How to Install a Screen Door in 6 Steps (with Pictures)

If you’ve ever questioned how to set up a display doorway, you’ve come to the correct spot. Numerous folks believe that installing display doors is complicated and a job for a skilled, but anyone with a minor Do it yourself savvy will be capable to put in them in no time.

To discover how to do it, verify out our step-by-stage information beneath.

Do You Need Screen Doors?

Before you start off to look into how to put in a screen door, think about why you want a monitor doorway. They are not a requirement, but they surely do offer some handy positive aspects:

  • Pest repellent
  • Provide good ventilation
  • Help make your home brighter
  • Help keep your door safe from the elements

How to Install a Screen Door (6 Steps)

1. Measure

The first step when putting in a display doorway is to measure. You will need to have to measure the outdoors of the door body to program the screen door dimensions. Considering that not all doors and doorways are flawlessly shaped, get width and length measurements along the bottom, top, and center of the body. For the door to function appropriately, you are going to require at least a ⅛ inch hole about the door frame.

2. Buy a screen door

When you have measured the outdoors of the door, it’s time to get a screen door. Display screen doorways can be manufactured from a variety of materials this sort of as wooden, vinyl, or aluminum. Stick to the measurements you acquired in phase one, and uncover a monitor door that fits into the aesthetics of your home. The screens for screen doors are typically plastic or steel, but some companies will enable you to decide on the substance. If you are hunting to install a storm door, the most common substance used is glass.

3. Fit the door into the frame

Though display doors are not heavy, it’s best to have somebody aid you out given that it’ll make things significantly less difficult.  A lot of individuals do not take into account this when considering about how to set up a monitor door, but it’s often very good to have an added pair of fingers.

Wedge shims and tapers amongst the frame and the door to guarantee it matches completely. You need to spot two shims on each side, and at least one at the prime and base. This action will help you ensure that you have the needed gap all around the doorway.

When you complete, it is time to evaluate the hinge placements. Start off measuring the spots for three hinges on the opposite side of the take care of. The best and base hinges ought to be approximately 5 inches from the edge of the doorway. The third hinge must be put among the other two hinges in the center of the doorway.

4. Drill pilot holes and install the mounting screws

You will now need to drill pilot holes for the mounting screws, and you can use your hinges as a template on the place you want to drill. This way, you will make certain that the holes will be drilled at the appropriate area on the doorway. When you complete drilling, it’s time to put in the mounting screws into the holes. You should install them right up until you feel that the hinge is firmly hooked up to the door. Use the components that arrived with the door for the best results.

5. Attach the hinges

Maintain the door in place, and attach the hinges to the body. 1st, make starter holes, and connect the mounting screws later on. You can consider a level and double-verify the door is sitting still and level before you totally connect it.

6. Final checks and doorknob installation

The very last phase is to check out the performance and put in a doorknob. Open up and near the doorway to validate that the hinges are supporting the door correctly and the door is shifting easily. Put in a doorknob or take care of to the selected location, and your work is accomplished.

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How Long Does It Take To Install a Screen Door?

Installing screen doors is really a easy approach. It should not just take you lengthier than a few hours to total it entirely. You can even uncover pre-assembled display doorways that you would be in a position to set up in considerably less than forty five minutes. Of system, do not be concerned if the project is having you longer than expected. The most crucial factor is to install the door appropriately, so there’s no need to hurry.

Can You Add a Screen Door to Any Door?

Monitor doors are usually common and you can normally set up them on any type of exterior doorway. You can even get custom-produced monitor doors in situation your exterior doors have an uncommon layout. They occur in a variety of styles, sizes, and hues, so you ought to easily find the excellent display screen doorway for your house.


Setting up a display screen doorway is a whole lot less complicated than it appears. Hopefully, our step-by-action information has assisted you set up your monitor door or storm doorway swiftly and effortlessly.

Highlighted Image Credit rating: Kawin Ounprasertsuk, Shutterstock