How to Install Stone Landscape Edging in 5 Simple Steps

Stone edging is a excellent way to define your garden, patio, and other landscape aspects and insert intriguing detail to improve your outside area. Although it may possibly seem complicated, it’s fairly easy to set up stone landscape edging, and you can do it by yourself by pursuing a number of easy measures.

Examine out the actions beneath and commence your journey to installing a fantastic stone landscape edging.

Why should I install stone landscape edging?

A stone landscape edging will make your backyard garden more stunning whilst including control attraction and boosting the practicality of your landscape. With this kind of edging, there will be much less grass you need to mow, your vegetation will remain in one particular place, and your garden will stand out. Also, the edging can aid you outline a distinct spot of your landscape and make it the garden’s focal stage.

An additional wonderful issue about stone edging is that it will hold your children, attendees, and pets absent from your vegetation so that you don’t have to fear about an individual ruining your garden.

landscape with metal edging
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Tools and supplies

Prior to we get started outlining the procedure, we want to mention all the instruments and supplies you’ll need to finish the task.

  • Stones
  • Sand
  • Garden hose or rope
  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Tamper
  • Mallet

How to Install Stone Landscape Edging in 5 Simple Steps

1. Choose the stone and measure

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To install a stone landscape edging, you’ll want to decide on stone that will complement your garden and suit the present aesthetics. Other than the look, choose a practical and straightforward stone to operate with. You can accumulate genuine stone you uncover or make a paver border.

The choices are limitless, so check out out exciting styles to get an concept of how you’d like your yard to look. Prior to producing a acquire, measure the location and contemplate the dimension of the stone to simplicity the installation process.

2. Prep the edging area

landscaping mulch

You will require to prep the edging region, so get started with marking the perimeter of exactly where you’d like to place the edging. You can use your backyard hose or a rope to visualize the space exactly where the edging will be set. As soon as you’re pleased with the form, trace it out employing spray paint.

Prior to you implement spray paint to the wanted location, ensure which side of the edge you are likely to mark so that you can line up the proper aspect when setting up the edging.

3. Dig a trench, tamp the area and apply sand

man using shovel
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Use a shovel to dig out a trench which need to be all around four to 6 inches in width and about three to four inches in depth. The trench can be even a little bit deeper based on the dimensions of your stones. The important part is to achieve the damp soil below the dry ranges to get a much more normal seem and for the edging to set far better.

After the trench is set, we advise tamping the spot so that it’s less complicated for you to use the stones later. When you’re producing an edging with stone or similar materials, you need to have to utilize sand to the foundation of the trench to aid maintain every little thing in location.

4. Place the stones

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Right after you have dug out the trench, you can start placing the edging stones. Making use of a level will be required for this stage to make positive everything is straight and correctly leveled. Established every little thing in location by making use of a mallet to in addition level any stones that may be out of order. Following leveling every little thing correctly, you can set the edging stones in location by introducing sand in the place between them, supplying you with added assistance.

5. Clean the area

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Last, but not the very least, you’ll need to have to clean the location to allow your new stone landscape edging to shine. You can use your backyard garden hose to clean the edging under minimal force and get rid of excess grime.

Final thoughts

All you require is tolerance and creativity to change your landscape into a gorgeous piece of artwork. By subsequent the measures during this article, you are going to be in a position to generate a fantastic stone landscape edging that will be functional although including aesthetic appeal to your outside region.



Featured Image Credit score: Mitchell Luo, unsplash