DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Gun Kit Review

DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Gun Kit Review

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

Build Quality

Review Summary

This HVLP (Substantial Quantity, Minimal Strain) Spray Gun is designed to be an entry-amount spray gun but it can take care of a great variety of projects, from portray an specific element to whole autos, and almost everything in amongst.  If you’re new to spray portray, this gun tends to make it effortless to get commenced.  If you are a specialist who wants an inexpensive gun to deal with aspect jobs, it operates for you as well.

It does not have a great deal of changes that need to be made throughout use.  The types it does have are straightforward to use, even if they are a small bit delicate at moments.  Connect it to your air compressor, fill it with paint (primer, base coat, etc.), and absent you go.  It does not just take considerably air pressure, ten-20psi will be fantastic for most purposes.

Based mostly in Swanton, Ohio, DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing was established over a hundred several years in the past in 1907 and manufactures top quality spray guns, airbrushes, and related products for paint and lacquer coating programs.

A Quick look at the DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342

  • Nice chrome finish for easy cleaning
  • It has a good usable lifetime
  • The instruction manual is easy to read and understand
  • Parts for this spray gun are readily available
  • A great entry level spray gun
  • It’s very easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning
  • Delivers a consistently smooth spray pattern
  • Good customer service from DeVilbiss
  • The cups tend to leak occasionally around the seals
  • Some of the adjustments are a bit too sensitive
  • Cups and plastic gaskets tend to break easier than they should
  • Some of the cleaning tools don’t work properly
  • The tips are too tight when they come from the factory


Brand: DeVilbiss

Product Sort: HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Package

Model: 802342

Weight: 6.02 pounds

Proportions: 12 x 11 x four.7 inches

Situation: Challenging, molded plastic

Spray Adjustments: Air force, enthusiast width, and quantity

In the Box: Complete coat gun, Detail gun, Fluid guidelines: 1.3mm , one.0mm, 1.8mm, One particular 600cc (twenty oz.) cup, A single 250cc (eight.five oz.) cup, Cleansing brush, Wrench, and Air modifying valve with gauge.

Energy: Air compressor

Spray Painting

This handles foundation coats quite properly.  For cars that want touch-ups or entire entire body paints, this gun lays down a regularly sleek coat of paint.  It is also effectively adapted to end coats and depth function.  Use a easy, continual movement as you spray the paint or primer of obvious coat and it will deliver a expert top quality outcome without splatter and clogging concerns that slow you down.


Spray guns have to be cleaned instantly soon after each and every use, particularly the ideas.  This spray gun is straightforward to assemble and disassemble for cleansing.  It will come apart so you can get to all the challenging-to-achieve areas.  The tip is a bit limited when it comes from the manufacturing unit so you’ll have to use a 10mm socket to get it off the first time.  After that, it ought to be good when you disassemble it for cleansing and servicing.

Customer Service

DeVilbiss consumer services presents the impression they want your business and want to preserve you happy.  Their response is quick and courteous, they’re willing to support you any way they can.  They’ll go earlier mentioned and outside of their guarantee to get replacement areas to you as quickly as possible.  They’ll usually send double the variety of substitute areas you want.

Quality vs Price

This spray gun kit provides the sort of final results you’d anticipate from a kit two to four occasions far more pricey.  It’s not a cheap throw absent kit, you are going to nonetheless pay out a good value for it, but it gives you the ideal bang for the buck of any other spray gun in its cost variety.  It has a top quality seem and really feel to it along with the way it performs.  This is a expert gun at a discount price.


What variety of air compressor is needed?

As a issue of system, you will possibly require a 5 Hp, 20 gallon, seven.5 cfm (cubic ft per moment) at 40psi compressor.  For small jobs – frames and little items – you can most likely get by with a more compact, much less powerful compressor.  For average to more substantial jobs, you want a much better compressor.  The more substantial, more powerful compressor can also manage the modest work so you are far better off starting up with that.

Can you paint an whole auto with it?

Sure.  You can even paint a trailer with it.  Get it gradual and simple.  Make confident you’ve acquired a decent sized compressor (see previously mentioned) and be certain to clear extensively it amongst each coat, primer, clearcoat, coloration, etc.  Comply with the standard principles you’d use with any spray gun and you are going to be capable to paint vehicles all working day prolonged.

General User Impressions

The Good

Superb worth for the money

Most men and women who’ve obtained this spray gun look to like it.  Primarily, they’re surprised at the high quality of the work it generates thinking about the price tag they paid for it.  It also will come with two different measurement needles and ideas, a attribute which most men and women only assume to uncover on much more pricey spray guns.

DeVilbiss client support

We’ve observed that individuals are also really gratified at the response from DeVilbiss’ consumer support, and we have to concur with them.  Their client service actually is best notch.  They’re swift, responsive, and go earlier mentioned and outside of in their initiatives to keep the client pleased.

The not so good


The major complaint people seem to be to have is leaks around the cups.  It is straightforward to above-tighten the cups and crack the seals without intending to.  This final results in leaks in the course of use.  DeVilbiss will substitute them, but it would be great if they’d make them a minor more strong so the issue wouldn’t come up in the initial location.

Tips are too tight

A lot of folks have discovered that when this spray gun will come from the manufacturing unit, the tip is on so limited you want a socket established to loosen it the 1st time (10mm seems to do the trick).  There have been so several comments about this we can only conclude there’s a equipment at the manufacturing unit attaching all of the guidelines also restricted.  DeVilbiss wants to back that machine’s adjustments off just 50 %-a-flip to remove this dilemma.

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If you’re a novice to the planet of spray painting, or you want a high-quality, minimal-value spray gun that provides constant final results, this is the resource for you.  As long as you have presently acquired an air compressor, it arrives with every little thing you want to get commenced the working day you open the box.  This spray gun “punches above its weight”, as they say, and has a excellent valuable lifespan to boot.