How to Replace a Rear Windshield Wiper in 4 Simple Steps

Windshield wipers are some of the most essential areas of a motor vehicle. The wipers use a blend of distinct systems to maintain your windscreen clean and very clear.  Nevertheless, the rear windscreen wiper is not employed as often as the entrance windshield wiper, but it can get worn over time when continuously exposed to climate aspects, therefore requiring replacements.

So, this begs the issue: How frequently must one replace the rear windshield wiper?  Although it is typical for rear windshield wipers to get broken following a fantastic deal of use, most motor car producers advocate inspecting them right after each and every 6 months to examine for any put on and tear.

How to Check if a Rear Windshield Wiper Needs Replacing

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For a thorough inspection, professionals propose that you not only visually examine for dress in and tear but also operate the wiper when the window is wet to check if it is completely purposeful. If the rear windshield wiper blades are also worn out or broken, substitute them ahead of you get into a street accident.

In scenario your rear windshield needs changing, how need to you go about it? Study on to uncover out why you require to replace rear windshield wipers and the measures you should adhere to to exchange wipers safely and efficiently.

How to Replace Rear Windshield Wipers in 4 Simple Steps

Purposeful windscreen wipers are vital for secure driving. Filthy windshields can substantially impact your driving ability by restricting the field of vision. Soiled windshields will also increase the glare from oncoming cars in visitors, specifically when driving at night time.

Luckily, restoring windshield wipers does not demand particular resources and it is not a complicated method. You only require wipers that correspond to your car product. But if you have troubles replacing the wipers, consider consulting your local mechanic.

These 4 easy methods are the most efficient approaches of changing rear windshield wipers:

1. Disconnect the Cable From Your Car Battery

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Just before attempting to substitute the rear-check out windshield wipers, you need to have to disconnect the cable connecting it to the adverse terminal on the car battery.

This cable is usually held into placement by screwing a nut into the clamp, making sure that it doesn’t move. By loosening the nut, you can eliminate the battery without having any trouble. If uncertain, check with the guide instruction leaflet for clarity.

2. Remove the Wiper

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The instructions for taking away a wiper assembly device may possibly vary based on the product of your car. In normal cars, you need to be capable to take away the wiper arm from the rear windshield so that it can lock into place in a vertical position. This will give you accessibility to the relaxation of the assembly elements so that you can remove them.

Proceed to eliminate the nut holding the device to the electric motor. When the nut is out, you can merely pull out the wiper arm from the motor. The wiper arm is quite fragile, so meticulously place it in a protected spot.

3. Remove Wiper Motor

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Right after getting rid of the wiper from the window, unplug the wiper motor. Get inside of your motor vehicle and locate the screws that maintain the rear windscreen wiper into area and remove them. These screws are normally located at the base of the rear window. Once you unscrew them all, you can properly release the motor.

4. Install New Wiper Motor

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Following removing the aged motor, this method need to be less difficult.  1st, slide the blade into the new wiper arm and guarantee that it locks into place. Carefully, return the wiper arm to the rear window, then firmly protected it by screwing the nuts you had previously eliminated.

Move forward to plug the motor into the vehicle battery and substitute the wiper assembly. Last but not least, damp the windshield to guarantee that it performs effectively and that it is securely attached. Also, guarantee the wiper blades do not come into make contact with with the cowl or windshield body.  If they really do not, that indicates that everything operates properly.

You may want several attempts to align the new wiper blades in the very same position as the previous kinds. This is largely because of to the knurling designs on the wiper arm post. You may possibly have to lift the arm off to adjust the place, then protected it back again on the wiper arm put up.

Term of Warning: Do not neglect to link the wiper motor cable to the damaging terminal prior to starting your motor vehicle.

Why Do You Need to Replace Rear Windshield Wipers?

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Like many automotive consumables, the rear windshield wipers will require alternative following extended utilization or actual physical harm. Sometimes, wipers require changing since of vandalism. For no matter what cause, some folks may well consider to steal or destroy them. Since most blades are generally securely mounted on the auto physique, vandals only deal with to twist and bend the rear-check out wiper blades. When bent, these wipers really don't operate nicely and need to have to be changed.

If you listen to unusual noises emanating from them when you activate them, it is a indicator that they are not managing as efficiently and proficiently as required. Another indication to observe out for is the existence of stain marks on the windshield although wiping. When uncovered to climate factors, the wiper arms can get corroded, restricting their function.

Choosing the Right Wiper Blades

The windshield wiper blades are typically obtainable at most auto components retailer outlets. There are a myriad of model options that you can decide on from. These blades are available in a handful of different styles, namely, bolt-on, clip-on, or thrust-on.

You only need to have to figure out the ideal fit for your auto by examining out rear windshield wiper catalogs for the precise design, make, and 12 months of your car. Then, match the solution quantities showcased in the catalog to the suitable wipers retailing at your neighborhood store.

Nevertheless, the greatest selection will depend on the make and design of your vehicle. When selecting on the selection that satisfies your demands, appear for respected manufacturers that assure durability.

Whether you travel a luxury model or a widespread one, there is a higher possibility that you can get these consumables from your local division retailer. But if you generate a significantly less widespread car, you could have to get in touch with the manufacturers to find wiper blades that will fit.


Your rear windscreen wipers will likely get worn out or ruined after prolonged use. Considering that these wipers are not as used as frequently as the entrance windscreen wipers, they are effortlessly overlooked. This will increase visibility problems and, if not remedied, could direct to highway accidents.

Luckily, you can replace rear windscreen wipers with spare parts from your regional automotive retailers. Your choice of wipers will depend on the model and make of your car.



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