How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof a Basement in 2022?

Of all the components in a house, it is normally the basement that “takes the hit” throughout a flood. Then you have obtained burst pipes, clogged tubes, and overflow, not to mention termites. So, except if you want water/humidity to take over your basement and ruin it, do contemplate waterproofing it. While it won’t be low cost, in the extended run, you will significantly gain from this.

What’s the typical cost of waterproofing a basement? What’s the greatest way to do it? Does the cost vary depending on exactly where you live? Can the average property owner water-proof a basement on their own? What further charges should you assume? And last but not least, do insurance policies firms spend for h2o harm in the basement? Let us find the solutions jointly!

The Importance of Waterproofing the Basement

The primary aim of waterproofing is to defend the walls and the ground from h2o penetration which sales opportunities to decay, rot, and bugs. If you stay someplace in the American South, floods can be a massive problem. This won’t occur right away, of program, but little by little nevertheless steadily, consistent exposure to drinking water will harm the structural integrity of the property, not to point out lead to overall health difficulties.

Apart from, even when it does not rain, and there is no physical make contact with with h2o, irregular humidity stages will still do a amount each on the basement and the foundation. The base line is—without suitable waterproofing, it will be practically extremely hard to defend the basement from rot, mold, and deterioration.

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How Much Does Professional Basement Waterproofing Cost?

This greatly depends on the dimension of the basement, the location, resources, tactics, and a lot more. That’s precisely why the price tag variety on this is so extensive. With that said, the typical price in the States is $3,000–7,000, with most home owners spending all around $5,000. If you’re on a limited funds and only want to seal the inside walls and probably correct some cracks listed here and there, that will expense $700–1,five hundred.

In contrast, a entire-fledged waterproofing program that involves not only sealing but also installing a sump pump, drainage system, and some extras will set you again $ten,000–15,000. The very first point to do before getting in contact with any contractors is to evaluate the size of the basement in sq. ft or linear feet and assess the injury (if any) to the inside. This way, you will know in advance about how a lot you will have to spend:

  • The average cost in the US: $3,000–7,000
  • How much most homeowners pay: $4,500–5,500
  • Low-end waterproofing cost: $700–1,500
  • High-end waterproofing cost: $10,000–15,000
  • Cost per square foot: $3–10
  • Cost per linear foot: $50–100

Basement Waterproofing Cost By Different Regions

The United States is 1 of the greatest countries in the entire world with a really various pricing policy. For a person that life on the West Coast, the value of waterproofing a basement on the East will seem a bit way too steep. The Southern states, in switch, are typically fairly low-cost, with the Midwest sitting correct in the middle and offering solutions at a realistic value. Here’s how significantly you are going to pay in various regions:

  • The East Coast: $5,000–8,000
  • The North Coast: $4,700–7,500
  • Midwest US: $4,000–6,700
  • The West Coast: $4,500–6,800
  • South-Atlantic States: $4,200–6,300
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Basement Waterproofing Cost By Square Feet

As mentioned, just before you get any perform completed, you require to get a measuring tape and, well, evaluate the measurement of the basement in sq. feet. You do that by multiplying its length by its width. Naturally, the larger the basement, the a lot more it will cost to water-proof it:

  • 500 square feet: $1,500–5,000
  • 800 square feet: $2,500–8,000
  • 1,000 square feet: $3,000–9,000
  • 1,500 square feet: $5,000–$15,000

Interior vs Exterior Waterproofing

Must you “fortify” the basement from the inside or the outdoors? Exterior waterproofing has proven to be far more effective than when it’s carried out from the inside. But, it is also a lot more expensive. If you are just laying the foundation for a foreseeable future residence, it will be considerably easier to make it h2o-resistant from the outside. Inside waterproofing, in change, is more typical for present houses.

Sealing is the most frequent selection, along with installing a sump pump and perhaps a French drain, also known as a weeping tile. But wait—can’t you watertight the basement’s exterior soon after it is created? Technically, this is feasible but can be very unsafe and will cost significantly a lot more. On regular, inside waterproofing expenses $500–10,000. To seal the exterior, you are going to have to spend $three,000–15,000.

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Basement Interior Waterproofing Cost By Method/Technique

Alright, now let us focus on the accessible alternatives when waterproofing the basement from the inside of. If you’re on a tight funds, using water-resistant paint will be your best bet. Sealing is comparatively low-cost as properly. Acrylic sealants are offered for $3–4 for each square foot. Silicate is a little bit a lot more pricey ($4–6), with epoxy being the priciest select ($5–8). For the greatest benefits, it is typical for homeowners to blend different solutions:

  • Waterproofing paint (goes over bare concrete; the cheapest option): $1–2.5 per sq. ft.
  • Sealing the basement (doesn’t affect walls visually; more effective than paint): $3–8 per sq. ft.
  • French drain (collects and redirects excessive water; takes time to install): $60–70 per linear foot
  • Epoxy (these injects are very effective against cracks; 100% waterproof): $400–550 per treated crack
  • Sump pump (the ultimate solution, works great with a French drain): $800–1,700 per unit

Basement Exterior Waterproofing Cost By Method/Technique

To productively battle floods and other disasters, you need to watertight the exterior. Earlier, we described that exterior waterproofing is extremely expensive and hazardous when executed on an currently-developed home, and that is quite a lot correct. For exterior wall sealing, you will have to dig the soil out, utilize the resolution, and put all the grime back again in. You can go with sheet membranes ($3–8) or liquid membranes (a little bit more affordable, $3–7).

Bentonite sheets ($3–5) are also accessible. With that mentioned, there are some excellent alternatives that really do not call for accessing the foundation in any way, like gutters:

  • Gutters (great at directing water away, but get clogged easily): $5–35 per linear foot
  • Sealing the walls (effective, but only works on 100% exposed walls): $4–8 per linear foot
  • Cement waterproofing/parging (cheap; weak against natural elements) $1,000–1,500
  • Window wells (very expensive, yet reliable and keep water away from windows): $600–1,600 per well
  • Exterior French drain (can direct collected water to a sump pump): $90–100 per linear foot
  • Excavation work (expensive, takes time and effort; has to be done before sealing): $120–230 per linear foot
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Additional Costs to Anticipate

Waterproofing a basement involves setting up a French drain, and gutters, sealing the partitions, painting them, and utilizing epoxy from cracks—we presently coated that. So, what about extra charges? Are there any further expenses included? The solution is sure, but the list isn’t that massive:

  • Full waterproofing inspection: $300–500
  • Cleaning dirty gutters: $1–2.5 per linear foot
  • Repairing a basement leak: $400–500
  • Professional mold removal: $1,000–3,000
  • Underground downspouts: $30–35 per spout
  • Fixing water damage: $3,000
  • Flood cleanup: $3,500–4,000
  • Dehumidifier for the basement: $50–500

Can You Waterproof a Basement Manually?

If you really do not want to pay a contractor, you can attempt and watertight the basement on your possess. As lengthy as the occupation does not entail excavating or setting up a French drain or a sump pump, it shouldn’t be really hard to handle. We’re chatting about making use of waterproofing paint, sealant, epoxy, or even putting in a established of gutters.

Sealant materials are effortless to roll on paint normally takes even much less work to utilize. There are plenty of good-high quality and low-cost alternatives on the industry, including Drylock (a sealant), Flex Seal (a rubberized paint), and other people. If the damage is slight, these remedies can be quite effective at dealing with it.

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Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage to the Basement?

It all is dependent on exactly where you stay, the regional legal guidelines (each condition and city), and the mother nature of the damages. The great information is—most insurance policies businesses will pay for drinking water harm to the basement. Nevertheless, you are going to only be financed when the harm is sudden. We’re chatting about burst pipes, broken appliances, and localized overflow.

If the damages have been brought on by bad servicing and/or aren’t accidental (the basement is just old and rotten), don’t expect the business to spend a solitary penny. And what about natural disasters like flooding? This one’s a little bit difficult, as it does not constantly slide into the very same category as weighty wind, hearth, or thunder. Most common home insurances don’t include flooding. For that, you’ll have to opt for flood insurance coverage.

If you stay in a humid location that’s vulnerable to flooding or any other normal catastrophe, we’d advise acquiring in make contact with with your insurance organization in progress. This way, you’ll know just what to assume from them in scenario your basement does, indeed, get overcome by water, or one thing worse transpires.


Waterproofing a basement doesn’t consider forever—you’ll be completed in 3–5 days max. On the downside, it does value a rather penny and usually involves choosing contractors. The prices are not unreasonably higher, though. And by doing this, you will be in a position to protect not only the basement but also the complete property, preserving by yourself a headache and costly repairs.

So, of course, if you live in a very hot and humid location, it is really significantly suggested to begin saving up to get that basement waterproofed. The faster you do it, the more time the basement will final and the increased the resale worth of the property will be. In addition to, you’ll get to commit more good quality time down there with the dampness long gone for very good!


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