How Much Does a Dryer Cost in 2022? The Surprising Answer!

We are accustomed to making the basic issues in daily life easier employing time-preserving appliances such as washers and dryers. And, as such, realizing the costs of some of these appliances is essential if you’re organizing a massive purchase.

As with all other appliances, the cost of a dryer could range depending on numerous aspects and characteristics. We are heading to handle them in this post, furthermore a selection of other considerations you may have about dryers. Read through on for a deeper insight.

What Is a Dryer? Why Is It Important?

Also recognized as a tumble dryer, a clothing dryer is a house equipment whose purpose is to remove humidity from clothes and other textiles after they’ve been handed through a washing machine.

Dryers aid a lot when it will come to performing laundry. They dry them within a portion of the time as air-drying, therefore saving us time, energy, and hanging-line room. They also aid us avoid weather constraints even though easing the ironing procedure.

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How Much Does a Dryer Cost?

As reviews, the common value of a dryer ranges in between $200–$three,000, dependent on aspects these kinds of as the type of dryer, size, and additional functions. Nonetheless, the typical cost of a dryer is $700. These prices are consistent through the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest.

The table beneath bears the price of buying diverse types of dryers, which we will seem at in our subsequent session.

Type of Dryer Purchasing Price
Gas Dryers $500–$1,500
Vented Dryers $200–$600
Condenser Dryers $600–$1,000
Heat Pump Condenser Dryers $1,000–$3,000

It’s really worth knowing that getting a dryer doesn’t come with a washing machine—you may well have to shell out nearly as a lot once more for it. The regular cost of a washer-dryer combo is $1,500.

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Additional Costs to Anticipate

Two circumstances in which you may incur further costs consist of the installation approach and the price of working the dryer.

While you can set up a dryer by by yourself, you can as effectively pay a modest charge to have it transported and mounted in your property. The set up process need to value you between $50–$200 on a countrywide average. It is critical to be aware that this cost includes preparing the laundry spot, the expense of the vents and hookups, and other fundamental features.

On the other hand, the cost of working a dryer relies upon on the amount of power it consumes, which can vary relying on the dryer’s kind, size, and features.

Type of Dryer Running Costs Per Year (Daily Use) Running Costs Per Year (Weekly Use)
Gas Dryers $150–$300 $20–$60
Vented Dryers $580–$650 $80–$100
Condenser Dryers $520–$630 $50–$90
Heat Pump Condenser Dryers $150–$330 $20–$50

The 2 Types of Dryers

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There are many varieties of dryers, every with its distinct functions, execs, and downsides. They are categorized according to their source of energy and how they purpose. While none is better than the other, you need to only acquire the sort that satisfies your needs, preferences, or funds. Let us just take a fast look at the most frequent sorts of dryers in the market place.

1. Gas Dryers

As the identify suggests, fuel dryers are connected to a fuel line that powers the tumbler which dries the clothing and textiles. As opposed to electric powered dryers, they use less energy to energy the unit while also drying the laundry faster.

Gas dryers usually weigh among 4–10 kilograms, but they are not best for tiny-spaced apartments given that they call for a ventilation program.

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2. Electric Dryers

This variety of dryer purely relies upon on electrical power to energy up the device. While they could price much less than gasoline dryers in the marketplace, their managing fees may possibly be more since they eat far more electricity.

Ahead of acquiring an electrical dryer, you should understand that there are 3 of their variety: vented, condenser, and heat-pump condenser dryers. Listed here is a quick breakdown:

  • Vented Dryers – They are the most popular type of electric dryer on the market. Essentially, they have a vent that heats the air before passing it to the drum. Once the hot air becomes moist, it is vented out of the system while fresh air replaces it. The clothes may not dry completely when the hot air moistens too fast. For this reason, this type of electric dryer is typically cheap to acquire but may be quite costly to operate.
  • Condenser Dryer – Whereas regular dryers use a heating element to increase the temperatures inside the unit, condenser dryers use a different principle. They recycle hot air by extracting it from around the unit, warming it in a condenser, and then sending it to the drum to dry the laundry. Condenser dryers consume more power because they need more time to raise the temperature inside the appliance. It might not be the go-to choice if you want an energy-saving dryer.
  • Heat-Pump Condenser Dryer – If you want a tumble dryer that features the latest developments in technology, you should opt for a heat-pump condenser dryer. As the name indicates, this type of dryer doesn’t use a condenser but rather a heat pump to remove moisture from the laundry. It draws air from its surroundings and passes it to the heat pump where it’s heated and released to the drum. Being highly energy efficient, they tend to be more expensive than other types of dryers.

Maintenance Practices to Keep Dryers in Their Best Condition

You do not want your dryer to are unsuccessful. That currently being the circumstance, you must get great treatment of it to uphold its performance. Some of the techniques that keep a dryer operating appropriately over numerous a long time include the adhering to:

1. Clean the Lint Screen Regularly

The far more you use your dryer the much more lint retains forming on the lint monitor. And nevertheless, it’s frequent information that if you start a batch when the lint display is total of lint, it could cause a hearth. Although it scarcely takes place, it’s naturally some thing you really don't want to encounter.

A modest quantity of lint may possibly appear negligible, but it’s value noting that they impede the dryer’s effectiveness. You should invest an further 15 seconds every single time ahead of you load your dryer to get off all the lint.

Dryer Lint Trap
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2. Sort Out Soiled Clothes

To maintain your dryer’s interior as clean as achievable, you ought to steer clear of loading up dirty outfits. The greatest way to make sure this is by drying garments that come directly from the washing equipment due to the fact they go through a spinning method to get rid of most surplus h2o and grime.

If your clothing are soaking soaked and filthy, you must wash them in the equipment initial or else filth and any other supplies may get inside the dryer and clog or corrode the internal areas.

3. Clean the Vents

Assuming your dryer isn’t ventless, cleansing the vent is a needed regimen servicing exercise that need to be carried out at the very least twice a year. The vent is a crucial element that shouldn’t have any obstructions, or else it will minimize the stream of air to the dryer. If the filth is also obstructive, the equipment will take more time to finish drying and may possibly also malfunction.

To cleanse the exhaust vent, carefully scrub a vent brush for about thirty seconds. You may possibly have to contact a skilled cleansing business if the duct is as well lengthy or if you simply cannot do it effectively by yourself.

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4. Wipe the Exterior Regularly

While retaining your dryer clean, you should not target completely on the interior but on the outer surfaces as properly. Soap residue keeps piling up each time you area your just-washed laundry on prime of the dryer prior to loading them in. Make it a habit to thoroughly clean the outdoors once every 7 days to avoid the soap residue from corroding the area.


We just uncovered that several factors this sort of as the size, sort, and attributes determine the cost of a dryer. However, the standard price tag ranges between $200–$3,000. Some other costs to anticipate incorporate the delivery, installation, and repair costs.

If you preserve your dryer properly, it must previous for an typical of 10 years. To maintain it long lasting more time, guarantee you notice the servicing methods enlisted in this article.



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