How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps

If you have brick partitions in your home, you may well be questioning if you can mount your Television on the wall. If you’re unfamiliar, it is truly the Television mount that you are securing to the wall, and then you attach the Tv to your safe mount. At no point during this task are you immediately attaching your Television to the wall.

Effectively mounted TVs preserve room and seem like contemporary artwork in your home. Mounting a Television on a brick wall is a bit a lot more arduous than placing 1 on drywall, but it is flawlessly doable with the appropriate resources and prep function. Let us check out how to go about the job so you can save on beneficial place in your property.

Before You Start

Ahead of you get started, you are going to require to think about what to do with your Television set components, like soundbars, gaming consoles, and speakers. Yet another significant thing to consider is whether or not the TV’s energy cord can achieve a energy outlet or electricity strip. Lastly, any cable inputs will want to be in a position to attain the TV’s new position on the wall.

The subsequent phase is to examine the situation of the brick wall you want the Television set mounted on. Old, brittle brick is much much less very likely to hold the Television for an prolonged interval of time. Newer brick is a much safer guess. If you have crumbling mortar or flaking brick coming off the wall, we’d advise not employing a Television mount. Better secure than sorry, soon after all.

Now that you’ve got all that settled, it’s time to gather the resources you’ll need to mount your Television set. A lot of private firms and men and women will offer a mount and set up it, but you can preserve some cash and time if you just acquire the mount and use your very own tools.

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps
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You Will Need:
  • Hammer drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Masonry bit (#3 Philips tends to work well)
  • Masonry screws
  • Washers (optional but handy)
  • TV mount with brackets
  • Vacuum
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask

Instead of a physical level, you can choose to download a stage app for your smartphone. Modern smartphones have a gyroscopic (movement-sensing) purpose that tends to make them great stages for house tasks.

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Easy Steps

1. Determine Your TV’s Ideal Placement

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps
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The average wall-mounted Tv set will go as straight on the centre of a wall as possible, but you may desire to put it in an atypical area. To get a Television as near to the heart as attainable, initial measure the height, duration, and width of the wall, then make a mark in the centre of the wall. This is exactly where the center of your Tv set mount will go, positioning your Television as shut to the center as feasible.

2. Drill Mount Holes

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps
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Be sure you have a hammer drill with a masonry bit due to the fact they have specialized chisel ideas designed exclusively to drill into brick, block, and concrete. Utilizing a regular little bit will only frustrate you and wear out the bit, so help save yourself the problems.

Maintain your Television mount up to the wall as shut to your middle mark as possible and mark on your wall where the mounting holes are. Make certain the mount is stage ahead of creating your marks, or the holes will be erratically put.

Utilizing your masonry little bit, drill into the brick. Your holes only want to be about as prolonged as your screws are, so really don't go also mad. Most Tv set mounts only need 4 screws, but mounts designed for quite huge TVs may call for six or 8 screws. Read through your mount’s documentation for advice.

3. Secure The Mount With Screws

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps
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Using the appropriate little bit for your masonry screws, securely push them into your mounting holes. Really don't drive the screws way too deep, or you’ll weaken their hold in the brick/mortar. Leaving them snugly safe is excellent.

Evenly push the bit into the brick and commence the drill. Use organization, constant stress to the drill, but really do not aggressively push into the brick. Permit the bit do the perform, and you’ll quickly see brick dust traveling out as the little bit drills into the wall. From time to time, remove the drill to allow it great and take away brick dust from the holes.

4. Install Brackets On The TV

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps
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Tv mounts appear with brackets you want to set up on your Television set, and these are what actually attach the Television set to the mount and wall. These typically arrive with their possess screws, so you really do not have to be concerned about digging close to your toolbox for the right dimension.

Utilizing your screwdriver, snugly in shape the brackets to the Television set. Don’t overtighten the screws or you may risk stripping them.

5. Mount The TV

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps
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If you have a quite heavy Television set, question a friend or cherished one particular to aid with this step. Change your TV’s power twine as essential throughout this action, since it may get in the way. Other cords should be still left to plug-in later, like any Ethernet, HDMI, or cable inputs you could have.

Raise the Tv and mount the brackets onto the leading lip of the mount and hook them into location. If your mount has any locking tabs or screws, have interaction them at this time. Refer to your mount’s documentation before mounting the Tv so you have a very good idea of how exactly the mount and brackets lock together.

6. Make Adjustments & Cleanup

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Steps
Image credit: Alexander Penyushkin, Shutterstock

Some Tv wall mounts are adjustable and can swing the Tv in and out, whilst other people maintain the Television set from the wall. Last but not least, make any other needed adjustments to the Tv and plug it in. You can now established up your other Tv set equipment and get them into their last positions, like your speakers, soundbars, etc.

To thoroughly clean up the brick dust made during this task, sweep it into a pile and vacuum it all up. For carpet, you could would like to use painter’s plastic or a tarp.

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Mounting a Television on a brick wall might be a minor a lot more difficult than mounting it on drywall, but in the stop, it is not completely different. As lengthy as you’re cautious to amount the mount and make the proper marks, your Tv will come out properly mounted in the conclude.

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