What Size Heat Pump Do I Need? What You Need To Know

A heat pump can be a wonderful option to classic heating techniques and can significantly decrease the pressure on your furnace. Nonetheless, given that these products are comparatively new, you might be confused about what size you want. The quick answer is that most individuals will need a 3- to a 5-ton warmth pump, but there are numerous factors to contemplate before you make a acquire, so maintain reading as we search at the various factors in engage in.

How do experts determine what size heat pump is needed?

HVAC professionals in North The us comply with the Manual J and Manual S processes to figure out the best heating or cooling unit to use in a provided home. Guide J aids decide relative humidity, ground area, whole heat reduction, whole heat gain, and number of occupants, even though the Manual S focuses on thermostats, air handlers, and ductwork. You can typically employ a company to do a Manual J and Guide S audit on your home for a little payment, usually in between $one hundred and $three hundred, to get the most correct determination of what measurement warmth pump you need to have.

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Factors that affect heat pump size

Square footage

A principal element that will decide what warmth pump you want is the square footage of your home. Normally, a massive area will call for a large heater to maintain an even temperature and preserve your dwelling environment cozy.


Another issue to think about just before buying a warmth pump is the local climate the place you dwell. For case in point, men and women living in zone 1 or two environments will require a more substantial heater than people residing in zones four or five.

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What size heat pump do I need?

Understanding what dimensions warmth pump you want calls for you to comprehend the terms BTU and ton. A BTU, or British Thermal Device, measures how considerably heat you require to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one diploma. In accordance to Guide J and Manual S procedures, one,000-square-foot residences want a 30,000-BTU heat pump. One ton equals 12,000 BTUs, so you will need to have at minimum a 2.5-ton heat pump for a 1,000-square-foot home.

Heat Pump Size in Tons Zone 1–2 Square Footage Zone 3 Square Footage Zone 4–5 Square Footage
1.5 600–800 700–1,000 800–1,100
2 800–1,000 1,000–1,200 1,100–1,500
2.5 1,000–1,300 1,200–1,500 1,500–1,800
3.5 1,600–1,800 1,800–2,000 2,000–2,500
4 1,800–2,000 2,000–2,400 2,500–3,000
5 2,000–3,000 2,700–3,000 3,300–3,700

Other factors to consider

Blower Motor

Blower motors help move the air from one particular place to the other. You will typically see one, double, and multispeed motors, and in our knowledge, multispeed motors use the minimum electricity.


There are a number of sorts of compressors, such as solitary stage, two phase, and variable velocity. One-stage compressors work at entire capacity, so they could not last as extended as the other individuals, but they are the the very least costly and most frequent. Dual-phase compressors can run at about 70% capability, although the variable pace can increment by means of many alterations.


The spot of your heat pump can drastically impact how it operates, so you will require to consider the time to establish the very best area to set it in your residence.

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What if I purchase a pump that is the wrong size?

A heat pump that is also modest for your home will run constantly due to the fact it is battling to keep the excellent temperature. This continual working will probably increase your electric powered invoice more than predicted. It can also lead to your machine to put on out quicker than it ordinarily would, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. If the machine that you buy is too large, it will only operate in short increments, which is challenging on the motor. These limited cycles can also direct to inappropriate heating, encouraging mould progress and other troubles in your residence.


Most folks in The us will want a 3- or 4-ton heat pump to keep a comfortable and even temperature in their home. If you reside in an specifically massive residence, you may possibly want to go up to a five ton, and if you stay in a cell home, you can likely get absent with one thing more compact. The greatest option is to hire a expert to arrive out and do a Guide J and Manual S audit on your residence, so you know that you are obtaining the right sized device. This audit will avert you from acquiring the incorrect measurement, which will break down more rapidly and will not provide you with a relaxed setting.

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