What Is The State Flower Of Virginia? How Was It Decided?

Virginia, like every single state in the United States, has a image flower symbolizing that specific condition and its persona, Virginia stands out, even though, with a number of symbols that symbolize it.

When it will come to Virginia’s point out flower, it is the American Dogwood, also acknowledged as Flowering Dogwood. It is well-known during the United states and especially popular in the northeastern components of the country.

You may possibly possibly surprise how and why American Dogwood was declared a state flower of Virginia, so we’re here to supply you with an response to that question.

The History Behind the State Flower of Virginia

Virginia selected American Dogwood as its point out flower on the sixth of March 1918, and it became Virginia’s point out tree in 1956. This flower is crucial to Virginia’s historical past, and it encourages satisfaction and curiosity in this state’s tradition and background. One more interesting factor is that Virginia is the only state that has the identical plant as their condition flower and point out tree.

Previous American president Thomas Jefferson took fantastic pleasure in the American Dogwood, and in the course of the 1770s he experienced above a hundred and sixty species of this plant on his estate in Virginia, Monticello. He held comprehensive documents of his gardens, mentioning the American Dogwood way back in 1771.

Whilst serving as Minister to France, he handed above the seeds of American Dogwood to his European associates and made many shipments of them to Paris. He was a real enthusiast when it came to this flower, which experienced a important influence on the last decision to decide on it as Virginia’s point out flower.

The Commonwealth affiliation also drastically impacted the variety of American Dogwood as the point out flower of Virginia. The condition lawmakers genuinely thought that this flower was a proper illustration of Virginia’s heritage and that it would make new generations feel the link with the country’s traditions and beliefs.

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What Dogwood is Native to Virginia?

Though Virginia has the Flowering Dogwood as its point out flower, it’s not the only Dogwood species indigenous to this element of the US. Apart from it, there are other types, this kind of as Cornelian Cherry Dogwood, Kousa Dogwood, and Pagoda Dogwood, also indigenous to Virginia.

Every species blooms in spring and creates colourful berries in tumble, and they have intriguing foliage in the course of winter. All of these kinds are suitable for developing in Virginia, and you could plant them in your property or garden.

Are There Any Other States With the Same State Flower?

Virginia is not the only state that has the American Dogwood as the point out flower. In fact, the identical plant is also a state flower of North Carolina. Which is simply because this plant is also widespread all through North Carolina, so the people in that point out made the decision to declare it the state flower of NC in 1941.

North Carolina is so devoted to Dogwood flowers that it even has several Dogwood festivals in April. As American Dogwood is not just a flower but a tree, some states, this kind of as Missouri, have it chosen as the point out tree.

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American Dogwood Characteristics

Common Name American Dogwood/Flowering Dogwood
Scientific Name Cornus Florida
Found In Native to North Eastern US and northern Mexico. Widespread from Maine to northern Florida and west to the Mississippi River
USDA Hardiness Zone 5–9
Color White, pinkish-white, yellowish, reddish
The Number Of Petals 4
Bloom Time April to June
Purpose Ornamental plant
Symbolism And Meaning Pride, devotion, loyalty, safety, determination, passion, fertility

The American Dogwood (Cornus Florida), or the Flowering Dogwood as people like to get in touch with it, is one particular of the most magnificent deciduous indigenous trees in the US. It’s an superb landscaping alternative for all four seasons, as they present beauty through the 12 months.

For the duration of spring (April to June,) you will notice gorgeous bouquets ranging from white to pinkish, yellowish, and even reddish. As tumble methods, the foliage will get a fascinating scarlet-purple color, whilst the crimson berries during winter season will draw in songbirds to your backyard garden.

These trees typically achieve between twenty and forty toes, and they contain a spreading crown, on a one or multiple trunks, with prolonged-long lasting blooms. Individuals adore this plant due to the fact of its scaled-down measurement, so if you are hunting for a minimal-upkeep, lovely flowering tree, the American Dogwood should have a location on your planting list.

How Did The Dogwood Flower Get Its Name?

There are a good deal of legends related to the American Dogwood and its identify. A single of the most popular myths is that The Cherokee believed that tiny people lived among the Dogwood trees and that their purpose was to live in harmony with the character all around them.

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American Dogwood Growing Tips And Requirements

If you’d like to expand American Dogwood in your outdoor room, it would be useful to have some methods up your sleeve to encourage the appropriate expansion and advancement of this plant. Under are all the specifications this tree demands to realize success and prosper.


The American Dogwood will increase the best when you plant it in complete sunshine or partial shade. It wants at minimum 4 hours of daily solar publicity, but it should not be beneath continual daylight. These vegetation generally perform far better in partial shade, as too a lot solar can be nerve-racking for them and trigger feasible problems.

Planting American Dogwood in complete sun will need much more routine maintenance and repeated watering than growing in partial shade, specifically during the summer season months.


This plant can increase in almost any soil but prefers nicely-drained, hummus-rich, acidic soils. You can also expand them in loamy, clay, and sandy soils, but you’ll require to maintain them moist to allow the plant to thrive. It’s also useful for the soil to be substantial in organic issue.

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This plant requirements a great deal of dampness, so you will need to have to water it at the very least after a 7 days and maybe even a lot more regularly for the duration of summertime. You could decrease the watering demands by introducing mulch all around the plant, as it will support at retaining humidity.

Insects And Diseases

The American Dogwood is prone to anthracnose, powdery mildew, and dogwood borer. As they are quite common, you ought to know how to struggle them if you have this variety of plant.

  • Anthracnose: The American Dogwood is prone to two different types of anthracnose—Spot anthracnose and Dogwood anthracnose. Spot anthracnose is more common, and it attacks the bark, leaves, flowers, and fruits of Flowering Dogwood, causing them to gain tan spots with red-purplish borders. If the infection is severe, the flowers will wrinkle and may lose petals. Dogwood anthracnose is a newer disease, and it can cause more damage to your tree. It’s caused by a fungus that spreads through the leaves, main branches, and twigs, killing them slowly. You can fight this disease by planting disease-resistant plants nearby, but you’ll also need to use fungicides to get to the root of the issue.
  • Powdery Mildew: This is a fungus that attacks the surface of American Dogwood leaves. Once the fungus is settled on the leaves, they will gain a white, powdery coating on their surface. Infected leaves can suffer from dead patches, discoloration, and early defoliation. To fight this disease, you’ll probably need to use fungicides, although cultural control should also help. If you notice the signs of powdery mildew on any leaves of your American Dogwood, get rid of them as fast as possible to prevent spreading.
  • Dogwood Borer: This is a pest that attacks dogwoods and other trees such as oak, hickory, and elm. When these insects spread, they could kill your American Dogwood tree, so you’ll need to use insecticides to resolve the problem.
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The American Dogwood is a spectacular flower with tons of background and that means, so it is no question Virginia has it picked as the point out flower. If you stay in locations the place this plant can prosper, you need to plant it in your lawn as it will make your landscaping gorgeous through the seasons.



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