How & When to Plant Mums? What You Need To Know!

Chrysanthemums, or “mums” as they are commonly named, are brightly colored, bushy flowers that are often showcased in supermarkets close to August or September. They are one particular of the previous bouquets to blossom in that year’s increasing period, signaling the lazy days of summer time are coming to an stop and ushering in autumn’s arrival.

Mums have diverse needs depending on no matter whether they are a florist or backyard garden selection. It is crucial to understand which sort you have so you know how to ideal care for your plant. Continue reading through to discover how and when to plant mums as effectively as how to care for them following they are planted.

Three Ways to Grow Mums

You can commence expanding mums in your garden from seed, by propagation, or division. You will need an existing plant or seeds from final calendar year to start. You can plant seeds from a seed packet or collect your very own from very last year’s dried flowers. Start off your seeds inside of about six-8 months just before the previous frost in spring if you want early blooms.

Spring or summer season is the very best time to propagate a chrysanthemum. Just lower the stem about 1 of the nodes and bury around two-3” of the uncooked conclude in peat moss or perlite. Hold the soil moist, but not in excess of-saturated. Pinch off the top-progress in a few weeks to stimulate the plant to keep on to increase.

Your chrysanthemum will reward from getting divided every single two or 3 a long time. This is great news for you because you can acquire totally free crops for by yourself or to share with your neighbors. To divide your mum, carefully dig up the root ball and divide the roots into 3-five sections, replanting each and every part into the floor or into pots. You now have a number of new crops!

pink chrysanthemums
Image Credit: Elstef, Pixabay

How to Care for a Florist Mum

If you selected your plant from an indoor industry or picked 1 of the pots prettily wrapped in coloured foil, possibilities are you have a florist selection. These vegetation are only developed in greenhouses and indoors they will not endure the winter because of to their weak underground runners which they require to thrive in cold weather.

Treat these vegetation as annuals. You can plant them in the ground or increase them in pots, despite the fact that it’s advised to at minimum change out the pot they came in. At times crops can become root-certain if they are in the exact same pot for an prolonged period of time. It’s best to gently crack up some of the roots and locate your mum a new property either in the floor or in a a bit greater pot with prosperous topsoil and a lot of space to grow.

Mums need complete sunshine, but they can dry out effortlessly, specifically if it is still very hot exterior. Be certain to maintain your mum nicely-watered and feed wealthy compost for very best expanding outcomes. Though these vegetation only stay for a year, they’ll provide you with sufficient blooms right up until the severe freezes occur if you take treatment of them. You can also pinch off or “dead head” dried mum flowers to motivate the plant to hold developing and blooming.

How to Care for a Garden Mum

If you are seeking for a mum that’ll very last for a longer time than the turkey after Thanksgiving, the backyard garden mum is the assortment for you. Although they change dormant for the winter season, the garden selection will return in the spring if you deal with them nicely and stay in zone five or warmer.

You need to plant your yard mum in the spring for greatest final results so that it has loads of time to develop powerful roots before the year’s first frost. You are going to most likely get a few spring bouquets, way too. Pinch off early development so that they’ll bloom once more in the late summertime/early tumble.

Once your mum has completed blooming for the calendar year, cut the stems two inches from the top and go over prior to the 1st frost. Backyard garden mums are hardy in zones 5-9, so they’ll survive the wintertime in mild or moderately cold climates but even the toughest plant almost certainly will not live by way of a Wisconsin winter season.


Despite the fact that mums are connected with slide, you will have to commence working on them early if you want a yard assortment. Florist varieties only previous for a handful of months but they’ll dwell lengthier if you get the time to re-pot them following buying and pinch off the dead flowers to inspire progress. Regardless of whether you have a perennial plant or a flower that is just here for the time, your mum will reward your gardening initiatives with a shower of multi-coloured bouquets.



Showcased Image Credit rating: Elstef, Pixabay