Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue: Which One’s Best?

Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue: Which One’s Best?

Developed for the same goal, Gorilla Glue and Super Glue use various compounds to try and type an unbreakable adhesive bond between two components. The actual origins of glue are unknown, but dye was blended with a bonding materials to ensure cave paintings much better adhered to rock partitions, so the notion has existed because about 40,000 BC.

Fantastic strides have been created in glue growth in the previous two hundred years. Rubber-dependent glues were initial employed in the mid-1800s and synthetic adhesives in the 1930s ahead of Super Glue was invented in 1958.

Gorilla Glue, which utilizes polyurethane instead than the cyanoacrylate adhesive utilised in Super Glue. Even though they the two serve the same intention and function, they are fairly diverse in their substances and their possible employs. Read on to discover out when to use Gorilla Glue or Tremendous Glue, and which is greater for the activity at hand.

Overview of Super Glue

Tremendous Glue is a variety of quick-performing, strong adhesive. It is created to perform on virtually any floor, although there are some limitations, and in a extensive assortment of problems. The adhesive was in fact invented in 1942 by Harry Coover, but this initial layout was only utilized in the set up and repairing of gun sights and it was not until finally 1958 when Loctite started out promoting their Tremendous Glue brand name did the rapidly-bonding glue make it to the professional market place.

Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue: Which One’s Best?
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How Strong Is Super Glue?

A German manufacturing organization retains the globe record for generating a Tremendous Glue able of keeping a seventeen-tonne truck 1 meter off the floor for 1 hour, although this glue is not commercially obtainable as it was made specially for the record attempt. Loctite’s Super Glue retains the world report for holding a 5-ton car off the ground employing just nine drops of glue. This glue is obtainable in stores and online. It ought to certainly be strong ample to hold the handle on your mug.

What Will It Glue?

Tremendous Glue not only performs swiftly and types a robust bond, but it will perform on a good range of materials including steel, stone, ceramic, rubber, and far more. Even though it is the most commonly sold of these glues and is utilized close to the property for a range of functions, Tremendous Glue is not efficient at sticking smooth surfaces like glass, and it will not perform as nicely on porous surfaces like wooden.

How Quickly Does It Work?

Tremendous Glue sets within a make a difference of minutes. This signifies that inside ten minutes it has fashioned a powerful bond, and for most jobs, this is sufficient. Nonetheless, the glue does not totally established for up to 24 hrs, and it can take more time on moist or porous surfaces. If you want a quick bonding action and are not able to hold the workpieces together or clamp them, Tremendous Glue could be your very best option.

What Conditions Will Super Glue Work In?

Tremendous Glue is dampness resistant, but this is some way brief of being water-resistant. It operates best on dry supplies. It might operate on a moist area but will get lengthier to cure, and the bond might not be as sturdy as it would be on a surface area that was dry, to begin with. Tremendous Glue works at temperatures among 10°C and 82°C so if you require an adhesive that functions at a lot more intense temperatures, you will have to seem somewhere else.

Techniques for the Best Performance

Attempt and follow these tactics for the very best performance from Tremendous Glue:

  • Clean the surface, getting rid of dust and debris.
  • Wipe the workpiece with a cloth to dry away moisture.
  • Use only one or two drops of glue for small to medium jobs.
  • Hold the pieces together for around 30 seconds.
  • Colorless glue suitable for ornamental fixes
  • Bonds quickly, usually in less than a minute
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces
  • Very strong
  • The quick sticking formula makes it difficult to adjust
  • Not great for gluing wood
  • Strong, noxious smell

Overview of Gorilla Glue

A variant of Gorilla Glue has been utilized in Indonesia for a long time, at the very least, to mend home furniture and stick wood together. Nonetheless, it was 1st released in the United states in 1991. Despite the fact that the organization now can make a host of adhesives and tapes, it is the polyurethane-primarily based adhesive that the organization remains ideal-recognized for and that we are looking at listed here.

It is favored in woodwork and furnishings tasks due to the fact it functions effectively on porous components. It dries a all-natural coloration. Even though Super Glue is described as getting dampness resistant, Gorilla Glue is 1 of the greatest h2o-resistant adhesives on the marketplace. It does take longer to set, so may possibly demand the use of clamps, and it does not serve as wide a assortment of needs as Tremendous Glue.

Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue: Which One’s Best?

How Strong Is Gorilla Glue?

Even though it is achievable to evaluate the excess weight that Tremendous Glue will keep in tons, Gorilla Glue has a much far more modest fat limit. It will maintain up to approximately 30 kilos in fat. Nevertheless, it is generally employed in woodworking and household furniture tasks works in a wider variety of conditions and is not required to maintain this kind of excessive weights.

What Will It Glue?

Gorilla Glue is not a multipurpose adhesive. Its major purpose is to adhere home furniture and wooden. Consequently, although it will work on some other resources, it must only really be utilized on porous resources like wooden.

How Quickly Does It Work?

It will take around 20 minutes for the workpieces to start off to stick, a number of several hours to bond, and 24 hrs to fully cure. In most circumstances, this means using clamps and other woodworking resources to assist guarantee that the items are kept firmly collectively and to guarantee the ideal attainable bond among the two surfaces.

What Conditions Will Gorilla Glue Work In?

Gorilla Glue will work in much more intense temperatures than Super Glue since it does not want to form as sturdy a bond. Gorilla Glue will operate at temperatures as lower as -40°C and as large as 93°C. It is water-proof, despite the fact that you ought to make certain a dry surface area if you want the ideal achievable original adhesive results.

Gorilla Glue Techniques for the Best Performance

Following related strategies to individuals used with Super Glue will make certain a stronger bond:

  • Clean the surface to remove dust, sawdust, and debris.
  • Dry the surface.
  • Apply a thin layer of the glue. Gorilla Glue expands up to three times, so you don’t need much.
  • Clamp the workpieces together, if possible.
  • Leave for 20 minutes.
  • Effective on porous surfaces
  • Works in extreme temperatures
  • Dries a natural color
  • Inexpensive
  • Waterproof
  • Not great on plastic
  • Takes longer to bond than Super Glue

What Surfaces Are You Gluing?

Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue: Which One’s Best?
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Gorilla Glue and Tremendous Glue serve different functions and are utilized for different employment. Exclusively, Gorilla Glue is used for gluing wooden and furnishings with each other, typically to make repairs but also as an added indicates of repairing two or more sections of a woodworking task collectively. Tremendous Glue, on the other hand, does not perform as effectively on wooden or other porous surfaces due to the fact it is not able to kind a rapid bond. Super Glue will operate on plastic, ceramics, and is usually perfect for small mend work close to the residence and other fixes.

Curing Time

Super Glue is generally chosen above other bonding methods simply because it will take really minor time to type a bond and adhere two surfaces or supplies collectively. It will take ten minutes for the glue to start off to stick, even though it does a full 24 hours for it to remedy completely. Gorilla Glue normally takes lengthier to start off to adhere, typically 20 minutes, which implies that the surfaces will want clamping while it sets. Gorilla Glue also requires around 24 hours to fully heal.

Operating Temperature

Some glues get rid of their bond and their adhesiveness when they attain specified temperatures. Gorilla Glue may not hold as much excess weight, but it does operate at a lot greater and lower temperatures than Tremendous Glue. Super Glue works in between 10°C and 82°C although Gorilla Glue will operate at temperatures as lower as -40°C and as high as 93°C.

Does It Need To Be Waterproof?

Gorilla Glue is regarded watertight, which indicates that it should maintain, when fixed, even in the wet. Super Glue is rated as being moisture resistant, which indicates that it need to retain its adhesive homes when damp or moist, but it could drop integrity if it will get way too wet.

Weight Resistance

When it will come down to it, the energy of the glue is one particular of the most crucial elements. You won’t want to use any glue that is incapable of holding the variety of excess weight that will be applied to it. This includes the fat of the workpiece used to it, but also any extra bodyweight.

If you hang a hook using Super Glue, for illustration, it is not just the fat of the hook that you have to think about but also the excess weight of whatsoever is hung from the hook. This shouldn’t make a difference with Super Glue, because half a dozen drops of the adhesive can hold many tonnes and a solitary or two drops must be adequate for any residence undertaking. Gorilla Glue will maintain up to thirty lbs ., which should be far more than sufficient for most household furniture repairs, but you might want to take added care if correcting the leg of a chair, for example.

When to Use Super Glue
  • For quick bonding
  • On plastic
  • For freehand fixes
  • For maximum weight resistance
When to Use Gorilla Glue
  • At extreme temperatures
  • On wood
  • When clamps are available
  • To hold wood furniture together


Tremendous Glue and Gorilla Glue, along with Krazy Glue, are the most well-known swift adhesives on the market place. They all have their personal ideal uses and whilst they are comparable, Gorilla Glue is a lot more of a furniture or wood adhesive, getting been produced from polyurethane, while Tremendous Glue is an all-rounder that works far better on plastics, ceramics, and to resolve damaged objects about the house. It is manufactured from cyanoacrylate, bonds speedily, and will get an incredible excess weight, usually way beyond anything you would want from a house adhesive.