How High to Hang a Shower Curtain Rod? What You Need To Know!

The shower curtain is a single of the most underrated techniques to boost your bathroom’s decor and design. In get to put up your preferred shower curtain and liner, very first, you have to hold the shower curtain rod.

Currently being that the regular shower curtain is about seventy two inches prolonged, most people will set up the shower curtain rod about 75 to 77 inches from the ground, which retains your curtain a few of inches off the ground, and the liner stays in the tub although you are showering.

Nonetheless, there can be some variances in this based on personalized design. Whatever peak you make a decision to go with, hold in brain that you always want your curtain at the very least a few of inches off the floor, so it doesn’t collect dust and get stained.

Hanging a Shower Curtain: Higher vs. Lower

If you have an older tub or tiles that you are attempting to include with a great curtain, reduce is a much better choice if you keep it an inch or two off the floor. Even so, if you have no reason to cover the tub, there is a benefit to hanging the shower curtain rod larger.

When the curtain rod is higher, it tends to make the curtain expose a lot more tub. This, in change, produces the illusion of much more space in the bathroom. In a smaller sized toilet, this can be especially helpful in producing the place far more inviting.

When going for a higher curtain rod, guarantee that it continues to be lower enough to allow the shower liner to remain on the inside of of the tub so that drinking water does not go everywhere when you’re showering.

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Shower Pan or Walk-In Shower

If your shower is not a tub, that restrictions your options for height a bit. In the circumstance of a shower pan or stroll-in shower, you’ll require to be as near to the ground as feasible. In some instances, your curtain will have to be on the floor.

In this predicament, use your judgment on what will be the best top. Just before you dangle the shower curtain rod, make certain you have measured your shower curtain, especially if the curtain rod is wall-mounted as an alternative of rigidity-mounted.

Shower Curtain Rod Height Considerations

If you are more of a sensible person who desires to established the shower curtain rod based on functional reasons instead than just seems, right here are a couple of factors to contemplate prior to placing the rod up.

  • User height: You’ll want to install the rod at least a couple of inches higher than the tallest user of the shower. Or they will hit their heads on the rod when they enter or exit the shower if they’re not paying attention.
  • Kid-friendly: If you’ve got kids that use the bath, it’s nice to be able to go close the shower curtain and let them splash to their heart’s content. If your curtain is hung too high, it’s easy for water to make it underneath the liner and end up on the floor. We can 100% confirm lower is better when splashing kiddies are involved!


If you really don't want to overthink shower curtain rod placement, stick with an average of 75 to seventy seven inches for the peak. On the other hand, really feel free of charge to modify that peak to what ever will perform for your specific circumstance.

Just remember: keep the curtain off the ground and keep the liner beneath the tub’s edge. With these two rules in brain, do what seems the best.


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