Why Won’t My Car Start (15 Possible Reasons)

You are getting completely ready to go out or generate house, and your car will not commence. As luck would have it, it’s generally at night, for the duration of the weekend, or on holiday getaway. This scenario is anything a good deal of folks have knowledgeable at one particular time. Whilst we usually hope for a fast repair, it frequently implies an high-priced tow and fix bill. It is occasionally tough to pinpoint the dilemma since not beginning is a symptom of some thing else.

Thankfully, you can examine a handful of issues to get back again on the road quickly. Other concerns may have telltale indicators that at minimum enable you know what’s wrong and what it may possibly cost. Right after all, the typical age of a passenger vehicle is twelve.one several years. Something’s bound to come about. We hope you really do not ever uncover your self in this predicament. However, here’s a rundown of what may possibly be creating the difficulty if you do.

Why Won’t My Car Start (15 Reasons)

1. Out of Gas

We have to address a handful of of the no-brainer troubles initial just to rule out these triggers. It is not a widespread issue with more recent autos with all their warning techniques. Even older types may inform you when the gasoline is running reduced. However, it is occasionally challenging to know how considerably you can go prior to you are out of fuel. A automobile will generally try to flip in excess of, and the interior lights will still work.

Why Won’t My Car Start (15 Possible Reasons)
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2. Wrong Gear or Pedal

Some cars will not start off except if you have them in park. That’s the very first issue you can check if your vehicle isn’t starting up. Bear in thoughts that autos with a drive-button commence will not turn over except if you have your foot on the brake. The indicators are normally the exact same as the earlier 1. Make certain you are in the right gear and are braking it.

3. Flooded Engine

If you’ve been attempting to start your car to no avail and smell gasoline, you’ve probably flooded the engine. The air-fuel harmony is out of whack. You have many alternatives. You can hold out it out and permit the fumes evaporate. You can also speed items up by popping the hood open and giving it an additional shot. Lastly, you can place the pedal to the metallic with no bumping it.

4. Dead Key Fob

While essential fobs are hassle-free, they are not infallible. Batteries die, and you require to resort to other approaches to start off your motor vehicle. Luckily, auto manufacturers experienced this predicament on their radars when planning these automobiles. It will differ with the make and design. A frequent backup is a hidden crucial in the fob or deal with. You can also try employing it to press down your car’s begin button.

5. Dead Battery

The lifespan of a motor vehicle battery may differ with the kind and usage that it will get. You can count on to get up to 5 many years on a single. When it is tapped, you possibly won’t listen to your vehicle even striving to switch above with no instrument or interior lights operating either. The most secure correct is to preserve a leap start off box in your trunk. If it starts, your next cease is obtaining a replacement battery.

Why Won’t My Car Start (15 Possible Reasons)
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6. Corroded Battery Connections

Corroded battery connections can interfere with the strength movement to start your automobile. You can consider knocking off some rust and particles or transferring the wires with a weighty item. If you are lucky, it’ll be sufficient to get your motor vehicle likely. Of program, the repair is to cleanse the terminals totally as element of your regimen automobile upkeep.

7. Shot Alternator

Now, we’re beginning to get to the a lot more serious and expensive motives that your automobile will not begin. The alternator guarantees that your battery costs. If it is not, you could observe symptoms these kinds of as dimmed headlights or equipment not functioning appropriately. Frequently, a warning gentle will warn you to an electrical dilemma. We strongly urge you to get your car in the store as shortly as you can.

8. Clogged Fuel Filter

The only great point about a clogged gas filter is that you are going to most likely observe the telltale signs just before it goes negative on you. Misfiring and lackluster overall performance are some of the basic signs. You may even feel the car shaking. It’s not the most expensive fix, but it is certainly one particular that you shouldn’t ignore simply because of the feasible harm it could do.

9. Defective Ignition Switch

A faulty ignition swap often exhibits symptoms that something is mistaken just before it fails. It can mimic a fuel filter dilemma since your automobile will stall regularly. It may possibly not keep managing if you deal with to start off it. Occasionally, it’s just a subject of some WD40 to get issues operating effortlessly again. If you are having problems turning the key, don’t force it. Instead, get it changed prior to the important breaks.

10. Bad Fuse

Negative fuses are vexing problems. The probabilities are you might not know exactly where to look for the box right up until anything goes mistaken. It’s an superb cause for trying to keep your owner’s handbook useful. A fuse in a automobile functions equally to a circuit breaker. It takes one particular for the staff to avert substantial hurt. If you can find the correct one particular, it is an easy fix—assuming you can get to it.

11. Spent Spark Plugs

As people maintain their autos longer, you may encounter this preventable issue leading to your automobile not to start off. You’ll require to substitute your spark plugs as portion of its program servicing. The timing differs with the make and design of your ride. If you have the right resources, it’s an effortless resolve. Inevitably, there are a few that are nearly extremely hard to get to, making it a pro occupation.

12. Bad Starter

A bad starter suggests it all. It is frequently a spendy fix with both labor and parts. Normally, it rears its hideous head ahead of you discover your self stranded. Traditional indicators are strange noises when you try out to start your automobile. You could locate that the interior lights operate, but the motor does not. You can distinguish it from a battery problem simply because of the clicking seem your vehicle will make.

13. Fuel Pump Problem

Bad functionality is a positive indicator of a gas pump situation, notably if your ride struggles heading up hills. It is just not getting adequate juice to get the job carried out. You may possibly also discover that your fuel effectiveness is tanking. Retaining your automobile fueled up can support stop it. If your automobile is performing up, it’s time to make an appointment at the shop. It is a professional job that you shouldn’t hold off.

14. Anti-Theft Device Issue

Anti-theft products are excellent functions that we enjoy. Nevertheless, they are only good when they’re functioning correctly. Normally, you are heading to get minimize off, too. While your vehicle might not start off, every thing else may possibly appear to operate all right, which includes that theft warning gentle on your dashboard. The electronics with these units take it off the Do-it-yourself checklist.

15. Timing Belt

A negative timing belt or chain is another explanation your automobile won’t start off, but the interior lights and add-ons will. You may possibly hear a clicking noise since the car can’t flip above simply because the belt has failed. It can spell massive difficulties if it transpires whilst you’re driving because it could get out your engine with it. It is a job for the store but be prepared to dig deep to spend for it.

Preventing Starting Issues

It’s extremely hard to prevent all auto troubles that may possibly result in it not to start off. Nonetheless, there are some items you can do to capture some of them early or have solutions on hand. Normal servicing following the manufacturer’s tips is the best point you can do. Simple duties, this sort of as modifying the oil or spark plugs, can go a extended way towards retaining you on the highway.

We also suggest the portable leap starter, as we mentioned before. You can fix some crucial fob concerns by putting in an app on your smartphone to consider in excess of the process. Of training course, incorporating roadside help to your automobile insurance is a must have. Even if you by no means use it, understanding you can get a tow, if necessary, tends to make the modest month to month payment immaterial.


An unresponsive automobile is the bane of all car and truck owners. Inevitably, the time couldn’t be much more inconvenient when it takes place. The good news is, there are some issues you can do to avoid it or at minimum do a quick street repair. That can help save you a great deal of time and cash. Soon after all, prevention is usually the more affordable way to go.

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