How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps

Portray your bathroom is 1 of these positions that’s effortless to underestimate. The smaller sized spot might look less complicated to tackle than a living area or bed room, but tasks like portray can grow to be awkward and frustrating in restricted spaces. Furthermore, there’s no lack of corners, nooks, and crannies to view for as you strive for a flawless finish.

As difficult as it can be, portray your lavatory can be satisfying as properly. A new coat can revitalize a lavatory and even incorporate levels of security to the partitions. With the correct strategy, you can also make it rapid and uncomplicated. Here’s how to paint a rest room in seven simple steps!

Before You Start

The secrets and techniques to efficiently portray your rest room have tiny to do with the paint application. As an alternative, you decide most of the encounter with how you prepare.

Preparation begins with acquiring the correct equipment, and when it arrives to portray a bathroom, it’s usually greater to buy the greatest products you can find the money for. With high-quality paint and brushes, you are not acquiring a much more high-priced setup but relatively a pain-free portray encounter and a cleaner, a lot more durable finished merchandise.

How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps
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Tools You’ll Need

  • 2–3” angled sash brush
  • 9” paint roller
  • Paint tray and liner
  • 2” wide painter’s tape
  • Clear paintable caulk
  • Bathroom paint
  • Rubber gloves
  • Drop cloth

Preparation: Remove Anything You Don’t Want to Paint

You are going to squander a lot more tape and make perform for yourself if you do not consider time to remove everything you can in the bathroom. You won’t want to fiddle with any pipes coming from the walls and sinks trapped in area, but you can almost certainly get rid of a lot more than you understand.

Typical items to take out of the bathroom include:
  • Shower curtain and rod
  • Towel bar and toilet paper holder
  • Wall hung mirror or cabinet
  • Outlet and light switch covers
  • Exhaust vent grilles

To make lifestyle less complicated, you can get rid of the door by popping the pins out of the hinges and setting it aside. If you come to feel self-confident in taking it out, you can also get rid of the bathroom. It makes an tremendous variation in obtaining fantastic results, and it’s remarkably easy to do.

Change the drinking water line heading to the rest room off and flush the toilet to get rid of as much h2o as feasible. Lay a towel close to the bathroom to capture any spilling drinking water. Use pliers to disconnect the drinking water line operating to it. Uncap and unscrew the holders from both side of the foundation to detach the toilet from the flooring prior to meticulously pulling it off.

If you do not really feel cozy eliminating the toilet, at least get the top off the tank to give you a minor far more place. At the very same time, you ought to pull any go over plates away from the wall for anything at all you can’t take away, this kind of as showerheads and gentle fixtures. You’ll nonetheless need to have to set painter’s tape all around these fixtures, but that will enable you paint the wall driving the plate for a much more seamless seem.

How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps
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How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Steps

Step 1: Prep the Ceiling and Wall

If you are portray the ceiling, start off there before painting the walls. Gravity will lead to little paint drops to hit the wall, so portray the ceiling initial will conserve you tons of aggravation.

Prep the ceilings and walls at the exact same time. Use medium-grit sandpaper to clean bumps or imperfections together the surfaces. Fix any nail pops and incorporate screws to loose drywall. Complete by filling holes or dents in the ceiling and partitions with spackle or joint compound.

Following your mud has dried, sand it sleek with a medium-grit sanding sponge or sandpaper. Wipe dust, cleaning soap scum, and grime from the partitions with a clear cloth. Your partitions and ceiling require to be fully clean and dry. Vacuum the ground and lay a fall cloth down ahead of you commence portray the ceiling.

How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps
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Step 2: Prime and Paint the Ceiling

When painting above old ceiling paint, you won’t need to tape off any wall corners due to the fact you’ll paint over them yet again when you paint your partitions.

Use your brush to paint the corners exactly where the ceiling fulfills the wall. Sleek the paint out to keep away from clumping or dripping on the wall. Roll on a coat of ceiling paint, getting as shut to the wall as attainable with no touching it. You want to protect the traces you did with your paintbrush for a constant texture.

Enable the 1st coat dry for 1–2 several hours. Then, utilize the second coat to fill any gaps and complete the ceiling.

Notice: If your ceiling or wall drywall is manufacturer new, you need to have to utilize a coat of primer before you paint. You may possibly also want to key if the outdated paint you are covering is higher-gloss, deeply stained, or a considerably lighter/darker shade than the new paint.

Step 3: Tape the Ceiling, Baseboards, Cabinets, and Fixtures

Right after the ceiling dries, you can tape off any fixtures or functions that contact the walls. Run tape close to the sink, doorway and window trim, cabinets, baseboard, and ceiling (if it is a various color). Put some more than your stores, light-weight switches, and taps to prevent paint from dripping into hard-to-clear locations.

You do not require to tape if you pick to use a reduce-in method, exactly where you meticulously freehand the paint together the line. Tape is usually less complicated for novices, permitting you to make mistakes with little consequence.

How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps
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Step 4: Apply Clear Caulk to the Tape Line

To attain the smoothest attainable line when you pull your tape off, utilize a bead of distinct acrylic latex caulk to the edge of the painter’s tape in which it meets the wall. Don’t cut as well much off the idea of the caulk. The bead ought to be as small as possible.

With gloves on, sleek the caulk down the line along the edge with your pinky finger. Consider observe of the dry time of your caulk since it is critical to pull the tape Ahead of it dries, which is generally in between 30–60 minutes. Only tape off and caulk the spot that you can reasonably paint in that period so you can pull your tape off in time.

Notice: Make positive you get a paintable caulk. It’s okay if your caulk has some silicone in it, but you really do not want to use a a hundred% silicone caulk. Even though it is exceptional for moisture resistance, it also does not hold paint effectively. Use a paintable acrylic latex caulk rather to get the best outcomes.

Step 5: Apply the First Coat of Paint

Use your angled brush to paint along the taped edge of the wall. Paint a handful of inches up the wall from the edge. You will smooth in excess of these brush strokes with your roller, but it will make certain a fuller seem to your paint coats.

Even though you need to have to implement two coats of paint to the wall, you can frequently get away with only one coat of paint for the edges.

Once you have painted your edges, use your 9-inch roller to utilize the very first coat of paint. Again, try to get as near to the tape line as attainable to include the brush strokes.

Be aware: Acquire substantial-good quality rollers for a lint-totally free software. If you are nervous about lint on your roller, use packing or duct tape to get rid of it ahead of rolling on your paint. Lay a size of tape on a area and operate the paint roller up and down on it to take away stray fibers.

How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps
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Step 6: Remove the Tape

As before long as you finish painting your first coat, verify your edges to see if you require to touch up and add more paint to protect the previous coloration. Once it looks very good, gradually get rid of the tape in one constant movement to stop flecks from shooting off.

It is essential to pull the tape off before the paint or caulk dries. If you permit it dry, the paint will pull up as you get rid of the tape, generating an imperfect line.

Permit the paint dry for 1–2 several hours ahead of making use of the second coat. Open up the window and doorway or switch on the bathroom supporter to circulate air and pace up the drying time.

Step 7: Apply the Second Coat of Paint

After the first coat of paint dries, you can roll on your second coat. Be cautious close to the edges since there is no tape to safeguard something touching the wall.

Give the paint one more 1–2 hrs to dry and start off putting every little thing back again in area.

How to Paint a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps
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What Kind of Paint Should You Use for a Bathroom?

Paint will frequently have a label declaring if it’s toilet and kitchen area paint. You can not use each and every sort of paint in bogs due to the fact of the higher humidity stages and potential for mildew damage. In general, high-gloss or semi-gloss alternatives offer the ideal seal towards drinking water.

More recent matte paints are now obtainable for use in the bathroom. Though h2o streaks usually demonstrate on it, matte paint is greater at hiding imperfections than shiny paint. If you want to use matte paint, make confident it is exclusively suited for the toilet.

What’s the Best Color for a Bathroom?

Because loos are often small and shut off, lighter shades have a tendency to make them appear nicer. White or mild hues make corners disappear and mirror gentle to make loos seem brighter and much more roomy. You can include to the impact by portray the ceiling and the walls the same shade. That will facilitate the painting procedure as properly.

Final Thoughts

Refreshing a rest room with new paint is an outstanding undertaking to entirely change the search and temper of the room. Although it’s smaller sized, the setting makes preparation much more essential right here than in other rooms. It is crucial to eliminate any filth and gunk from your walls and ensure they are one hundred% dry prior to starting. And when it arrives to paint and supplies, this is a single region the place spending a minor extra for high quality can go a prolonged way.

There is a lot to think about when acquiring your toilet ready, but that doesn’t mean it can not be an pleasant, satisfying, and even straightforward method. Stick to these seven methods to paint a lavatory, and you’ll have photo-ideal benefits every single time!

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