Who Owns Jeep? What You Need To Know!

Jeep is an American vehicle firm owned by the American-Italian Fiat Chrysler and French PSA Team. Both of these companies slide under the new name Stellantis, a merger business that is the official owner of Jeep. There is a prosperous background of the possession of Jeep as the business has existed because 1942 when it was created to provide as a military automobile only. Since then, Jeep has experienced numerous proprietors and distinct model names, but in 2021 it finally finished up belonging to Stellantis.

In the write-up under, we will speak a lot more about the owner of Jeep presently and the short history of its possession.

The Beginnings of the Brand

The Jeep brand dates back to 1941 when the American govt requested a armed forces car that could be designed in only forty nine days, and thus the 1st types of the Jeep brand name served as armed forces automobiles. The Army gained about a hundred forty five Jeeps, and every service in the US Military utilized these automobiles. Following the war finished, Jeep began to manufacture and distribute cars globally, and several other companies ended up inspired by its design.

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Who Owns Jeep?

Jeep is owned by a world-wide automotive organization fashioned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, merging with the PSA Group. The two makes are now underneath the Stellantis umbrella given that 2021. The Fiat Chrysler Cars business is dependent in Turin, Italy nevertheless, Jeep is an American model. The headquarters of Jeep is in Auburn Hills, Michigan, but the Jeep’s true house is in Toledo, Ohio, in which the 1st iconic Wrangler arrived to be.

Timeline of The Ownership of Jeep


In the really commencing, Jeeps were created by Willys-Overland, for navy purposes only. This business only managed to get a trademark for Jeep in 1950.

Kaiser Jeep Corporation

Willys-Overland bought the company to Kaiser-Jeep Corporation in 1953. Even though the company was named Willys Motors, it transformed to Kaiser-Jeep Company in 1963.

American Motors Corporation (AMC)

After currently being owned by Kaiser Jeep Company for many years, American Motors Company or AMC bought it in 1970.


Chrysler bought AMC in 1987 and continued to create Jeeps when they merged with Daimler-Benz in 1998.

Jeep Wrangler
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DaimlerChrysler AG

DaimlerChrysler AG was the new title for the business until they offloaded it in 2007.

Cerberus Capital Management

Cerberus Funds Administration was a personal equity firm owned by Steve Feinberg, who purchased most of Chrysler’s stakes in 2007. Steve Feinberg promised to revive the business, but when gas rates started out to skyrocket and income decreased, Cerberus went bankrupt in 2009.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

In 2014 Chrysler was bought by Fiat, giving to conserve the company after individual bankruptcy. This began with Fiat acquiring twenty% of Chrysler’s stakes, and by 2014 they owned a hundred% of the firm. The new identify of the merged business was Fiat Chrysler Vehicles.


At the commencing of 2021, Fiat Chrysler Cars merged with PSA Team. Both of these makes are now below the umbrella of the major world-wide automaker Stellantis.

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Where Is Jeep Manufactured?

Jeeps are created in factories around the world, in six international locations:

  • America
  • Italy
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • India

The worldwide services are dependable for making powertrain and transmission factors, while the United States is liable for most of the assembly. While the Jeep Renegade is assembled in Italy, the Cherokee, Compass, Gladiator, and the renowned Wranglers are developed in the US. The Jeep Wrangler is created in Toledo, Ohio, and it has been this way for the past handful of many years.

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Final Thoughts

The historical past of Jeep’s possession is interesting, with many years of lengthy and hard operate on the brand and numerous house owners making an attempt to do well at improving it. If it weren’t for the Jeep’s prolonged and rich historical past, the company wouldn’t be what it is today—an iconic, American manufacturer.



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