How Much Electricity Does a Pool Pump Use? Is It Costly to Run?

If you assess the once-a-year energy expenses of a pool pump heater against that of a gasoline-fired pool heater, you’ll locate that pool heat pumps are much more energy-effective. They eat up to 2,500 kWh per year to filter and flow into the pool water, producing it one of the maximum electricity customers in a residence.

While the figures previously mentioned are just estimated expenses, numerous variables determine the true amount of vitality a pool pump makes use of. For instance, a smaller pool pump need to use less electrical power than a bigger a single. The ideal way to obtain the specific strength a pool pump consumes is to use a month-to-month heating value calculator.

Hang around as we take you through the various aspects that establish pool pump strength usage and how to determine your strength bill.

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Pool Pump Running Costs

The countrywide common strength price¹ of a heat pump in the US stands at eleven.eight cents per kWh. By multiplying with a yearly use of 2,five hundred KWh, we can estimate that strength fees because of to pool pumps alone can mount up to close to $three hundred per year.

If we suppose the peak electrical power tariff fees 30 cents on an hourly foundation, the electricity expense necessary to run an average pool pump ought to range amongst 22.5–45 cents for each hour. However, these costs may possibly vary at evening considering that off-peak electricity generally starts off right after 10 p.m. in most regions.

Fortunately, you can offset large power expenses by putting in photo voltaic panels that include strength value to your house. If you decide for the most current ECO multi-speed heat pumps, you can save hundreds each 12 months.

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Pool Pump Monthly Hourly Running Costs

Pool Volume (Kiloliters) Flow Rate in Liters per Minute (L/M) Annual Average Watts Used Summer Electricity Bill (If Used 6 hours Per Day)
34–55 KL 100–150 513 $69.30
55–72 KL 150–200 573 $77.40
72–90 KL 200–250 738 $99
90–108 KL 250–300 906 $121.50
More than 108 KL Above 300 1,605 $216

Pool Pump Hourly Running Costs

By approximation, running a pool pump for 6 hrs per working day adds an approximated $313.90 to your once-a-year electrical power invoice. The following table exhibits the vitality intake prices as tabulated by Canstar Blue¹:

Pool Volume (Kiloliters) Liters per minute (Flow Rate) Consumption per 1 hour Consumption per 4 hours Consumption per 6 hours
35–55 KL 513 $0.13 $0.51 $0.78
55–72 KL 573 $0.14 $0.57 $0.86
72–90 KL 738 $0.18 $0.75 $1.10
90–108 KL 908 $0.23 $0.90 $1.35
More than 108 KL 1605 $0.40 $1.60 $2.40

Calculating Pool Pump Costs

On your pump motor, you will recognize a nameplate with voltage and current readings. These are the only readings you will need to have to find your regular monthly power charges. Most pumps are prepared 115/230 next to volts and 14.6/seven.three next to amps.

Simply because power intake is expressed in conditions of wattage, you ought to first locate the whole watts by multiplying the voltage by the current. In our situation, one hundred fifteen volts x 14.6 amps = 1679 watts. Electricity is usually expressed in kilowatts, so you want to divide the value by 1,000. That gives you 1.679 kW. Meanwhile, the billing is charged in kilowatt-hrs (kWh).

As this sort of, your next step is to multiply the power consumption by the overall variety of several hours your pump operates in a month. If you use it for 6 several hours every single working day, it indicates the whole month to month fees are calculated as one.679 kW x 180 hours = 302.22 kWh. The very last stage is to multiply the worth by the utility fees, which are typically .118 cents for each kWh (i.e. 302.22 x .118 = 35.sixty six). This signifies your month-to-month energy gathered by operating a pool pump by itself is $35.sixty six.

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Is It Cheaper to Run a Pool Pump at Night?

The cost of working a pool pump at night can only be less expensive if it is connected to a time-of-use power line¹. In this case, the strength charge is substantially reduce at evening and larger for the duration of the working day.

Nonetheless, if the pool pump is linked to a managed load tariff, the electricity charges will stay consistent all through the year. It is crucial to examine with your local energy distributor since the variety of managed tariff may possibly vary from one particular condition to yet another.

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How to Reduce the Running Costs of a Pool Pump

Decreasing the amount of amps that a pool tools pad consumes drastically lowers the regular monthly operating expenses. Below are a number of beneficial suggestions to assist you:

1. Run the Pump for Fewer Hours

If you are too skimpy with energy usage, you’ll need to have to be watchful since the strength charges will drastically rise. Experiment with how considerably time it normally takes to keep your pool clear and distinct in any time of the year. In most cases, summers require double the time it requires during colder seasons to filter a pool.

If the pool has undersized systems, it will operate the pump for a longer time than swimming pools with larger programs simply because the stream charges are greater and the filters are much more effective. Most pool pumps are designed to total the filtering process inside eight several hours, even though other individuals just take up to 16 hours.

Some Sunbelt designs have far more advanced techniques and get only 4 several hours to flip above all the water in a pool in the course of the off-year. Right after all, the shorter time a pool pump takes, the considerably less power it consumes.

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2. Install a Variable Speed Pump

Variable speed pumps¹ reduce the impeller speed (RPM) by half, which means they consume considerably less power even though making use of decrease speeds. By putting in a single, you considerably lessen the required amperage by 8 moments.

Another gain of making use of this sort of pace pumps is the top quality of their motors. They are each peaceful and durable. They are usually a lot more durable than standard induction motors, so you really don't have to fear about changing them following a while.

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3. Install a Bigger Filter

The part of a pump filter is to trap filth. If it can entice the dirt in as little time as achievable, the pool pump will take much less time to run and, for that reason, will use much less energy. That is why you want to put in a greater and a lot more efficient filter.

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Pool pumps are between the greatest strength drainers in any property. For this cause, it is important to realize their operating charges ahead of setting up them in your swimming pool.

Most of these gadgets eat up to two,500 kWh per year. Even though the common expense of electrical power for each device is 11.83 cents in the US, it translates to a monthly recurring cost of about $35.six. However, power intake may possibly range depending on the pump dimension, pool size, and its power-effectiveness.


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