How to Lock a Door Without a Lock in 5 Steps

Locking a door is straightforward. All you require to do is drive or pull the doorknob adopted by turning it, and voilà! You have locked it! You can do it even with your eyes shut. But, what if you needed to lock a doorway with out employing a lock? Is it possible?

Indeed, you can lock a doorway without having a lock following particular measures. In this guidebook, we’ll display you how you can do that. Read on!

The 5 Steps to Lock a Door Without a Lock

We’ll examine the crucial strategy (utilizing a fork) when locking a door with out a lock. This skill is crucial to grasp because you could not always have a lock readily obtainable.

You will need the following tools:
  • Fork
  • Hammer
  • Goggles or face shield
  • Marker
  • Metal saw
  • Pliers

Once you have all the needed resources, you will now stick to the five measures beneath.

1. Make a line on the latch hole. Then, mark the prongs using a marker.

First of all, you need to track down the latch gap. Insert the prongs of the fork into this gap and drive them inwards to prop open up the latch.

Then, employing a marker, draw a line on the prongs. It aids you change the fork into a movable lock. Also, it acts as a manual for the depth of the latch gap as you go to the up coming action.

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock in 5 Steps
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2. Position the prongs in the vise.

A steel fork makes an excellent lock choose, presented you have a vise to grip it. The tines of the fork act as an improvised lock. You can use it to rake the pins inside the cylinder system.

The vise have to be vast sufficient to suit one particular of the prongs in it. Also, it ought to be strong enough to maintain up your door. If you don’t have a vise, you can use two C-clamps on either aspect of your doorway frame to connect the prong.

3. Bend the fork’s prongs.

Bend the prongs of your fork at a ninety-diploma angle. You can use a pair of pliers to do this. Then, get rid of the portion of the fork that sticks out and slide it into the gap amongst your door and wall. The fork will hold the door shut in location although you are long gone.

You will not have any issue if the vise is sufficiently limited. But, if the fork moves when swinging, make certain you tighten the vise. Then, repeat the action for you to have your desired consequence.

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock in 5 Steps
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4. Use a metal saw to cut the fork’s handle.

You can use a hacksaw or a round noticed to lower the fork’s deal with. Make positive you’ve place on a face defend to protect your eyes. Right after reducing the take care of, examine if it’s fitting among the prongs. If the manage isn’t fitting, file the fork to make certain it matches.

The take care of is the stability lock for the doorway. So, make certain that it suits snugly. This way, you won’t have troubles in the foreseeable future.

5. Insert the Do-It-Yourself lock into the latch.

A Do it yourself lock is any object that can be inserted into the latch of a doorway and will stop it from opening. Make certain you keep the doorway open by holding the take care of of the door.

Then, place the prongs into the slot on the latch. It’s identified near the doorway frame and the strike plate. After you’re by means of with this, keep the door closed.

Next, put the fork’s take care of between the centre prongs, and guarantee that it’s sufficiently tight till it cannot in shape anymore. Lastly, examine if your short-term door lock is opening and closing well making use of the doorway take care of. If it is performing well, it means that your temporary door lock is excellent.

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock in 5 Steps
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What Are the Other Ways of Locking a Door Without a Lock?

Besides utilizing a fork, there are other methods you can use to lock a door with out a lock. We have reviewed them under.

Use a Barricade

Hold a barricade on the door or at the bottom of the doorway to prevent it from opening. The barricade should be strong and large adequate to keep the door shut. To improve its energy, tape something that weighs above one pound to the barricade. It could be a table, chair, or bookshelf.

A barricade is perfect for doorways that open up inwardly. The variety of barricade you require depends on what you have at hand. You can make a barricade out of nearly anything at all. But, there are 3 key factors to think about when selecting your supplies. They are:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Height

Very first, the substance need to be robust sufficient to assist whatsoever you are striving to block off and avert it from coming into or exiting. Barricading is a widespread follow used to protected many doors globally. Also, it’s successful.

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock in 5 Steps
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Buy a Portable Door Lock

A doorway that doesn't lock is an open up invitation for any person to stroll in. It's a safety danger, and it's not a secure feeling. A transportable lock or a latch is the best solution for this scenario.

You can locate a moveable lock or latch that will match your doorway. But contemplate the door’s dimension, bodyweight, and material. Also, you can use locks that aren't created for your specific door. Use them with for a longer time screws.

You want to make sure that you're getting a transportable lock that is not intended to be employed on doorways much more than 1/eighth of an inch thick. It's because they won't work nicely. These locks are developed with thinner doors in mind. So, they could not function with thick doors.

Use a Wedge or a Doorstop

A wedge can be any object that will suit snugly underneath your door and towards a single side of the doorway. It could be an old roll of tape with the sticky aspect dealing with out.

The stage is, if something's put there, it will avoid the door from opening since it will be wedged in spot. A wedge can even be huge adequate to block off the bottom portion of the doorway.

This way, nothing can go underneath. Also, it calls for that you maintain your doorways closed all the time. Make certain you area your foot behind the wedge (or doorstop). Implement strain so that it pushes the doorway shut.

You may possibly have to shift the wedge around right up until you uncover a very good area for it to hold tightly against the door. If you reside in an apartment developing, there's a chance that there's presently a doorstop in area.

If that's not the circumstance, you want to discover a doorstop that's as heavy as attainable and will suit securely amongst your doorway and the ground.

Use a Belt or Rope

The most frequent way to lock a door without having a lock is making use of a rope or belt. Initial, tie 1 finish of the rope to a set item such as a bedpost or chair leg. Then, wrap the other stop of the rope close to the doorknob. Tie it off to a doorknob that's on the very same side as the fixed position.

Tie the next doorknob directly across from the first a single. It’ll create an X-shaped sample by way of which you can move your belt and safe it tightly around each knobs. You might want to change your knot right up until the knots are restricted adequate. This way, they gained't slip even though an individual is trying to open them.

If you don't want to use a rope or belt, you can also try out wrapping your extended scarf all around the two doorknobs. Use safety pins to protected the scarf in location and avoid somebody from opening it.

Alternatively, use two different belts, each with its very own set of knots, to make it even a lot more difficult for an individual to open.

Use a Door Jammer

A door jammer is a instrument utilised to keep doors closed. It is composed of a steel bar with two prongs on every single conclude that are compelled into the wooden of the doorway frame.

You can lock a door utilizing several door jammer products if the area between the door and the body is massive adequate to accommodate them. It may not be feasible on a standard sliding glass patio doorway.

But, it is feasible on a standard entry door. Also, you can only use a doorway jammer if your door opens inwards.

Use a Security Bar

A protection bar is a piece of wooden that you prop up in opposition to the within of the door. They come in various lengths and sizes, and they're cheap. So, if you're hunting for highest stability from minimum components, this is the way to go.

Security bars provide as much protection as you require for most situations. The basic product is easy-to-use, and it only will take a number of seconds to put in. It doesn't need to have any particular instruments or even screwdrivers. Some models even appear with mounting plates that make set up easy. No person can get into your property with no going by means of the door!

Modern Alternatives to the Conventional Lock and Key

In recent many years, contemporary engineering has slowly but surely entered the market. These new, more technological improvements have relatively phased out the traditional important.


The initial present day different to the typical lock and important is the smartlock. Smartlocks are electronic devices that operate on batteries. You can activate a smartlock when you enter a code on an app or gadget. Then, it grants you obtain.

Touchscreen Locks

Touchscreen locks have been about for a although now. They’re turning into more well-known every single day. These locks use fingerprint recognition computer software to function nicely.

To unlock the door, spot your finger on the screen set up on it. If your fingerprint matches, the door will open. If not, it’ll stay locked!

Reasons you may want to lock a Door without a Lock

There are several motives you could want to lock an entryway without having the gain of a locking door. You may possibly not want to set up a lock because it's not aesthetically pleasing, or it'll spoil the search of your new property. Other factors contain:

The Installation Cost of Locks

The installation expense of locks in your property is also a factor that keeps several home owners from installing locks on every doorway. If you like the concept of keeping your home protected with no getting to spend a lot of cash, think about some options to locking your doors.

Firms that have their doorways open throughout regular business several hours should constantly have some stage of security. It's intended to hold criminals out and customers secure whilst inside the store.

Whilst most firms have locks on their main entrance doors, numerous do not install locks on each and every door in their building. Rather, they count on other significantly less pricey strategies to preserve their customers risk-free even though they shop.

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock in 5 Steps
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Your Current Lock Is Faulty

Safe your home when you're away on holiday or company outings. The final issue you want is a person breaking into your home even though absolutely everyone's out operating errands. If this is the circumstance for you, and your current doorway lock is not operating then this guide will be of aid.

Advantages of Locking a Door without a Lock

Locking a door without a lock is an powerful way to preserve your valuables protected. It's an exceptional alternative to utilizing a lock if you don't possess a single and want to make confident no 1 can get into your house with no your expertise.

Here are numerous advantages of locking a doorway with no a lock.

It’s inexpensive

This approach charges less. It's because you don't have to acquire additional objects to employ it. That makes it even more eye-catching than using standard locks.

There’s no damage to your house

Locking a doorway without a lock isn't heading to do any harm to your residence if it's in good shape. It's even far better for older residences since it received't develop much more use and tear on them.


There is no need to have to have close to a bunch of keys. Also, you do not have to be concerned about dropping them. This way, you really do not need to have to don't forget in which you place them for later on use.


Locking a doorway without having a lock may be valuable if you want to lock the door from within to outside the house and vice versa.

You can use a door without having a lock when you are out of your house and want a person else to lock it for you. Just make certain that the door will not enhance anyone’s likelihood of breaking into your home.

We hope you enjoyed our fast and easy guidebook on how to lock a doorway with no a lock. The following time your lock receives broken, or for some cause you would like to close the door with out using the lock, you will know how to go about it and your options.

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