How to Get a Christmas Cactus to Bloom: 7 Tips & Tricks

If you walk into any store throughout the Xmas getaway, you will very likely experience unlimited rows of Xmas cacti. These vegetation are in peak desire for the duration of the Xmas period since they bring pleasure and include colour to the chilly winter season year. Most cacti species stay for decades and can very easily become a single of your staple houseplants.

Xmas cacti are desirable all yr spherical, but their true beauty is beheld when they bloom. They are prolific bloomers with breathtaking floral displays when the circumstances are appropriate. They produce vibrant flowers in blooms of orange, yellow, pink, and purple or crimson, all of which insert a pop of cheerful colors to your indoor plant collection.

Nevertheless, making a Xmas cactus bloom can be quite tricky if the plant is not nurtured cautiously, pursuing correct watering suggestions, supplying ample temperature circumstances, and making certain ideal light-weight problems. Read on to discover the ideal tips on how to make your Christmas cactus bloom.

The 7 Ways to Encourage a Cactus to Bloom

1. Frequent Watering

It’s well worth noting that a Xmas cactus is various from other cacti species. A lot of cacti are indigenous to desert climates the place they really don't get heaps of moisture. As a outcome, these cacti can go for a prolonged time without having watering.

However, a Xmas Cacti is distinct due to the fact its first property is the tropical rainforests of Brazil. There, the plant gets ample rainfall all through the yr. For that reason, it’s prudent to maintain its soil moist to inspire it to bloom.

Although moisture is critical to get the Christmas cactus to bloom, you shouldn’t overdo it. It is very best to h2o it just as soon as per week. The essential is leaving the soil moist but not damp. Any much more than that is merely overwatering.

christmas cactus with flower
Image Credit: chakoteh, Pixabay

2. High Humidity

The tropical forests where the Xmas cactus originates have high humidity. This is distinct from the dry and minimal humidity conditions in the desert exactly where most other cacti increase. Related to that, many properties have a tendency to have minimal humidity as well.

So, to get your Christmas cactus to bloom, you have to locate distinct techniques to elevate the humidity levels to match those found in its unique habitat. A great way to do so is using a humidifier. The more humidity it releases, the far better the problems for your indoor plant.

In addition, you can also reduce on expense and established up a Do it yourself humidifier at property. Place some pebbles or small rocks on a small tray. Area the tray around the Xmas cactus and insert drinking water to the amount of the pebbles.

Also, you can get a misting bottle and mist the plant from time to time to replicate situations in the rainforest.

3. Ample Darkness

An additional way to aid your Xmas cactus bloom is by leaving it in the dim for some time. In the rainforest, this plant grows underneath the dim cover. Even though these kinds of situations discourage a lot of plants from expanding, the Christmas cactus is no regular plant.

In reality, this houseplant will call for not less than twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness every single working day to form buds. This signifies keeping the plant in a darkish place for the total length. Given that most rooms demand you to change on the lights, you might want to uncover a specific spot to disguise the plant.

The objective of the darkness is to trigger a seasonal modify in the plant. In the forest, when it will get really dim, this plant begins to sort buds in response to the modify. Replicating the exact same at residence presents you related final results and before long your plant will bloom.

Christmas Cactus
Image Credit: klickblick, Pixabay

4. Plant in a Smaller Pot

Perhaps you have read that the best way to inspire a plant to bloom is ensuring it is not root bound. Well, that operates for numerous houseplants, besides the Xmas cactus. This species matches to the conquer of its own drum.

So, an additional way to ensure it blooms is planting it in a small pot. As the root technique forms, it commences receiving root sure. As it keeps increasing, being root sure causes the cactus pressure that leads to flowering.

The priorities of the root bound plant triggers the change from development and development to flowering. Otherwise, in a spacious pot, it feels no require to flower and retains growing. Flowering even though root sure is a survival tactic for vegetation encountering hostile expanding circumstances.

5. Slightly Cooler Temperatures

Christmas cactus differs from other Cacti in its chilly tolerance. While desert climates are sizzling, the rain forests where you locate this plant are likely to be cooler. Consequently, if your house is also scorching, it can alter the blooming.

On the other hand, the tropical forests aren’t frigidly chilly. The climate tends to be cooler and not freezing. As a result, make sure your property is also not as well cold. Retaining a best temperature equilibrium is one more trick to get your Christmas cactus to bloom.

Consequently, an ideal temperature for the Christmas cactus to bloom is 20°C or 68°F. Even so, the cactus can also bloom at 15°C or 60°F, but the bouquets might not final as long.

Christmas cactus in the planter in full bloom
Image Credit: Burkhard Trautsch, Shutterstock

6. Bright Indirect Light

Make certain your Christmas cactus will get ample brilliant oblique gentle. Keep away from spots in which the sunlight is harsh and immediate as this can direct to burns.

In the wild, underneath the cover, the Christmas cactus gets indirect vibrant gentle that penetrates via. Also significantly direct sunshine exposure brings about the leaves to turn purple and pressure for the total plant. This is not an perfect condition for flowering to get area.

7. Proper Fertilizer Application

Xmas cacti are not weighty feeders. In truth, because they increase in healthy mixes, you only need to insert a little fertilizer in the course of the developing time. Right after that, end implementing it to stimulate flowering in fall.

Spring and summertime are the major increasing seasons for this houseplant. At that time, you can feed them some fertilizer whilst watering. But, as shortly as the seasons modify and tumble methods, permit it be.

Frequently Asked Questions: Christmas Cacti Blooms

When Does a Christmas Cactus Bloom?

Christmas cacti are fond of blooming from early winter to mid-winter. But it’s also attainable for the exact same plant to bloom in fall. It all is dependent on the conditions in your property and regardless of whether they satisfy the plant’s demands.

christmas cactus flower
Image Credit: lueleng, Pixabay

How Long Do Christmas Cactus Flowers Last?

When the cactus begins to flower, this can proceed for up to 6 months. Throughout this time, each and every flower lasts 7 to 9 times. Once a bloom is spent, it is critical to de-head it by pinching. As a end result, you are going to discover the plant keeps blooming.

Can a Christmas Cactus Flower Several Times Per Year?

Oh Of course! A Christmas Cactus is 1 of these incredible vegetation that can bloom several instances in a year. This is due to the fact it’s straightforward to achieve the correct blooming circumstances indoors, which triggers rebloom all year.


A Christmas cactus shares the identify with different cacti, but it’s quite a diverse sort of plant. Blooming demands opposite circumstances from other cacti. This indicates you want to preserve its soil moist and conditions humid.

In addition, this plant calls for twelve hours or much more of whole darkness, reasonable temperature. and bright oblique gentle. Under these situations, the plant will bloom and can proceed reblooming all through the yr.



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