What Is The Cost of Bricks? (2022 Update)

Brick is one particular of the most widespread creating components in the world. From outdated cisterns to present day farmhouses, brick is employed all in excess of the entire world. Brick is a very durable and functional constructing materials that nonetheless appears right now. But how a lot does brick expense in 2022? It is not a issue that individuals ask usually and most people do not know off the leading of their head.

This post will describe the cost of person bricks, believed materials costs for specific positions, and split down the most common extra expenses that arrive with getting bricks.

The Importance of Maintaining Brick

Brick can previous an incredibly extended time if managed correctly. Generating sure your bricks are healthy, structurally seem, and placed effectively can make sure that whatsoever kind of project you are doing will very last a life span. No matter whether you are replacing aged crumbling brick or setting up new brick in an existing house, trying to keep up with the upkeep is essential to obtaining one thing that will very last for a long time.

Possessing some thing made of bricks will practically assure that you will have to buy more bricks at some level in your daily life, as nicely as some of the further materials and labor that occur with it. That is why it is essential to know how a lot brick charges so you can correctly maintain up with it and plan for the future.

What Is The Cost of Bricks? (2022 Update)
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How Much Do Bricks Cost?

The value of bricks can differ significantly based on the sort of brick. Bricks arrive in numerous diverse styles, measurements, and types, but there are some normal bricks that are utilized a lot more frequently than most.

The most typical variety of brick is the common crimson brick. A normal purple brick expenses about $.65 for every brick, but some bulk brick sellers can supply bricks for as little as $.twenty five per brick.

Type of Brick Average Cost Per Brick
Red Clay $0.65
Cored $0.70
Thin $1.10
Concrete $0.50–$5*
Ceramic $0.90

* Market place dependent

Resource: House Advisor

Using these figures, we can estimate some regular expenses for brick positions for the bricks alone. Bricks are employed in a selection of different assignments and realizing the approximated measurement of each and every venture can drastically improve your individual estimates for bricks.

Project Number of Bricks Estimated Cost*
10’ x 4’ wall 250 $162.50
50’ x 4’ wall 1,300 $845
10’ x 8’ wall 500 $325
50’ x 8’ wall 2,500 $1,625
Firepit 125 $81.25
Mailbox 175 $113.75

*Primarily based on $.65 for every normal red brick

Source: Home Guidebook

These tables will assist you to estimate the substance cost of certain brick employment based on 2022 charges. Nevertheless, these costs only element in the value of the bricks themselves and do not account for extra charges that may possibly accompany some of these employment.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Except if you strategy on just stacking bricks by hand by yourself, there are going to be additional charges related with brick and brick employment. Listed here are the most typical expenses that you should look out for and some numbers to use in your estimates.

What Is The Cost of Bricks? (2022 Update)
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One particular of the largest fees related with bricks is labor. Bricklaying is quite intense function, and many individuals are not comfortable undertaking the labor by themselves. Bricks can be acquired in singles or in bulk by common men and women, and not like other property projects, labor is not developed into the upfront expense. For case in point, an electrical job will include labor and components rolled into 1 price. Brick does not usually have that, so you have to account for labor while seeking at the value of brick.

The average expense to lay a thousand bricks is $500. Small jobs that contain much less than one thousand bricks can charge as significantly as $1 for each brick. That indicates if you are seeking to change 250 bricks, the labor cost could be $250 on top of the cost of the bricks by themselves.


Mortar is another thing that will have to be acquired in conjunction with bricks. In purchase to bind the brick together, mortar has to be applied. Mortar can be acquired for $15. A normal 80-pound bag of mortar tends to make sufficient to easily lay 37 standard bricks.

If we use the preceding case in point of 250 bricks, you would require seven luggage of mortar. That provides up to an further $one hundred in addition to the labor.


Repointing is the most expensive further price to be on the lookout for (we make clear under just exactly what this method involves and why it’s essential). Repointing is an essential part of a brick structure’s lifespan, but it can arrive with some serious charges. The common value of a good repointing work is $10 for each sq. foot. That will include up incredibly rapidly for large positions. If you hear the word repointing when obtaining a session on existing brick, be well prepared for a significant cost tag.

Type Typical Cost
Labor $0.50–


$1 per brick

Mortar $15 per bag
Repointing $10 per square foot

How Often Should I Replace My Brickwork?

Brickwork only wants to be replaced in the circumstance of damage. If your bricks have not suffered any damage, then the bricks on their own will keep their structural integrity. The most typical damage to bricks arrives from blunt pressure, like a tree slipping on it or from roots and erosion. If the floor shifts and causes the bricks to shift and settle, that could result in hurt.

While bricks hardly ever fail, the mortar that holds the bricks together can fail. With no mortar, bricks are just stacks of stones with no true integrity. The bricks by themselves are often totally unphased by age, but the mortar will begin to use down, causing you to have to replace it. That method is called repointing.

What Is The Cost of Bricks? (2022 Update)
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What Is Brick Repointing?

Repointing is the method of changing the mortar that retains bricks jointly. Brick is an really tough building substance, and it can very last hundreds of several years in the proper circumstances. However, the mortar that holds the brick jointly does not final as long. Repointing consists of manually chipping and chiseling out the old mortar and changing it with new mortar.

The identify pointing and repointing arrive from the fact that the resources used in this method are all pointed. Pointed trawls and chisels are employed to remove the outdated mortar and lather on the new mortar.

How Often Does Brick Need To Be Repointed?

A good repointing work can very last wherever from fifty to a hundred several years. Repointing brick is not anything that needs to take place routinely. In truth, if your brick wants a lot more than one particular repointing occupation, then anything else is occurring to your mortar that is compromising the longevity of the job.

Repointing does need to take place in order to ensure the wellness of brick construction, but it ought to not be typical upkeep. You must expect to have one great repointing for the duration of the lifespan of your brick. Even then, some brick hardly ever at any time wants to be repointed, and it may well not even be a choice you run into at all.

Can Brick Be Used In New Construction?

Indeed. Brick is still a common constructing materials about the planet. Some geographic spots use brick a lot more than others, but brick is even now being utilised in numerous kinds of construction.

New building using brick can contain new houses, fireplaces, accent partitions, out of doors flooring, brick ovens, chimneys, and facades. Brick is really tough, it lasts a really long time, and recently the seem of brick has turn out to be very common for builders and designers.


There is a massive discrepancy in value in between specific bricks and full brick positions. Labor, mortar, and repointing can add a good deal of income to original estimates. It is critical to know how considerably specific bricks price as properly as all possible connected costs. The expense of bricks in 2022 can fluctuate wildly depending on if you just require to purchase a couple of for yourself or if you require to get a total brick replacement scheduled with a specialist.

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