How to Hang Stockings Without a Mantle: 11 Expert Tips

Christmas is around the corner, and you have to be thinking about different innovative ways to dangle your stockings. While a mantle is best for hanging any kind of stockings, factors can be tough if you really do not have enough space on your mantelpiece. Or, in the worst circumstance, what if your fireplace does not have a mantle at all?

Let us make it obvious: the Xmas tree is not the only critical ornamental piece—stockings have the very same importance. Following all, what’s much more adorable than observing kids peeking within them to discover gifts on Christmas early morning? So, to get the true essence of Xmas, you require to be innovative and know how to dangle stockings without having a mantle.

Here are eleven ideas to aid you cling stockings without a mantle, generating it easier for Santa to stuff goodies into them!

The eleven Expert Ideas for Hanging Stockings With no a Mantle

1. Treat Your Credenza as the Mantle

Black and White Wall Mounted Frame
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If you have a credenza in your residing place, you don’t even have to fret about having a mantle. Credenza can make the best replacement for a mantle when hanging distinct sorts of stockings.

Merely get out your garland, a few of candlesticks, and a Christmas figurine and attach them to stocking hangers. Then, hold them on the credenza as you would do with a mantle. It will give you the specific festive appear you want, and you will not even bear in mind that you really do not have a fire in your house.

2. Create a Stocking Mountain

One more excellent alternative to a mantle is making a stocking mountain. All you have to do is get packing containers in distinct sizes and wrap them in your favorite Christmas wrapping paper. It would be excellent to find the wrapping paper in accordance to your getaway colour concept. Then, stack these bins and type them in a mountain condition.

This is now a stocking mountain. Carry your garlands and Xmas figurines, connect them to the hooks, and hold them on the mountain. You can even treat this mountain as a Christmas tree and accessorize it with a tree topper.

Even so, you should hold a handful of factors in thoughts when creating a stocking mountain, these kinds of as:

  • You don’t have to use real present packing containers, but one thing that is just a minor hefty.
  • Guarantee that all the packing containers are sitting down flat on best of each other. This means you really do not have to decorate every box with a bow on the top, or else the boxes won’t keep balanced.
  • This is typical feeling, but you have to evaluate the size of your stockings to decide how higher the packing containers ought to go. Performing so will keep your stocking mountain in one particular area.

three. Use Your Staircase Railing

ash lumber floating stairs with steel railing
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Staircases are the most notable location in each residence. So, you can use the staircase railing to hold your stockings. Initial, embellish your staircase with a garland, and then dangle your favourite stockings along the railing. It will give you the excellent decoration that you normally would place on a mantle.

4. Use Hooks to Dangle Stockings From Garland

You can use hooks to dangle your Christmas stockings from a garland. It will search even greater if you use fancy ornament hooks. So, once you locate perfect ornament hooks, use them to secure a fantastic or holly garland from any of these places alternatively of a mantle:

  • You can cling the garland in a “festoon style” throughout any wall in your property. If you are unfamiliar with the festoon style, it refers to the garland hanging from two or much more points on the wall.
  • You can also enhance your doorway frame’s inside with garland. Then, cling your preferred stockings from both sides of the garland to produce the ideal Xmas vibe.
  • Console Table. Garland also appears excellent when hung at a image height from a console table. So, hang the stockings from the garland to produce an adorable vignette for your Christmas tree’s qualifications.

five. Enhance Your Guide and Wall Shelves

books on shelf
Graphic Credit history: Vladimir Morky, Unsplash

An additional great place for hanging stockings is the bookshelves. No issue what space of your residence has a bookshelf set up, you can adorn them with lovable Xmas stockings with the help of hooks.

You can also place Xmas collectible figurines on the shelf or drape a garland on the sides and dangle stockings by means of it. Fortunately, bookcases are only one of a lot of alternatives for displaying Xmas stockings. You can also put in floating cabinets on your wall and hang your stockings on them.

You can very easily locate momentary floating shelves on the market that are super easy to install. The best spot for these cabinets is driving your Christmas tree. You can decorate the shelf with Christmas lights and various ornaments to generate a good ambiance.

If you have area underneath the floating shelves, you can spot a bench or a credenza and enhance them with Xmas pillows. This is a reward level!

6. Acquire Stocking Holders

You can also purchase ornamental stocking holders and location them on any flat location, this sort of as a bookshelf, table, or floating shelf. Stocking holders are the least difficult way to cling your stockings where ever you want. This signifies you do not have to drape a garland or get hooks separately.

The thrilling thing is that stocking holders appear in various dimensions, variations, and components. They can be little or medium-sized, best for your bookshelves, and huge ample as a mantle stand.

Thinking about design, you can get these holders in a variety of Xmas themes, this kind of as pine, reindeer, and snowman. Stocking holders also arrive with various finishes, so seem for the 1 for each your preference.

7. Recycle Skis, Ladders, and Sleds

Photograph of Wooden Skis
Image Credit: Lina Kivaka, Pexels

Head towards your attic and see what you can use as the mantle’s substitution. Even if you’re not a specialist skier, you will even now have a pair of skis lying someplace in your residence. If not, you can seem for an outdated sled or a wooden ladder to use as stocking holders.

Simply spot your skis on a wall and hold stockings on it. They look excellent whether you location them horizontally or vertically. If you are utilizing the sled, you can lean it from the wall and dangle stockings on it.

The ladder functions the very same as a sled. You can easily get a wooden ladder from your nearest keep. Lean it in opposition to any wall, beautify it with a garland, and dangle stockings on it via the hooks.

eight. Use Your Dresser

Dressers are yet another fantastic spot for hanging stockings. They have several apertures and knobs that offer ideal areas to hang any sort of stockings. If not the dresser, you can decide for any furniture piece with knobs, whether in your dwelling place or bedroom.

To generate the excellent Christmas vibe, you ought to combine the stockings with your room’s colour scheme. Doing so will develop an best festive search in your house.

9. Secure a Tinsel Strand

Stockings hanging
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You can also secure a tinsel line in entrance of your fireplace display screen or previously mentioned the firebox. Then, take some brick wall hangers and cling elegant stockings on the strand.

If you are concerned that the strand will compromise your fireplace’s aesthetics, you can camouflage it employing cute bows and other ornaments. This is palms down the greatest way to cling stockings on your hearth, even if it doesn’t have a mantle.

10. Use the Coat Racks

You can also make use of the coat and hat tracks mounted on your home’s partitions. Merely take away all the things from the hooks and place them in the attic or cabinet. Then, take out your Xmas stockings and hang them in their place.

The good issue about this idea is that coat and hat racks permit you to hang various sorts of Christmas ornaments. For illustration, you can hang fake poinsettias, Christmas ribbons and bows, lovable socks, garlands, Christmas bells, and holiday greenery—all on these racks.

In circumstance you don’t have wall coat racks, you can install some in different areas to contain each component of your home in the Christmas celebrations. These can be the very best substitute to adhesive hooks.

eleven. Minimize Tree Branches

Pruning shears cutting a Fig tree branch
Image Credit history: Christian Riedl, Pixabay

Final but not minimum, you can also cut tree branches from your closest yard and mount them close to your Xmas tree. If you have sufficient room, you can location them above the firebox or any wall you want to embellish. The very best trees for this goal are cedar, birch, or pine.

Just mount the tree branches on the wall and use rustic nails or ornament hooks to attach your preferred stockings. This will create an aesthetic and the perfect classic festive vibe in your dwelling place.


Your Xmas shouldn’t be unexciting. If your fireplace does not have a mantle, you can nonetheless have enjoyable hanging your stockings and creating your property welcoming to the guests. If you have a Christmas tree, you can absolutely cling your stockings from it. Even so, you can also develop a stocking mountain from packing containers and handle it as your Xmas tree.

From the previously mentioned eleven guidelines we gave you for hanging stockings without a mantle, you can pick any and embellish your property just as you like. Soon after all, it is the only time of the yr to loosen up and appreciate the greatest time of your lifestyle.

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