How to Keep Birds From Building Nests in Unwanted Places (8 Humane Ways)

It can be entertaining to bring vibrant birds to your house utilizing a feeder or fowl tub, especially if you have kids or pets. Even so, way too several birds can be a nuisance, specifically if you did not invite them. If birds are creating a mess of your house and you need a humane way to get rid of them, you’ve appear to the appropriate area. Listed here are several approaches that you can use to assist preserve invasive birds from nesting on your property with no harming them, so you can get back again to making the most of your residence.

The 8 Humane Ways of Keeping Birds From Building Nests in Unwanted Places

1. Clean Up Yard Debris

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Image Credit: spinheike, Pixabay
Tools: Garbage bags, rake
Difficulty: Easy

Birds will accumulate dried leaves, twigs, and other debris to construct their nests, and if you have large quantities of these materials on your home, you can count on them to appear and accumulate. Birds will also use any muddle in the lawn for protection from predators, so a messy yard can be really inviting to any fowl species. Using a rake to collect the dead leaves and twigs in your yard and disposing of them can support reduce the chicken population.

Organizing your garden to decrease clutter can also support make the birds come to feel more exposed to predators, which may persuade them to go to an additional location.

2. Remove Food Sources

Tools: Garbage bags
Difficulty: Easy

A single simple way to decrease the bird population on your property is to remove any sources of food around. Most birds have a diet plan that consists of tiny insects, like worms and beetles, together with grasses, seeds, nuts, and fruits.

Eliminating feeders will be an obvious selection, but other crops on your home may also generate fruit or berries that the birds might want as food. You will need to take away any meals as before long as you see it, even raking up any that falls on the ground. You may possibly need to have to think about taking away pointless trees or shrubs and even bypass the garden this 12 months if the birds are specially prevalent. You can also use screens to protect your plants.

bird feeders
Image credit: nickfish03, Pixabay

3. Make a DIY Bird Repellant

Tools: Chili peppers, vinegar, water
Difficulty: Easy

An affordable way to keep birds off your house is to use a bird repellent, and there are a few that you can make using elements that you may presently have. For illustration, most birds do not like the scent of citrus, so simmering orange or lemon peels in sizzling drinking water can create a repellant that you can spray close to your property to assist maintain the birds away. One more wonderful option is to develop a spray utilizing crushed chili peppers, vinegar, and h2o.

4. Use a Commercial Repellant

man installing bird spikes
Image Credit; Chemari, Shutterstock
Tools: Bird spikes, tacky paper, glaze
Difficulty: Moderate

There are fairly a number of effective business bird repellants that you can obtain if you have the funds. Chicken spikes are among the greatest alternatives. You apply these spikes to any ledges the place birds have a tendency to land, and even though they appear frightening, birds will not get harm. The largest downside of hen spikes is that it can be hazardous to put in them, as several birds perch in areas substantial above the floor. Other, related choices are tacky paper that birds really don't like to stage on and glaze that produces a easy area also slippery for birds to perch comfortably.

5. Remove Perches

Tools: Bird spikes, LED lighting
Difficulty: Easy

Introducing hen spikes to your window sills and other ledges can be powerful, but there are most likely several other perches on your house. You will require to treat, get rid of, or substitute other common perches, like gentle fixtures, ladders for climbing crops, fencing, and so on. Even the sides of an above-ground swimming pool can be a magnet for birds. Eliminating or changing these perches will make your residence a lot less inviting.

6. Set Up Owl Statues

fake owl in the garden
Image Credit: Peter, Pixabay
Tools: Owl statue
Difficulty: Easy

Numerous birds are scared of big birds of prey, like hawks, eagles, and owls. Including an owl statue to your residence can efficiently lessen the fowl populace and will most likely persuade them to nest elsewhere. Folks with a swimming pool can purchase a pool float that resembles an owl’s eyes, which is also efficient.

7. Increase the Number of Reflective Surfaces

old discs bird repellent
Image credit: FotoHelin, Shutterstock
Tools: Mirrors, pinwheel, wind chimes, flash tape
Difficulty: Easy

Most birds will avoid reflective surfaces, so adding them to your residence can greatly reduce the amount of birds that you see. Include mirrors or any shiny surfaces for great benefits. Windchimes and pinwheels also work nicely, and their motion raises their effectiveness.

8. Use Dogs and Cats

french bulldog sitting in fake grass
Image Credit: Kittibowornphatnon, Shutterstock
Tools: Family pets
Difficulty: Easy

Family pets can be a great chicken deterrent. Dogs make very a bit of noise, which will scare away the birds, and cats will create a hostile atmosphere that is probably to convince birds to transfer to one more spot. The draw back to this choice is that a repeatedly barking canine is probably to bother your neighbors, and the cat may eliminate the birds, which is inhumane. Birds can also transfer parasites to your pet if they capture one particular.

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Tips and Tricks

  • If you want to keep your feeder, move it farther from the house for fewer problems.
  • Seal any holes in your home that birds might use to get in.
  • Make sure there are screens on all windows, especially in the attic.
  • Look for a feeder in a neighbor’s yard, and ask them to remove it.


Making use of a business repellant and including chicken spikes and numerous shiny surfaces can help persuade birds to go to yet another house without having harming them. Getting rid of all food resources and arranging the property will also aid. Maintain all your trees trimmed and go over the vegetation in your backyard garden with screening till the birds shift on.

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