Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring (Cost Per Square Foot in 2022)

Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring (Cost Per Square Foot in 2022)

Vinyl is rapidly getting to be 1 of the more common flooring possibilities accessible. It is cheaper than several standard possibilities and comes in virtually 1000's of designs. You can choose vinyl that seems like a hardwood flooring, as nicely as vinyl that seems like masonry or tile. There are so a lot of alternatives to decide on from, producing this an straightforward way to help save tons of cash on your flooring.

Plank flooring is 1 of the a lot more well-liked kinds. It frequently seems to be like hardwood but is much less expensive than the genuine issue. Just simply because vinyl is more affordable does not indicate the expense simply cannot be sizeable, even so. In this write-up, we’ll search at how a lot vinyl plank flooring typically costs, like installation.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Materials

When you contemplate setting up vinyl flooring, 1 of the most critical factors you need to have to be aware of is the material’s expense.

The cost of vinyl can range commonly. We’ll take a look at all the variables that assist figure out vinyl’s underlying fees beneath.


There are a few kinds of substance vinyl can be created out of. Some of these are cheaper than other people. Even so, you should not just choose the cheaper option to conserve some income. Frequently, less expensive stuff is also not as durable or might require much more care. In other terms, it may possibly not be that cheap in the long operate.

Relying on the content, the vinyl flooring can value anywhere from $one a sq. foot to $six. Economical normally fees about $one.39, whilst the very best vinyl plank flooring price about $4.00

Wear Layer

The “wear” layer is the layer on best of the flooring. It’s what you walk on and what requires to the brunt of the day-to-day use. Various vinyl floorings are additional to this layer to help it endure use and previous more time.

Most entry-degree vinyl floorings don’t have anything additional, which means the flooring substance is going to matter considerably. Furthermore, this type of flooring generally does not last very long, as it does not have anything added to improve its overall durability.

Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring (Cost Per Square Foot in 2022)
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Ceramic beads are extra to some vinyl flooring. This helps make the wear layer more challenging, as the ceramic beads are often a bit harder than most vinyl flooring.

Some rarer supplies are extra to the vinyl floorings, even though. For instance, there has recently been a crushed lab-created diamond dress in layer that has been created. This must be significantly a lot more tough than most other alternatives, but it is currently challenging to purchase.


The thickness of the vinyl straight has an effect on its price. Thickness is offered in “mils.” A single mil equals about .001 inches. You can find vinyl that is everywhere from 4 mils to forty mils thick. The most affordable flooring usually has up to eight mils, even though most have anyplace from 12-20 mils. A few could have as significantly as forty mils, however these floorings are usually quite costly and for industrial use.

Usually, the thicker the flooring, the much more costly it will be. This is just since there is much more substance involved in creating it, so the value is greater. Generally, thicker ground will price anyplace from $4 to $seven.

Core Construction

The center of the vinyl is usually made from stone polymer, wood-plastic, or rigid vinyl. All of these cores have a listing of pros and disadvantages. Which 1 you decide on is dependent largely on your budget, as nicely as what kind of qualities you’re hunting for.

  • Stone polymerthis is the cheapest and most common core. It is made of crushed limestone and is mixed with plastic polymers. It creates a relatively thin but very dense core. It is pretty resistant to usual wear-and-tear. Usually, this is most commonly used in commercial buildings, but it can also be used in residences.
  • Wood-plastic core — this is made out of wood dust or bamboo, which is then mixed with polymers. It is pliable and thicker than most other options. For that reason, it is a softer flooring, but it is prone to dents and damage. Usually, this sort of flooring has the easy-to-install “click” edges. It doesn’t necessarily need glue for this reason, though you can glue it down if you choose. This sort of flooring usually includes an attached pad and is used in residential settings.
  • Solid vinyl cores — this is a relatively new type of vinyl flooring. It is entirely made of vinyl, making it practically water-proof. Most of it, it is interlocking and installed similarly to wood-plastic core vinyl. You can glue it down if you need to for whatever reason. The pad is often attached as well.

The Pad

All vinyl flooring demands a pad that goes on the bottom. Often, flooring developed for household use arrives with a pad on it. Generally, if it does not, you will need to buy a pad independently. This will generally price significantly less than $.30 for every square foot of flooring, but it can count on the materials.

Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring (Cost Per Square Foot in 2022)
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However, you will have to shell out additional when it comes to the real set up. Because the pad demands to be straight connected to the vinyl flooring, it will take much more time to install. This will boost the price of the installation as a entire.

The Brand

Usually, you are going to just be having to pay extra for the manufacturer name. Many makes offer the same flooring as no-title flooring but add extra price on to it since of the manufacturer title itself. When there is a direct sale amongst the manufacturer and the seller, the value is usually significantly cheaper.

Of system, you may possibly be dropping model-distinct advantages, like the guarantee or consumer provider. These may possibly be worth it based on your predicament and tastes. Appear for brand names and methods to buy right from the company without having much of a intermediary. These will be less costly and can help save you funds.

Installation Cost

On best of actually purchasing the flooring, you will also need to have to shell out someone to set up it – until you choose to go the Do-it-yourself route. If you’re preparing on putting in your flooring yourself, then this is not something you require to consider. Even so, in any other case, you want to contemplate the cost of employing an professional and issue that into your stop price tag.

Of program, many factors can go into installation fees. What you pay for set up will hardly match what someone else pays for installation. Listed here are some variables that can right interfere with the price of the installation.

Set up price is normally somewhere amongst $two to $3 a square foot. For these who cost hourly alternatively, it will likely be among $30 – $50 an hour.

Time of Year

Individuals are inclined to renovate their properties in the spring and tumble. The exact dates in your region will probably count on the local weather and your actual place. In spots with an “on” season, it will most likely value the most proper before the on period commences, as many individuals will want their flooring completed by then so they can correctly enjoy it.

Time your installation with this in thoughts if you’re seeking for the most financial savings. You can perhaps conserve everywhere from $500 to $seven-hundred relying on your area and the task measurement.

Particular Contractor

Various experts will demand distinct issues for the very same job. Usually, the sum of encounter straight affects this. Nonetheless, there can be other factors as nicely. A company with a massive crew will likely demand a lot more, but they can get it done faster. “Extras” like insurance policy and assures will generally expense you far more upfront too, but they might finish up saving you money in the lengthy run.

Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring (Cost Per Square Foot in 2022)
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Restoring blunders can be pricey. We recommend receiving rates from various men and women, but really don't just decide on the least expensive bidder – select the very best worth. An individual who is inexperienced and has no insurance could stop up costing you hundreds far more right after the occupation is completed. Select someone who isn’t costly that you can have faith in to do the job appropriate the first time.

Time Involved

Some kinds of flooring may possibly take more time to install. For instance, if the flooring does not arrive with a backing, then the contractor will require to set up that on-web site, which will elevate the rates. There are also some uncommon elements that may make the installation take lengthier than it ought to – this sort of as repairs that need to be manufactured to your subfloor before the true flooring can be set on. These can be pricey and will improve the overall timeline of the task, which indicates you’ll have to pay out more wages to the contractor and their team.

Repairs and Other Setbacks

You will also require to consider the repairs and possible setbacks the professionals may possibly encounter throughout the installation. These are uncommon, but may possibly be much more likely to occur if you’re in an older home or a single that has been destroyed.

If you anticipate fundamental damage, have the contractor assess your home for feasible issues just before you go ahead with installing the flooring. Repairs can expense far much more than the real installation of the flooring and might want a various contractor to take care of them. Even so, often, you will need to get them taken care of ahead of you move to install the flooring.


Under are some of the most typical concerns involving the value of setting up vinyl.  You may be asking yourself about some of these exact same items by yourself. If you are still left with any trailing queries, you may possibly discover the response right here.

What is the average cost to install vinyl plank flooring?

For about 200 sq. feet, you can count on to pay out about $1,four hundred. Generally, the expense will go up a little bit as your space receives larger – as that will demand a lot more components and just take far more time. Usually, you can count on to pay about $one.fifty – $two.seventy five for the set up itself, furthermore the value of the true flooring.

You can reduce your fees considerably if you choose to put in it your self, which is in fact really straightforward with some flooring types. Of training course, you will need some needed equipment, which will expense you a bit upfront as effectively.

How much does Lowes charge to install vinyl planks?

In most regions, Lowes will put in your vinyl planks. Usually, the value is someplace around $2 a foot, which is about typical. This will range from location to region. It might also depend on the season as effectively.

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