Foam Cannon vs Hand Wash: Which Is Better For You?

Foam Cannon vs Hand Wash: Which Is Better For You?

Do you require to wash your automobile but don’t want to get it to a automobile clean? In that situation, you have two primary options: to use a foam cannon or just wash the automobile by hand.

Which is the greater alternative? Honestly, which is a tough question to answer for most handymen. Which is why we set collectively this extensive guidebook: to support us get to the bottom of the best way to clean your vehicle!

By the time you complete this information, you will know the very best way to make your trip look as excellent as new prior to you consider it out on the city.

Overview of Foam Cannon

Foam Cannon vs Hand Wash: Which Is Better For You?
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If you have never utilised a foam cannon just before, you probably have a couple of inquiries about how it works. And we’re likely to do our ideal to answer individuals queries.v

Foam Cannon vs Foam Gun

1st of all, it’s critical to comprehend the variation between foam cannons and foam guns. Foam guns are a little bit more simple: they are anything you can attach to you backyard hose to much more simply wash your automobile. If you do not have a force washer, this is fairly significantly your only way to foam thoroughly clean your automobile.

If you do have a stress washer, however, you can use a foam cannon. The cannons operate with the stress washer to utilize a thick coat of foam to your vehicle in no time flat.

Why Use a Foam Cannon?

“Efficiency” is the largest benefit of using a foam cannon. With a excellent force washer, you can actually pump out up to 5 gallons of foam for each moment. Not only does this give strong coverage for your automobile, but it saves a lot of time vs washing by hand.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The largest downside of foam cannons is some thing we presently mentioned: you must have a pressure washer to use it. If you don’t presently have a force washer, you will need to have to acquire one. And that tends to make this choice a significantly more pricey one particular than merely washing your automobile by hand.

  • Very fast
  • Saves time
  • Good coverage
  • Requires a pressure washer to use, unlike a foam gun

Overview of Hand Washing

Foam Cannon vs Hand Wash: Which Is Better For You?
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On the confront of it, washing your auto by hand is the most basic thing in the world. All you truly require is cleaning soap, h2o, cleansing rags, and a whole whole lot of elbow sweat. But when you compare handwashing to employing a foam cannon, you may be surprised what there is to understand!

Delicate Work

A single purpose that several handymen choose to wash automobiles by hand is that they can manage the auto with the utmost treatment. Even however pressure washers are usually safe, it is normal to be concerned about harming your vehicle by making use of a foam cannon. When hand washing, you really do not have to fear about that.

Nooks and Crannies

Some handymen really do not like to use foam cannons because they even now discover dust when they are accomplished. This is particularly correct of little nooks and crannies that the foam cannon could not easily get to.

When hand washing your auto, you can give as considerably consideration as you need to each and every small nook and cranny. And this is in the end the best way to make confident there is no filth remaining on your car after washing.

Why Not Both?

Certainly, we are evaluating employing a foam cannon vs just handwashing your vehicle. But here’s a good query: why not do equally?

Many handymen have uncovered that the best way to clean their automobile is to merge equally approaches. The concept is to use the foam cannon initial and cleanse as a lot as attainable. Then, wash the vehicle by hand to just take treatment of any grime that may possibly nonetheless be left.

This strategy takes a bit more time. Nonetheless, because the foam cannon functions so quickly, utilizing each strategies may possibly be faster than you believe!

  • Very cheap
  • Easy to pay attention to little details
  • Takes much longer than using a foam cannon

Are Foam Cannons Better Than Handwashing?

Now, let us leap into the huge concern on your head: is using a foam cannon greater than washing your vehicle by hand?

The trustworthy answer is “yes and no.” There are certain things that foam cannons do greater. They are more quickly, and can deal with tough dirt a bit easier many thanks to the electricity of the pressure washer. And, of program, the cannons are fantastic at spreading foam on your auto.

At the exact same time, a lot of who use foam cannons later discover they skipped a spot and have to go back and wash by hand. Nonetheless, by employing enough treatment and focus, you can obtain the identical amount of cleanliness by basically handwashing your vehicle.

Are There Alternatives to Foam Cannons?

Perhaps you really do not want to “pull the trigger” (so to communicate) on a foam cannon. That brings us to an obvious concern: are there any great alternate options to foam cannons?

We have presently talked about the very best substitute: a foam gun. These guns attach to your garden hose, and they generally have sound characteristics this sort of as aerators and foaming suggestions.

It is attainable to buy easier and less costly choices, but most of these do minor more than combine a little bit of cleaning soap and h2o with each other. At that stage, you’re better off basically washing by hand.

Foam Cannon vs Hand Wash: Which Is Better For You?
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How Can I Make Handwashing Easier?

Why do men and women flip to foam guns and foam cannons in the very first area? Easy: due to the fact washing a automobile by hand is frequently a long and annoying procedure. But are there any approaches to make this approach a little bit less difficult?

You can preserve a little bit of time by parking the automobile absent from daylight. This helps prevent premature drying and helps make you a lot more cozy whilst you function.

You are going to also save time by placing all of your various cleansing components near together near the vehicle. This will support you lessen that bothersome “back and forth.”

Ultimately, we recommend rinsing the tires off initial (considering that they are probably the dirtiest part of the auto) and then washing the car from the prime down. This approach keeps you from unintentionally cleaning the very same location 2 times!

Why Do Some People Combine Methods?

Earlier, we pointed out that some handymen like to use a foam cannon very first and then hand clean their auto. But what are the true positive aspects of combining approaches like this?

For some handymen, this method gives the greatest of each worlds. You get all of the efficiency and electricity that arrives from utilizing a foam cannon. But you also get the satisfaction that will come from hand washing, in addition the peace of head of understanding that you get a second chance to deal with leftover dirt.

Additionally, the total stage of the foam cannon is that it functions speedily. If you are incorporating the foam cannon to your present handwashing regimen, you get many positive aspects without sacrificing considerably of your time.

When to Use a Foam Cannon When to Hand Wash
When you have a pressure washer You don’t have a pressure washer
When you are short on time You have enough time
When you want solid soap coverage You want to give your car the “personal touch”
When you have really tough dirt The dirt is relatively mild
When hand washing doesn’t do enough When the foam cannon misses something


So, foam cannon vs hand wash: which is greater for you and your automobile?

It’s primarily a issue of preference, but we really desire the foam cannon. It’s fast, powerful, and efficient, making it the ideal decision for a hectic handyman.

But if you really do not own a pressure washer, or just want to just take your time cleaning your car, there is nothing improper with washing a vehicle by hand. And you may well just get better benefits than your neighbor making use of a foam cannon!

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