden screws.

And if you need to have all the holding toughness and sturdiness you can get, construction screws will do a considerably greater task. Choose wisely, and excellent luck with your task!


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