What Type of Batteries Does a Smoke Detector Take?

The smoke detector is probably the most essential protection gadget in your house, alongside with a carbon monoxide detector. It performs about the clock to hold you and your family protected by detecting smoke particles and sounding an alarm, supplying you a lot more time to respond. Nonetheless, most of these devices run on batteries. Several individuals are worried about what kind of batteries they require and when to adjust them. If you are new to maintaining smoke detectors in your property, keep reading through as we look at the diverse types of batteries that you may possibly require and how lengthy they final.

The 4 Types of Smoke Detector Batteries:

1. The 10-Year Sealed Lithium Battery

1 of the ideal options obtainable to anyone hunting to preserve their property protected from hearth is the ten-calendar year sealed lithium battery smoke detector. As the identify suggests, the lithium battery is developed into the smoke detector and will very last 10 many years without any routine maintenance from you. When it’s time, you replace the device with a new model. With a battery that lasts 10 many years, you in no way need to have to fear about a lapse in coverage simply due to the fact you forgot to alter a lifeless battery. Another reward of these contemporary units is that several also have a constructed-in carbon monoxide detector.

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2. The Alkaline 9-Volt Battery

The alkaline 9-volt battery is likely the most popular answer for powering smoke detectors in properties across The us. Based on the model, these batteries generally last 6 months to one yr. Substantial-stop batteries will last for a longer time, even though budget batteries will drop their cost more rapidly. Nevertheless, the difference is not likely to be too obvious. These batteries get rid of their electricity slowly, so you have far more time to modify the battery after the low-battery alarm starts off, to hold it from shutting off entirely.

3. The Lithium 9-Volt Battery

Lithium nine-volt batteries can maintain their demand up to 5 times more time than a standard alkaline 9-volt battery, that means you will hear less low-battery alarms. You can swap out an alkaline battery for the lithium model to consider benefit of its longevity, but it’s not with no downsides. Lithium batteries are far far more costly than alkaline batteries, and they hold their total demand until the end of their lifespan, which means you will have little time to substitute the battery prior to the smoke alarm shuts down and stops guarding your property.

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4. The AA Battery

Smoke detectors that use AA batteries are a great center-of-the-street selection for many men and women. These are alkaline batteries, but they very last for a longer time than the nine-volt versions, and the detectors can get two or a few batteries, enabling some makes to also incorporate a carbon monoxide detector. Since these batteries drop their charge slowly, there’s a lot of time to modify them once the lower-battery alarm starts. The draw back to AA batteries is that they don’t previous as lengthy as lithium kinds, so you will need to have to modify them often.

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How Do I Change the Battery in a Smoke Detector?

The methods to changing a battery in a smoke detector can fluctuate from unit to unit, so it is greatest to refer to your owner’s guide for the directions. Even so, most smoke detectors sit on a foundation. Twisting or sliding the detector will help you eliminate it, getting accessibility to the battery compartment. Replace the previous battery with a new one. The device will frequently generate a examination tone to present you that the battery works. Then, twist or slide the detector back on to its base.

How Many Smoke Detectors Should I Have?

You need to have a smoke detector on every single ground of your property, such as the basement and attic. You need to have 1 close to your kitchen area and at the prime of any stairways. It is also important to have a smoke detector in each bedroom.


You will discover a single of 4 battery kinds in most smoke detectors: a 10-calendar year sealed lithium battery, an alkaline or lithium 9-volt battery, and AA batteries. We advocate the 10-calendar year sealed lithium battery if you are purchasing new alarms for your property. If these alarms are as well expensive, go with one particular that employs AA batteries and has a carbon monoxide detector. If you are likely with a nine-volt option, bear in mind that lithium will final for a longer time, but there is a increased opportunity that your house will go unprotected when the battery dies.

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