Hookaroon vs Pickaroon: What’s the Difference?

Hookaroon vs Pickaroon: What’s the Difference?

To individuals knowledgeable in the woodworking fields, hookaroons and pickaroons are typical tools that are more than sufficiently understood. Nevertheless, for folks not experienced in the woodworking neighborhood, the difference amongst the two instruments can be downright tough, if not unattainable.

The issues in distinguishing between these two tools is thanks to the fact that they provide the very same purpose and have incredibly subtle variances. Still, it is important to know the difference to increase the design and use of the hookaroon and pickaroon.

The only big difference among the pickaroon and the hookaroon is the spike shape. On a hookaroon, the spike has far more of a hook form so that it is far more difficult for the wooden to slip off. Considering that this is this sort of a refined big difference, let us understand much more about the pickaroon and hookaroon.

Overview of a Pickaroon

A pickaroon is a woodworking instrument that is utilised for stacking, dragging, and rearranging wooden. It is also great for loading and unloading logs and reducing wooden. It minimizes the volume of time you have to bend in excess of to rearrange the wood, creating it extremely valuable for woodworkers or these who rearrange wood often.

Hookaroon vs Pickaroon: What’s the Difference?


A pickaroon has a rather comparable design and style to that of a hammer or axe. It usually has a wood take care of with a steelhead. The picket handle is lengthy to have a great grip and length when operating with the wood. A regular ax has an nearly similar handle to a pickaroon.

The pickaroon’s head is what distinguishes it from an axe, hammer, and hookaroon. Its head will incorporate a wedge and protruding spike. This spike will dig into the wood so you can eliminate it or go it all around with no making use of your hands.

A pickaroon will either have a straight spike or a a bit bent 1. The straight spikes will be less complicated to dig in, but the wooden can easily slip off if you are not watchful or really do not use sufficient pressure.


The major challenge of the pickaroon is that the wooden can slip off the spike. This is particularly accurate if the spike is straight and not curved at all.

If the wooden you are functioning with is light-weight, you shouldn’t operate into this problem also significantly. For heavier wooden, nonetheless, you will require to add a total great deal of force and strain when driving the spike into the log.

Best For

Considering that pickaroons can have problems retaining the wood on the spike, pickaroons are ideal for lifting, dragging, stacking, or rearranging smaller sized items of wood. The light wooden is considerably less very likely to drop off, and you really do not have to place a lot of muscle mass into it when driving the pickaroon into the log.

  • Great for moving pieces of wood
  • Minimizes how many times you bend over
  • Spike won’t get stuck in the log
  • Requires more force to use
  • Larger logs may fall off spike

Overview of a Hookaroon

In many ways, a hookaroon is just like a pickaroon. In simple fact, it is valuable to feel of a hookaroon as being a type of pickaroon. Like the pickaroon, a hookaroon is a device utilized for relocating, rearranging, or splitting items of wood.

Hookaroon vs Pickaroon: What’s the Difference?


The distinction in between the hookaroon and pickaroon lies in the form of the head. While the pickaroon usually has a straight or marginally bent spike at the finish of the head, hookaroons have a hook-formed spike. This implies that the spike is bent inwards. That is why it is referred to as a hookaroon.

The hook condition of this spike is incredibly valuable in that it minimizes the opportunity of the wood slipping. The hook ensures that the spike digs into the wood at an angle, so it doesn’t accidentally slip or wiggle off, even if the wooden is slightly heavier.

The take care of is the very same on both the pickaroon and hookaroon.


The main challenge of the hookaroon is that you can accidentally get the spikes caught into the piece of wooden. If you use also significantly drive whilst inserting the spike into the log, it can be amazingly effortless to get the spike caught.

Best For

With the rewards of the pickaroon, it is best to use this resource for heavier or bigger wooden pieces. You do not want to operate the danger of getting your spikes trapped unnecessarily. So, only use this device if you dread the wood falling off the spike.

  • Great for moving larger pieces of wood
  • Minimizes how many times you bend over
  • Hooked spike means logs won’t fall off spike
  • Spike can get caught in log
  • Provides too much traction for smaller pieces of wood

When to Use a Pickaroon vs Hookaroon

You will typically pick a pickaroon or a hookaroon based mostly on the sort of wooden you are shifting. Tremendous light or little wood will be properly fine with a standard pickaroon. They do not have enough bodyweight to slide off the resource if you give sufficient force.

You must pick a hookaroon if you are likely to be shifting or rearranging larger items of wooden. Bigger pieces of wood have a great deal a lot more fat, creating them a lot more prone to sliding off the device in the course of movement. Pick the hookaroon for heavier woods to make your occupation easier.

Factors to Consider

Handle Length

The entire level of a pickaroon or hookaroon is to lessen the quantity of occasions you have to bend down to touch the logs. For this cause, you truly require to contemplate the duration of the deal with to increase the effectiveness of the tool.

If the handle is as well short, you will nonetheless have to bend above to go or rearrange the wood. This can lead to unnecessary again strain and other problems. In distinction, a handle that is way too lengthy will make it difficult to maneuver about effectively. Pick a deal with duration dependent on your height.

Handle Material

Most handles are produced of wooden. This choice is fantastic because it is lightweight and cost-effective. Nonetheless, wooden can be difficult due to the fact it is more inclined to hurt and demands you to store it specifically in the sizzling year.

If you live in an particularly very hot location or are nervous about damage, you can always search for a lightweight steel like composite. Handles manufactured of composite steel will nevertheless be light-weight, but they will be slightly heavier and will value a bit much more.

Durability of the Spike

The spike is really the star of each the pickaroon and the hookaroon. You want to make confident to get a spike that is very sturdy and will last you a extended time. If the spike breaks, the instrument is completely worthless.

Search for a spike that is produced from rust-cost-free content. This guarantees that the spike will last you a extended time, no matter of the surroundings you function in.

How to Use Them

Using possibly the hookaroon or pickaroon is really easy and straightforward. You will use these equipment just as you would an ax. You drop them from over or swing them upward along with your leg. From whichever course you swing, the head ought to lodge into the piece of wooden.

Considering that this tool does have a spike at the finish of it, you want to be incredibly cautious when using it. The spike can cause you or an individual else a lot of soreness or a severe injuries.

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A pickaroon is a woodworking resource that can aid you move and rearrange wooden without having bending down. A hookaroon serves the same goal, but it has a hooked head to keep the wooden far more properly and securely on the resource.

You will want to use the pickaroon when transferring light-weight and tiny items of wooden considering that it is effective enough to transfer the logs but won’t get trapped within them. In distinction, choose a hookaroon when transferring larger items of wood considering that the hook guarantees the wooden will not tumble off.

No issue which device you use, make sure to apply very good safety techniques when employing them. They can be very hazardous, and you don’t want to injure anybody in the method. Place your very best foot ahead by getting conscious of your surroundings and making positive not to hit anybody with both tools.