How Often Should You Clean a Pool Filter? The Interesting Answer!

If you’re contemplating of owning a swimming pool, you’re probably informed of what it entails. Soon after all, obtaining a pool set up at residence is not low cost. Apart from the original cost, you should make sure you spend in proper pool upkeep equipment and gear.

One crucial device is a pool filter. Pool filters are the heart of any pool technique, with out which you could never enjoy your pool. They thoroughly clean the drinking water and keep it risk-free to swim in. For that reason, the pool filter has to be cleaned for it to operate optimally. Failure to do so will result in inadequate h2o good quality and health problems for swimmers.

But how often need to you clear your pool filter? In this post, we’ll go over the frequency of cleansing. We have damaged this down into the distinct kinds of pool filters. But first, what tells you your pool filter wants cleansing?

Signs Your Pool Filter Needs Cleaning

If you discover your pool filter is not performing as well as it used to, you could need to clear it. Below are some indicators to be on the lookout for!

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Water Pressure

The water force in your pool ought to not be greater than ten psi.

If the water pressure remains consistent, your pool filter is operating properly. But you could notice your water force is increased than the norm after looking through it, so there may possibly be dirt amassed on the filter.

Alter in drinking water pressure can be since there is a great deal of debris in the filter, this kind of that it’s not able to thrust water by way of effectively. So it works more challenging than normal. If this occurs often, the filter requirements cleansing.

Water Flow

One particular of the least difficult approaches to decide if your pool filter wants cleaning is to seem at how a lot h2o is flowing by way of it. If you observe the drinking water movement is lowering, this could be an indication that there is some thing improper with your pool filter.

A clogged or filthy filter will cause lowered water flow through it. Also, it reduces its capability to circulate h2o during your pool. If untreated, this could lead to other problems this sort of as algae development or clogging from filth particles and debris.

Water Clarity

Some particles that get into the drinking water can clog up the filter and minimize its potential to take away contaminants from the pool drinking water. It qualified prospects to a less-very clear swimming region for every person! When you observe that your pool h2o is unclear, it might be time to cleanse your filter to boost the clarity of your h2o.

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How Often Should You Clean a Pool Filter?

You must clean a pool filter frequently to preserve the drinking water in your pool clear and very clear. Nevertheless, the cleansing frequency relies upon on the sort of pool filter, size of the pool, and the sum of particles in it.

The more substantial the pool, the much more usually you need to clear it. Here, we’ll search at how frequently you need to cleanse a pool filter, relying on the filter variety.

1. Cartridge Pool Filters

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Cartridge pool filters use cartridges to remove filth and debris from pool h2o. Cartridges are created of many levels of materials that entice dust and debris as the water passes via them. These pool filters operate at a lower pressure in comparison to sand and diatomaceous earth pool filters.

Cartridge pool filters are common due to the fact they are simple to use and sustain. They also really do not clog effortlessly and can previous for several years. They need to have cleaning each two to 6 months.

2. Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filters

This is a kind of filter that employs diatomaceous earth to filter out dirt and particles from pool drinking water. Diatomaceous earth (also known as D. E.) is an abrasive substance produced up of fossilized stays of algae and other organisms.

Folks use the powder sort of D. E. to make all sorts of products such as toothpaste (to aid remove plaque), filters for swimming pools, and other varieties of water filtration techniques.

A diatomaceous earth pool filter will need cleaning right after making use of it for a single to two months.

3. Sand Pool Filters

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This pool filter makes use of sand as its filtering medium. Sand pool filters are a single of the most typical sorts of pool filters. Normally, they are the the very least pricey of all pool filters and they require minimal upkeep compared to the other kinds.

However, they are significantly less powerful at taking away chlorine compared to diatomaceous earth and cartridge pool filters. Cleanse your sand pool filter every one particular to 4 months.

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How Do You Clean a Pool Filter?

Cleaning your pool filter is one particular crucial factor you can do to guarantee that your pool stays cleanse, obvious, and secure. It’s also the the very least pricey and most successful strategy of keeping your pool water cleanse and clear.

A soiled pool filter will reduce the effectiveness of your pump and make it perform more challenging. It can also get damaged in excess of time. Each and every kind of pool filter has distinct measures you need to comply with when cleansing it.

We’ll search at each variety and how to cleanse it in this area.

Cleaning Cartridge Pool Filters

1. Switch Off the Pump and Depressurize the Filter Tank

Prior to you get started cleaning, flip off your pool pump. It’ll let you to drain drinking water out of the filter tank. Make confident there is no h2o in the traces or filter. If there is, you could want to use a pressurized backyard garden hose to drain all the h2o from your filter technique ahead of you clear.

If your pool filter has a timer, ensure you get rid of everything that may possibly make the timer swap again on.

2. Remove the Cartridge in the Filter Tank

The cartridge is inside the filter tank. Generally, it’s produced of plastic or steel. Open up up the lid of your pool filter and get rid of it to accessibility the cartridge. Then, remove it and set it aside. Verify if there are any damages or dress in and tear to the cartridge. If you locate any, correct it.

3. Clean the Pool Filter Cartridge

Use a brush and heat h2o to thoroughly clean the pool filter cartridge. If you want to use chemical substances, only use these especially manufactured for cleaning pool filters. You can also use a spray nozzle.

Make certain you cleanse between the pleats. You can also put together a resolution of 1 portion muriatic acid and 20 elements h2o. Then, dip your filters in the answer. Do not use bleach or other family cleaners that may harm the vinyl coating on your pool filter cartridge.

4. Replace the Filter Cartridge and Re-Pressurize

If the filter cartridge is not destroyed, you can put it back, re-primary the filter, and carry the system back again to typical operation. But if the filter cartridge is ruined past fix, replace it with a new 1.

After you re-connect the cartridge into position, exchange the filter leading, shut the clamps, and swap on the pool filter.

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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Pool Filters

1.  Backwash and Drain the Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Change off the pump and backwash the DE filter. Operate h2o by means of it in the reverse path from regular. It takes about 1 to two minutes. It will take away any big particles from the diatomaceous earth pool filter and loosen any grime that has amassed on the filter’s pleats. Following that, drain the filter of all water so that you can cleanse it simply.

2. Remove DE Filter Manifold

Just take off the latching mechanisms keeping the pool filter. Follow the guidelines handbook if you are uncertain of how to do it. Eliminate the stainless steel display from inside of the manifold, but get care not to injury or bend it. The screen guards your DE from hurt if you have to take away it when cleansing.

3. Soak or Rinse Filter Grids or Fingers

Rinsing or soaking filter grids eliminates any remaining dirt and debris that might be stuck on them. Use a yard hose to spray off the grids or fingers with drinking water. You can also use a pool pump to rinse the grids or fingers at lower stress.

4. Attach the Filter Back

Place the clear diatomaceous earth back into spot on leading of your pool motor. Make certain it fits snugly towards the motor’s housing. Run it by way of at least two cycles before making use of it once again.

5.  Add Fresh Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Introducing clean diatomaceous earth powder will replace what was lost for the duration of cleaning. The precise quantity will range dependent on how significantly filtration ability has been misplaced during cleansing. You can check out the instruction handbook to determine how significantly DE powder to insert.

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Sand Pool Filters

1. Backwash the Sand Filter

The very first step in cleaning your sand filter is to backwash it to take away any dust and debris that has developed up in it.

2. Add a Filter Cleaning Solution

Swap off the pump and adjust the valve to “filter”. Add a remedy to clear the sand filter back again into it by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Then switch on the pump for about 15 minutes. It’ll transfer the cleansing answer from the pump to the filter. After that, change it off and let it to rest for about eight hours. This remedy will aid eliminate any dust and grime trapped in your sand mattress.

3. Backwash the Filter Again

When you complete cleansing your sand filter, backwash it when again prior to returning it to provider. It should get about three to 5 minutes to eliminate grime and debris. Backwashing as soon as again will make certain that all filth and particles are taken out from your pool h2o. Then, switch it on.

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Maintaining your pool filters cleanse is critical as it makes certain your pool or spa water continues to be healthier and cleanse.

Pool filters operate constantly and get rid of contaminants from the water. So, your pool h2o remains clear, sparkling, and attractive, and you can use your pool each time you want. But to attain this, you have to make certain the pool filters are thoroughly clean.

If you really don't clean your filter usually, it can get clogged up with debris, which destroys it or decreases its usefulness. So, there you have it! You now know how often you ought to clear a pool filter. Now you will not allow it go for also long with no generating plans to clean it.



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