Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun Review 2022 – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun a rating of four.7 out of five stars.

Build Quality: 5/5

Power: 4/5

Features: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun – A Quick Look

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun Review 2022 &#8211 Pros, Cons &#038 Final Verdict

  • Amps: 5
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Size: 18-volt
  • BTU Heat Rating: 914
  • Corded or Cordless: Cordless
  • Charger Included? No
  • Batteries Included: 0

The Milwaukee M18 Cordless Warmth Gun makes warmth shrink connections, which tends to make it a little bit of a area of interest device. You are going to only want it in extremely particular apps. However, this gun will be absolutely prepared when you want it to be.

It has a decent battery existence and is quite good at its job. The only possible problem might be its value point, which is a bit high for this kind of a specialized niche resource. Nonetheless, if you discover oneself needing a heat gun a great deal, this is probably your ideal selection.

The no wire and no butane demands established this cordless heat gun earlier mentioned a lot of the opposition. It makes fast work of most heat shrink connections.

  • No cord or butane required
  • Compact design for small spaces
  • Heats up quickly
  • Hang hook to prevent drops and falls
  • Battery life is only about 18 minutes
  • Expensive

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun Details

Heat Production

The point of the Milwaukee M18 Warmth Gun is to produce heat, and, for the most element, it does a quite excellent work at this. To create this warmth, it uses a ceramic coil together with a battery. Together, this permits it to get up to 875 levels Fahrenheit, which is considerably much less than most of the opposition.

Whilst corded warmth guns can get very a bit hotter, for a cordless warmth gun, this unit receives quite scorching.

With that said, this resource does have some constraints. For occasion, it is fantastic for most day-to-day connections. It is typically a fantastic option for these that need to have to make heat shrink connections everyday. However, you simply cannot really use the warmth for other causes. For case in point, it will not thaw out frozen pipes. The warmth is much way too concentrated.

In addition, this warmth gun heats up very quickly. The organization statements that it is operational in about seven seconds, and it seems that this is fairly accurate. Nonetheless, “operational” is different from “peal temperature.”


This tiny warmth gun is only 6.4”. For that reason, it can in shape inside management panels very very easily. You need to be able to fit it inside most modest spaces with out any difficulties. For these that typically perform on control panels and in limited quarters, this feature alone could be sufficient to encourage you to purchase it.

Additionally, simply because it is cordless, it is a lot much more useful in these smaller spaces way too. You can easily function within walls and panels without needing to struggle with a cord.

Extra Features

On leading of all the basic things that a heat gun must appear with, this nifty warmth gun has a good deal of additional features that set it previously mentioned considerably of the competitors. Nonetheless, this gun is also missing a few attributes that other guns have, so we’ll discuss about people, too.

Firstly, this gun has a excellent hang hook. When you’re doing work with a heat gun like this, a hook is important to stop it from acquiring knocked in excess of or hit (which could cause burns). The hook can very easily attach to most tables and other surfaces. In fact, this is effortlessly a single of the best warmth guns on the marketplace.

Secondly, this gun arrives with two diverse nozzles: a reducer and a guarded nozzle. For the most element, these nozzles are all you are going to need to have for most tasks. If you do require a lot more, Milwaukee makes a compatible accent package that you can acquire as effectively.

We also preferred that this gun integrated an LED light, which might be beneficial for darker scenarios. It definitely beats carrying around a diverse light-weight and frees up 1 of your arms. Nevertheless, you very likely won’t use it all that considerably.

With all that stated, this gun only has a one placing. You can't select among various warmth choices, which might be a difficulty for some people. In the end, it all is dependent on the type of assignments you prepare on doing.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun Review 2022 &#8211 Pros, Cons &#038 Final Verdict


The runtime on this design is a little bit disappointing. Of course, producing heaps of warmth is extremely tough as it calls for a whole lot of strength and energy. As a result, it is not a surprise that the runtime is one particular of the big disappointments on this machine.

With a 5.0Ah battery, you’re looking at only eighteen minutes of constant heat. Of program, you possibly are not going to keep down the trigger for eighteen minutes straight. Really number of individuals need constant heat like that. Even so, you will not be using this tool all working day without recharging it.

If you are performing tons of connections, you’ll most likely want two batteries at the very the very least. In some cases, you may be in a position to demand it up speedily while you’re on split. The good news is, the batteries are compatible with other tools, so it might be ideal to have a backup just in situation.

If you stick a much more effective battery on the heat gun, you are likely to get a lot more runtime. However, you will make it heavier (by fairly a lot) and drop some of the compactness that helps make the heat gun so good.


The Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun is quite a bit costly, especially if you purchase it as a kit with the battery, nozzles, and charger provided. We very advocate that you go with the kit, even if it is a lot more high-priced, as it is essential to make the most out of the heat gun.

With that mentioned, this gun does not really have a immediate competitor. There are other cordless heat guns, but they generally demand butane. Consequently, there is not everything to straight examine the price to.

Still, if you really do not use a warmth gun a great deal, you could find that the value is a bit higher than you’re ready to spend. Nevertheless, for these that do a whole lot of warmth connections, you might locate the price tag worth it. It all depends on your spending budget and what you do.


How Long Does It Run on a Full 5.0Ah Battery?

Normally, you can assume it to final about eighteen minutes of steady use on a single of these batteries. Nevertheless, you are not heading to be employing it constantly in this manner—you’re possibly likely to be utilizing it off and on throughout the working day.

When employed like this, it can last for fairly a prolonged time.

Can I Use This to Heat Up a Sandwich in Foil?

You could, even though this isn’t the intended use. It is advisable that you use a reduction nozzle to concentrate the heat onto the sandwich. Nevertheless, while this definitely could operate, it would not be as powerful as other methods. Additionally, it would be quite costly to acquire the gun just for this objective!

Does It Have a Lock-On Position?

No, you would need to maintain the set off down continually for it to perform appropriately. There is no “always-on” place.

Does It Come with a Battery?

You can obtain it with a battery and without having the battery. Because the battery by itself is really costly, acquiring it with the battery will elevate your cost noticeably.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun Review 2022 &#8211 Pros, Cons &#038 Final Verdict

What the Users Say

Most men and women were very delighted with this gun—as long as they recognize its limitations. This warmth gun will not substitute a corded selection for bigger employment. It just isn’t as strong and doesn’t get as scorching. Nevertheless, for things like shrink tubing, this gun is a fantastic option. It gives mobility that corded guns just don’t offer you.

Some ended up a bit disappointed that it didn’t have any blowing pressure and doesn’t get tremendous-hot. Therefore, you will most likely find your self unable to carry out a number of different employment with this device. In some instances, you will just want a corded design.

Making heat requires a good deal of energy, and numerous buyers could explain to with this device.


This warmth gun is a excellent option for these that need to have a compact heat gun to fit into smaller spots. It is a lot more maneuverable than other alternatives since it doesn’t have a wire for you to struggle with. In addition, it does give satisfactory warmth for most conditions.

However, it does not get very as hot as corded models. It just can’t with a battery.

If you recognize its limits, although, then this instrument is a excellent selection.