How to Lubricate Your Garage Door in 7 Steps (with Pictures)

No one likes the seem of a rickety racket as the garage door is opened or closed! If you’re asking yourself how you can resolve that irritating garage doorway audio, we have acquired you coated.

Using care of that squeaky door may possibly also save you a buck or two in the prolonged run. The included friction is tougher on the technique and can trigger items to put on down and break prematurely. Let us have a search at how to lube up your garage door, get rid of that frustrating sound, and keep every thing working smoothly.

How to Lubricate Your Garage Door (7 Steps)

1. Pre-job Preparation

It is important to get a pair of protection safety measures and guarantee that you have all of the proper tools prior to you get started.

This is basically going to make lifestyle less difficult for you. Most of the components, rollers, and components that you want to lubricate are going positioned on the doorway alone, so it only can make perception to provide it down to exactly where you can reach it.

Disconnect the Electrical power

It may possibly seem to be like overkill to pull out the “lock-out tag-out” procedures on this little house maintenance task, but this phase is a need to. It is essential to remove the hazard of damage in the rail, roller, and chain systems. The only digits we want to snip nowadays are the types on your home servicing invoice!

How to Lubricate Your Garage Door in 7 Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Emil Diallo, Unsplash

2. You’ll Need:

  • Safety glasses – You’re going to be working with pressurized lubricants which can have a bit of back spray. Again, it might seem like overkill, but you’ll wish you had worn them if you have to go to the hospital with lubricant in your eye.
  • A Step stool or small ladder – Unless you’re incredibly tall. Please avoid standing on chairs!
  • A dry rag – For excess lubricant, of course.

3. Nice to Haves:

  • Gloves – Rubber work gloves will do, but disposable medical or latex gloves are better for this job.
  • Drop Cloth/Masking tape – It’s not totally necessary, but a little protection isn’t a bad idea if you’re particularly worried about the finish of your door or driveway.
  • Penlight – For hard-to-find crevasses and more. The light on your smartphone will do nicely as well.

4. Let’s Talk About Lube 

“Can I Use WD40 to Lubricate My Garage Doorway?”

Properly, there’s no getting around this. There will come a time in each and every man or woman’s daily life when we have to have the discuss.

Make sure you for the enjoy of all that is great, do not use WD40 to lubricate Anything at all!

Lubricating a door is in essence, greasing it. The difficulty with WD40 is that it transpires to be a degreaser. They have a wonderful advertising and marketing group up there simply because people consistently use WD40 as a lubricant and that is basically not what it is. So, what must you use?

Lithium Spray

A lithium grease lubricant is the very best selection for this occupation. That is since it not only lubricates the parts but coats them in a nice thick layer of grease that safeguards them from corrosion.

Silicone Spray

Lithium spray can be pricy, so if for whatsoever cause you want to get the job done but simply cannot manage it, silicone will do. It doesn’t type really as good of a coat, so you will end up having to do the job once again quicker, but if you need to preserve a buck then it is your best option.

How to Lubricate Your Garage Door in 7 Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Skitterphoto, Pixabay

5. Getting Started

Now it’s nearly time to get lubricating, but very first, make certain every thing is operating. If rollers, hinges, or any parts are quite corroded, you might want to take into account replacing them.

Examine the method and all of its relocating components. This will save you some squandered energy in case you find a difficulty, and also support you familiarize by yourself with all of the moving elements.

6. Lube It Up!

Alright, finally, the entertaining element! It’s really not that fun – but it sure is gratifying when that doorway goes up quietly and smoothly! Make certain you coat all of the brackets. This involves:

Make sure you give each and every bracket a wonderful coating.

How to Lubricate Your Garage Door in 7 Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Charles Knowles, Shutterstock

7. Rollers

The most frequent sorts of rollers are metal and plastic. It’s a good notion to strike every single roller on the track. For metallic rollers, you are going to require to verify for ball bearings. They are effortless to locate if you comply with the stem to the roller, and it is all in a single piece, then there are no ball bearings. If you recognize a small break—a modest crevasse where the stem fulfills the roller, making it possible for them to spin independently, then it has ball bearings. You will want to get a great coat of lube on these as properly.

This is the place getting a penlight or the light on your Apple iphone is exceptionally handy to help find that tiny crease where the ball bearings are hiding.


With a minor preparing and a few of parts of gear, it is simple to make certain that your garage door lives a prolonged healthful, and quiet life. Where any type of upkeep is involved, it’s constantly better to be proactive, rather than reactive. If you are noticing that bothersome squeak – you ought to almost certainly consider lubricating your garage doorway. Always keep in mind to be mindful and stay secure, and By no means use WD40 for lubricant!

Showcased Picture Credit score: Charles Knowles, Shutterstock