How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps

Brick is particularly difficult to take away paint from since it is porous. If a brick wall has been painted for many a long time, you’re searching at some serious elbow grease to get it back into some thing resembling its first condition. Fortunately, there are some industrial-power cleansing agents you can use that will aid in your endeavor. Let’s take a appear at what you require and how just you can go about stripping the paint from your brick.

Before You Start

First, you will need to lay down a tarp or some painter’s plastic beneath the brick and the encompassing area. There will be a whole lot of dust, paint flakes, and other particles, and this will make the cleanup less difficult. This is specifically essential when you are stripping paint from inside brick.

Following, you have to defend your overall health towards the dangerous chemical substances you’re functioning with, not to point out the tons of dust and particles you are about to throw all around. Each paint stripper has its very own private protecting requirements, but we’ve put jointly a list of what you need to have underneath.

How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps
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You Will Need:
  • Heat gun
  • Trisodium phosphate (TSP)
  • Stiff-bristled nylon brush
  • Painter’s plastic/tarp
  • Trowel/5-in-1 scraper
  • Paint stripper (acetone, paint stripping gel, etc.)
  • Protective gear: eye protection, long-sleeved shirt & pants, dust mask, gloves
  • Vacuum
  • Disc sander & sandpaper

How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps

1. Test The Brick

How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps
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There are many motives to strip the paint from brick: you want it to go back to the first color, you want to paint it, and so on. Possibly way, you are going to want to examination your process on a modest corner of the brick before you dedicate to cleaning all the brick.

Why do you want to do this? Simply because the brick may well be discolored, you do not like the brick’s authentic shade, or the painters painted over it to disguise a flaw in the surface. Just consider our word for it and apply this guidebook on a modest scale to a corner of the brick.

2. Prepare The Brick for Cleaning

How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps
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Hose the brick with warm drinking water, or alternatively, wipe it down with warm h2o if operating indoors. Following, use a warmth gun to soften up the paint. Shell out near focus to uncovered edges in the brickwork.

Get your disc sander and go above the brick spot. Dependent on how outdated and thick the paint is, you may get a lot of the paint off, or you may well just be lightening it up. Both way, this will aid your following measures immeasurably.

3. Mix and Apply Paint Stripping Solution

How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps
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In a massive bucket, mix a two:one ratio of trisodium phosphate with warm drinking water, or according to manufacturer instructions. Combine the remedy till the TSP has totally and completely dissolved.

Employing your stiff nylon brush, implement the TSP to the brick and scrub the paint. As you scrub, it will flake off and expose the brick beneath. Really don't linger on a single region for as well long unless of course the paint is just not coming off, simply because you don’t want to injury the brick.

Repeat your software of TSP as necessary. Some brick is simple to cleanse, and some brick is considerably, significantly more durable. Repeat this step as several moments as you require to.

4. Treat Stubborn Paint Stains

How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps
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Simply because brick is quite porous, possibilities are you’ll occur across some places exactly where the paint has appeared to stain the brick, producing it really hard to get off. In this situation, it’s time to crack out the huge guns: your paint stripping agent. Acetone is well-known, but paint stripping gel functions also. Any cleaning agent designed to strip paint will function just the exact same.

Discover places the place your TSP therapy didn’t get all the paint off and implement your paint stripping agent. Use your nylon brush to scrub until you’ve efficiently taken off the paint and wash absent the paint stripper in accordance to producer instructions.

5. Rinse and Clean Up

How To Remove Paint From Brick In 5 Easy Steps
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Now that you’ve stripped your brick floor of all its paint, you probably have a wonderful, big pile of paint flakes and other assorted particles. If you’re doing work indoors, get rid of your tarp and vacuum up any remaining paint particles. If functioning outdoor, merely pack up the tarp and shift for afterwards disposal.

The up coming and last step is to rinse the brick to eliminate any lingering particles on its surface. Outdoor, you can just spray the brick down with a hose and phone it a day. If you are indoors, however, you will want to wipe the brick down with a clear rag and heat h2o.

Dispose of your paint debris, vacuum or sweep up the area, and you are all finished!


Although brick is difficult to get paint out of, it is possible with a minor difficult work and some industrial-toughness substances. No subject why you want to strip the paint from your brick, this guide will have you nicely on your way.

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