What Is the State Flower of Colorado? How Was It Decided?

The condition of Colorado selected a floral emblem in 1899, which stays guarded and honored to this day. The Colorado blue columbine is a truly special flower that flawlessly depicts Colorado’s cultural and historical background. The rich and spectacular colours of the flower depict the condition and all it has to supply, this sort of as the snowy mountain surroundings, the bright blue skies, and the historic gold mining market.

Even though it might be very clear why this wonderful flower became the floral emblem of Colorado, the story behind it is also interesting. Read through on below to learn about the qualities of the blue columbine and why the point out selected this flower in particular.

Colorado Blue Columbine Characteristics

Rocky Mountain Columbine
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Botanical name: Aquilegia coerulea
  • Common names: Colorado Blue Columbine, White and Lavander Columbine, Rocky Mountain Columbine
  • Color: Blue, white
  • Height: 7.9 to 23.6 inches
  • Plant type: Perennial
  • USDA hardiness zones: 3–9
  • Soil requirement: Moist and rocky soil
  • Sun requirement: Full shade


The Colorado blue columbine is a clump-forming evergreen plant. There are typically five flowers and five sepals that lengthen out from the flower. The bi-colored petals make this plant simply recognizable in nature—the sepals and the petals are normally colored in entirely distinct shades. The petals and sepals on columbines assortment in shade, though the blue columbine usually has blue sepals.

A single advantage of blue columbines is that they create nectar for hummingbirds and numerous insects.

Distribution and Habitat

Blue columbines can be located in North America, especially in the Rocky Mountains. Its habitat extends from Montana to New Mexico and west to Arizona. It prefers to increase om increased elevations—from six,900 feet to 12,100 toes.

This plant thrives in moist, shady regions and mild forests these kinds of as poplar forests. They appreciate woodlands and mountain meadows with rocky soil.

Plant Care

To expand a healthful and flourishing Colorado blue columbine in your garden, you will require to supply it with all the demands to resemble its organic habitat very best. This plant prefers minimal publicity to direct daylight, so it would be greatest to plant it in partial or even total shade. They get pleasure from free, humus-prosperous grounds and moist locations with rocky soils. For the duration of hotter times, the blue columbine demands regular watering aside from that, they don’t require abnormal upkeep, and once recognized, they can turn into self-sufficient.

Diseases and Pests

The most common pest the Colorado blue columbine should offer with is the columbine sawfly. This columbine plant is susceptible to aphid infestations and columbine leafminers when grown in open locations. You can capture a glimpse of their caterpillars throughout Might and June.

The History and Discovery of the Colorado Blue Columbine

In 1820, a hiker discovered the Colorado blue columbine on Pike’s Peak. This spectacular flower obtained its name from its unique physical appearance. The scientific title for Colorado blue columbine is Aquilegia coerulea, which translates to ‘’eagle’’, referring to the spurs at the base resembling claws. Columbine arrives from Latin and interprets to ‘’dove,’’ which refers to the lovely creamy white petals that resemble five doves clustered together.

It is identified that the Native Individuals employed blue columbine as an herbal treatment. Due to its anti-inflammatory compounds, it was utilized as a ache reliever. It also experienced outstanding results on the skin, curing discomfort from poison ivy and other plant-derived rashes. For respiratory problems, crushing the root and mixing it with h2o proved to be an excellent remedy that would reduce the discomfort and velocity up the therapeutic method.

Becoming the State Flower of Colorado

In 1899 the college youngsters of Colorado have been assigned to vote for the state’s flower. Out of 22.316 children that voted, 14,472 youngsters voted for the Colorado blue columbine. Some imagine that the reason guiding this selection was to conserve the blue columbine from extinction. After the blue columbine grew to become the state’s floral emblem, it perfectly symbolized the state of Colorado and its uniqueness. The colours on the blue columbine’s flowers represented the characteristics of Colorado the blue symbolized the distinct skies above Colorado, the white signified the exclusive snow-capped mountains, and the yellow symbolized the gold mining industry of Colorado.

In 1925 Basic Assembly produced a number of rules to safeguard their point out flower. At the moment, it is prohibited to pick up columbines in open up areas and the wilderness, and doing so comes with a $five to $fifty fantastic. The condition is undertaking everything to avert the flower from heading extinct, so it is unlawful to uproot the plant or dig it up on general public land.

The flower received even much more notoriety when the national music of Colorado turned ‘’ Where the Columbines Grow.’’

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of intriguing information about the condition of Colorado and its floral emblem. Once you discover that the faculty young children of Colorado voted for this flower, it may turn out to be an even more magical plant. Protecting the state flower is essential, which is why the point out prohibited uprooting the plant. This may be the crucial stage in stopping the extinction of the plant and defending it in each way feasible.


Featured Impression Credit score: Pixabay