How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? What You Need To Know!

One particular of the first questions that you want to response when you are hunting at heading solar is how lengthy the batteries very last. Considering that it’s one of the most expensive factors, it is a reasonable issue.

But whilst you can expect photo voltaic batteries to final everywhere from five to fifteen years, which is a huge assortment to function with. Which is why we produced this guide, to stroll you through every thing that you want to know about when you must expect to substitute photo voltaic batteries, how to keep them going for a longer time, and their substitution charges.

We’ll turn you into a solar battery professional in no time!

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

When you’re striving to determine how extended your photo voltaic batteries will final, the first query that you want to reply is the sort of photo voltaic battery that you’re using. There are a few different sorts, which dramatically affect their lifespan.

Right here are the three diverse photo voltaic battery types and about how prolonged you can expect every alternative to final.

Lead Acid

Lead-acid batteries are the first solar battery alternative. They are by considerably the most reasonably priced alternative, but they don’t very last the longest. If you go with a direct-acid battery, you can realistically count on them to final nearer to the five-12 months mark unless you are really lucky.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? What You Need To Know!
Lead Acid Battery (Image Credit: vTntflash, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)


Saltwater solar batteries are a newer choice, and they appear with a list of benefits. For one particular thing, they are significantly less complicated to recycle, and they are also less corrosive than common batteries.

Saltwater batteries generally last more time than lead-acid batteries, but they really do not last fairly as prolonged as their lithium-ion counterparts.


Lithium-ion batteries are the gold normal when it comes to photo voltaic batteries, but they’re also the most costly. Furthermore, since lithium-ion is in quick source, those charges are only expected to rise.

Even so, if you are prepared to spend more to purchase these batteries, you are going to get the longest achievable shelf lifestyle. If you appropriately care for lithium-ion batteries, there is a great likelihood that you can get the entire fifteen-12 months shelf lifestyle.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? What You Need To Know!
Image Credit: William E. Fehr, Shutterstock

How Can You Extend the Life of Your Solar Battery?

No matter what kind of batteries you have, if you want to get the most out of them, you will need to have to effectively treatment for them. There are a couple of diverse issues that you need to do to hold your batteries working.

Pick Your Storage Spot Wisely

If the atmosphere is as well scorching or also cold, your batteries won’t last almost as prolonged as they must. Really cold environments make the batteries work harder to hold and use a cost, while environments that are also hot will lead to battery degradation.

You want to hold your battery in an surroundings amongst forty- and eighty-levels Fahrenheit, but ideal temperatures amongst sixty and 70 levels.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? What You Need To Know!
Image Credit: Piqsels

Rotate the Batteries

This is only pertinent if you have a massive battery lender, but if you do, it’s an essential tip. Batteries in the middle of the lender really don't get the same demand as these on the edges. So, if you really don't rotate them periodically, they won’t put on evenly.

We advise rotating the batteries every single three to 6 months, but the most critical thing is that you select an interval and adhere with it.

Use Large Battery Interconnect Cables

The cables have all the demand, and the interconnect cables hook up each battery to each other. If the cables are tiny, they’ll carry far more resistance, which indicates the battery has to do a lot more work to demand every little thing.

It may possibly not look like a massive offer since it does not change the resistance that a lot, but in excess of time, this additional perform wears down the battery and qualified prospects to you replacing it faster.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? What You Need To Know!
Image Credit: kaboompics, Pixabay

Charge and Use Them!

To function correctly, you need to have to demand and use the batteries. Retaining them in storage leads to calcification, but when you use and demand them, you hold every thing moving, which retains the batteries working for a longer time.

Only Use Distilled Water

Some people swear by electrolytes and other chemical compounds that you can insert to your batteries. Really don't drop for it. For batteries that you want to sustain, all you require is distilled water.

Distilled water helps prevent rust and other harmful particulates from forming in your battery. Really don't add exterior chemical compounds that can disrupt this balance and lead to a drastically shorter battery daily life.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Solar Batteries?

It depends on the variety of batteries that you acquire and the dimensions of your photo voltaic system, but you can normally assume to invest anyplace from $5,000 to $30,000 to exchange all the photo voltaic batteries in your program.

Direct-acid batteries are likely to be on the minimal-cost facet of things, but you can nonetheless count on them to run wherever from $5,000 to $15,000, based on the size of your method. Saltwater batteries are the mid-variety option, and they usually price among $9,000 and $15,000.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most pricey choice, and they generally operate $fifteen,000 to $thirty,000 for a full established.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? What You Need To Know!
Image Credit: jpj2000nl, Pixabay

Final Thoughts

When you’re investing in a photo voltaic system, you need to have to go into it with your eyes broad open. Although it can be a excellent way to lower your regular monthly vitality charges and there is no doubt that it’s fantastic for the environment, you really don't want an expenditure to strike you by surprise.

So, get a stage again now, and begin saving for people substitution batteries. The batteries will not previous the lifestyle of the solar method, and it’ll be an costly substitute bill when it at some point happens.

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