How to Paint Pressure Treated Wood

How to Paint Pressure Treated Wood

Stress handled wooden is a fantastic way to guarantee that your painted floor lasts a prolonged time outside the house. However, strain dealt with wooden often has a fairly ugly greenish tint that most individuals would desire to disguise. If you are a person wanting to cover up your stress dealt with wooden, know that you simply cannot just slap on primer and paint like you would other surfaces.

To make sure that your paint lasts as extended as attainable, you have to search at the wood’s moisture content material prior to beginning. From there, you also require to decide on the best paint and primer for your needs. Below, we delineate specifically how to paint stress taken care of wood for a lovely and prolonged-long lasting finish. Go through on to discover out more.

What to Know Before Painting Pressure Treated Wood?

Just before acquiring commenced on the portray task, there are a few issues you ought to take into account before commencing. This will make certain that you recognize almost everything necessary when painting stress treated wood.

What Makes Painting Pressure Treated Wood Difficult?

Stress dealt with wood will come with a assortment of benefits. Most notably, it is better for outside environments, and it is specially fantastic for construction lumber. Still, strain handled wooden will come with a drawback, and it is that it will take a extended time to dry.

Simply because of the substances utilized in the strain remedy, this variety of wood can get weeks to months to dry. When paint is additional way too quickly, the paint does not last extended, making it susceptible to chipping or peeling. Other than the painstakingly prolonged drying process, prepping strain handled wood isn’t all that challenging.

Consider Staining

Just before assuming that the best choice for you is painting, think about staining the wooden. Staining is most likely to final longer, and it tends to be easier to utilize. This is specifically true if you want to go over horizontal wooden, these kinds of as that located on a deck.

Outside wood will be exposed to a lot more dress in and tear since of the factors. As a consequence, painted horizontal wooden will want repainting each two several years or so. Unless you are ok with this regular dedication, then you may want to decide for staining as an alternative.

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How to Paint Pressure Treated Wood

Not to point out, a lot of men and women choose staining the wooden due to the fact it is simply less complicated to utilize. It is in the long run up to you, primarily based on your tastes for frequency of painting and ease of software. Either would do wonderful.

Getting Started

To get commenced with the method, here’s some things you need to have to do very first:

Confirm the Wood is Pressure Treated

Make confident that the wooden is in fact strain taken care of. The process for portray force handled and typical wooden is not all that distinct, but it will save you some time. Thankfully, determining whether or not or not wood is stress treated is generally quite easy.

In most circumstances, force dealt with wood will have some sort of identifying stamp to notify you what chemical substances have been employed. These stamps are often found at the base of the wood. In addition to stamps, you can search for other determining markers, this kind of as a greenish tint or an oily or chemical scent.

If you actually can't figure out if your wood has been dealt with, you can use a wood screening package to locate out for sure.

Don’t Paint Too Soon

If you only just lately acquired the pressurized wooden, really do not get to portray too shortly. Painting this wood way too shortly would be entirely pointless and guide to peeling paint. The explanation for this is that pressurized wooden requires a lot more time to dry than you would assume.

However many aspects have an effect on how prolonged the wood requires to dry, most parts of lumber will dry out inside two to 3 months. Because of this truth, you genuinely need to have to be affected person when it comes to portray pressurized wood to make certain that it is adequately dried.

How to Paint Pressure Treated Wood
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What You’ll Need

  • 4-inch paintbrush
  • Garden hose
  • Latex exterior paint
  • Mild liquid detergent
  • Outdoor cleaner (optional)
  • Paint primer (exterior)
  • Paint sprayers
  • Pressure washer (optional)
  • Stiff-bristled brush

How to Paint Pressure Treated Wood

After you have completed the preliminary steps, you can move on to the true portray process. Here are the rapid three methods to portray pressure dealt with wooden:

1. Clean Wood

Pressure handled wood should be totally cleaned just before portray. Grab the rigid-bristled brush and some soapy water. Make certain the whole surface that you prepare to paint is thoroughly clean. For particularly filthy or troublesome surfaces, you might need to have to invest in a wood cleaner or electrical power washer.

Rinse off all soapy residue and allow the wooden dry totally. Once again, permitting the wood dry is quite crucial. Simply because of the chemicals that are used in force handled wooden, it might just take a handful of months or months for it to dry completely. You require to do far more than basically look on the floor to know if it is dry.

To guarantee that your wood is dry enough for painting, contact its surface. Each time it feels dry, sprinkle a handful of drops of drinking water on the leading. If the h2o soaks into the wooden, you are free of charge to paint. In contrast, the wooden requirements to dry far more if the h2o beads up on best.

2. Apply Primer

Right after the terrible waiting around match is over, you can get to much more lively measures in painting your pressured wooden. Most critical, implement a primer that is exclusively developed for exteriors. In addition, pick a primer that is shown as being suited to use on pressure treated wooden.

How to Paint Pressure Treated Wood
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The simplest way to key and paint this type of wooden is through a sprayer. If you need to get into difficult-to-achieve spots or do any depth work, select a brush rather. You will very likely find it advantageous to use a mix of both for distinct aspects of the job. Permit the primer dry. It should just take about a working day at most.

3. Paint

Now, it is time for the previous phase: implementing your final leading coats of paint. The paint you pick must be latex-based and protected for exteriors. Paint one layer and permit it dry. As soon as the initial layer has dried, include the 2nd and ultimate layer. Allow that layer to dry as properly before touching the wood. You have now productively painted stress treated wood!

How to Paint Pressure Treated Wood


Painting pressure handled wooden is not all that hard. In fact, the most difficult portion is ready. Nevertheless, it needs some added precaution and items. Most importantly, make sure the wood is entirely dry. From there, select exterior primer and exterior latex paint. By guaranteeing the wooden is dry and choosing the best merchandise, your paint ought to last a extended time.

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