How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Heat Pump and Air Handler in 2022?

Warmth pumps and air handlers aren’t costly elements. But if your system’s energy overall performance is beneath par, you may possibly be pressured to exchange it. A single essential improve you can make is changing your current unit with a new warmth pump and air handler.

Which is not only for the summertime. Several of these models come with a broad selection of other helpful attributes that you are going to want all around all 12 months prolonged.

But how considerably will it price to change these factors? Preserve reading through to know the price and other factors on changing the two parts.

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Why Do You Need to Replace Your Air Handler and Heat Pump?

It is critical to know when it is time to replace these units and how to go about it.

Here’s why you require to replace them.

Your Heat Pump is Noisy When Operating

Heat pumps can be noisy during procedure. It typically starts off with a simple click on or slight squeak in your heat pump. But that can change into a loud bang or other sounds. When you listen to a noise from your heat pump, it is too late to restore it. So, change it.

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Increase in Energy Expenses

If you discover that your vitality bills have enhanced, consider receiving an inspection carried out by a technician to establish if you want to replace your warmth pump and air handler.

If these two are not functioning efficiently, it’s ideal to substitute them. This way, you can help save cash on your vitality charges each thirty day period.

Your Airflow is Inconsistent

An successful air handler and warmth pump will control the airflow in your home. Every single place receives the very same amount of air at the exact same temperature no matter of place or size.

If you have seen inconsistent airflow in diverse areas of your property, substitute these two units.

Constant Repairs

An additional purpose you need to change your warmth pump and air handler is because of to the amount of repairs necessary in a limited interval.

If you have had to mend your warmth pump and air handler a lot more instances than normal in the past few months, take into account changing both techniques.

If not, they can break down and depart you without any warmth or coolness for the duration of extreme temperatures.

If you wait around also long to substitute these two models, they’ll proceed to value you money and hurt your overall health. Some wellness issues associated with bad indoor air quality include complications and bronchial asthma assaults. Other individuals include allergies, congestion, and respiratory infections.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Heat Pump and Air Handler?

A technician will assess your home to decide the dimension of the warmth pump and air handler you need to have. Under would be the substitution price of a heat pump and an air handler.

1. A Heat Pump

Two heat pumps outside the house
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The price of replacing a warmth pump starts from $four,900 to $twelve,five hundred. The cost involves tools, specialist labor, and supplies. A technician can take as small as three hours to comprehensive this replacement project.

The venture will also require electrification modifications. It’ll value an added $100 to $600 over the overall expense of alternative.

Here’s a breakdown of the whole replacement cost of a warmth pump relying on the sort.

Type Of Heat Pump Replacement Cost
Mini-Split $2,000 to $14,500
Air Source $4,500 to $8,000
Solar $18,000 to $39,000
Geothermal $6,000 to $20,000
Hybrid $2,500 to $10,000

2. An Air Handler

air handler
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It is a part of your central heating and cooling program. It circulates conditioned air all through your home by way of ductwork.

When it will come to the cost of changing an air handler, you can expect to shell out among $one,500 and $3,400 for an regular-sized unit. This includes ductwork but the cost will differ depending on the measurement of your system.

The expense of the air handler alone ranges from $700 to $two,000. Skilled labor to substitute it ranges from $800 to $one,800.

The substitution value also relies upon on whether it’s solitary-, multi-, or variable-speed.

It’ll cost $one,000 to $1,five hundred to change a single-speed air handler. A multi-pace air handler’s substitution expense ranges from $1,450 to $one,900. If you want a variable-velocity air handler, it’ll price you $one,600 to $2,one hundred.

Here is a breakdown of an air handler replacement cost breakdown

Type of Air Handler Replacement Cost
Single-Speed $1,000 to $1,500
Multi-Speed $1,450 to $1,900
Variable-Speed $1,600 to $2,100

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Factors Affecting the Replacement Cost of a Heat Pump and an Air Handler

Several factors will impact the substitution cost as noticed under.

Installation Costs

The set up expenses for an air handler and heat pump products fluctuate from one particular organization to another. It’s also identified by the size and the place of your house and the ductwork involved.

Tax Credits and Rebates

Several tax credits and rebates are available for buying an strength-effective warmth pump and air handler. For case in point, you could be qualified for rebates from nearby utility companies. Which is if your program fulfills certain standards for vitality efficiency.


The effectiveness of your warmth pump and air handler technique impacts how considerably it expenses to change. The a lot more efficient the method is, the larger its alternative expense is.

For instance, you might have a warmth pump and air handler considerably less than 10 a long time old. If you want to change it with a new 1 that is two times as successful, you are going to pay out two times the replacement price. But you are going to help save cash in the lengthy operate.

Modifications to Your Existing System

The replacement price will be higher if you alter your existing technique. For occasion, if you have an old heat pump mounted in an outdoor unit which is not up to code, you might want to substitute the out of doors device for the new method.

The very same applies if the indoor device is not up to par with current expectations.

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How often should you replace these two devices?

Heat pumps and air handlers are tough and reputable products that previous numerous years. But they will not previous forever. At some point, your warmth pump or air handler will want replacement.

Generally, equally warmth pumps and air handlers have a lifespan of 15–20 years ahead of they want substitution. The common lifespan is all around fifteen years.

But some warmth pumps last up to 20 several years with proper upkeep and care. An air handler can very last twenty five a long time or much more when taken care of nicely.

If your heat pump and air handler are 10 many years or older, they may need to have a substitution if they haven’t been changed however.

Heat pump on a residential home
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Do you have to replace your heat pump and air handler together?

The two units work in tandem to offer you with the relaxed temperatures you anticipate in your house. So, it is suggested that you change the two models.

In circumstance of a failure, you may possibly be facing a substitute cost that could have been prevented had you taken care of these programs well. But even with the best upkeep, your warmth pump and the air handler will at some point need changing.

In some instances, you can change your heat pump with no changing the air handler. But it is not usually an excellent thought.

A vital point to maintain in thoughts when replacing both is that you should match them properly. The warmth pump and air handler’s dimensions factor into how effectively each method works.

A effectively matched technique can control humidity amounts and hold your home relaxed during the yr.

Does homeowners insurance cover heat pump and air handler replacement?

Common homeowners’ insurance policy guidelines might not cover heat pumps. However they are regarded as portion of the home’s construction and techniques, homeowners’ insurance policy safeguards in opposition to sudden hurt as a end result of fire or storm hurt.

If you have a warmth pump and air handler broken due to a protected peril, it will be fixed or replaced by the insurance policies organization.

The age of your device is regarded when identifying no matter whether to approve a assert for alternative. In several instances, models that have been in service for several years might not be eligible for a comprehensive substitute. That is if they have outlived their anticipated lifespan.

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How does a heat pump and an air handler work?

At first glance, it may possibly be straightforward to confuse the two. Equally are massive metal bins that are part of an air conditioning system. But they provide different purposes. The warmth pump is the major component.

Usually, it is installed outside the house your home. The air handler is usually mounted in an indoor area. It works in conjunction with the warmth pump.

The Heat Pump

The heat pump has two units (one particular inside and 1 outside your home). The outside the house unit is a massive metal box that contains the compressor and condenser coils. Inside your house, the evaporator coil absorbs warmth from the indoor air. Then, it cools the air within your property.

The Air Handler

The air handler has a blower motor, heating factors, and cooling coils. It’s the indoor component of a central air conditioner or heat pump.

So, the air handler works with your out of doors device to give your room with heating and cooling. The air handler utilizes a enthusiast to flow into the conditioned air all through your residence.

This technique helps make it attainable for you to have temperature-controlled air in every single room of your house.

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Warmth pumps and air handlers have presented a great deal of benefit for house owners. These units will probably proceed to do so. But it is vital to preserve in thoughts that they are a enormous investment decision up entrance.

So, while they may possibly be a ideal selection for your property, calculate the costs of these programs in advance of time to determine if they are well worth it.

Consult a expert if you want to find out much more about your choices. We hope this post has served decide how much it will cost to substitute an air handler and heat pump.



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