What Is the State Flower of North Carolina? How Was It Decided?

Whether or not you’re from the mountains, Piedmont, or Coastal Plains of North Carolina, you have almost certainly noticed the point out flower. Despite the fact that it’s regarded a state tree fairly than a flower in other states, the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) is North Carolina’s state flower. Cornus florida is native to the condition, and it’s joined by a few other native dogwood species: the roughleaf dogwood (Cornus asperifolia), grey dogwood (Cornus racemose), and alternate-leaf dogwood (Cornus alternifolia). In April, tourists from all around the globe visit the Tar Heel Point out to witness the pink and white blooms of the lovely dogwood trees.

Prior to the state legislature declared the flowering dogwood as the state flower in 1941, the lawmakers had unsuccessfully attempted to crown the flame azalea as the prime flower. North Carolina citizens turned frustrated that the government experienced not manufactured a selection, and many commenced sending indignant letters to the push demanding that the dogwood should be the condition flower thanks to its prevalence in the point out. The lawmakers eventually gave in, and in 1969, North Carolina held its 1st dogwood pageant in Statesville.

Characteristics of North Carolina’s State Flower

The flowering dogwood is indigenous to the japanese United States and Mexico. It indicators the early begin of Spring when its vibrant pink or white bouquets bloom in early April. The tree grows 20­–40 toes tall and thrives in partially-shady conditions. Dogwoods are ample in suburban backyards and together North Carolina’s highways, but the trees’ organic habitat is typically around riverbanks, thickets, and deciduous forests.

Even though the tree’s amazing floral exhibit is its major charm, the vivid pink fruit appeals to wildlife and many species of birds.  The dogwood’s challenging wood is also cultivated for generating pulleys, spools, jeweler’s blocks, mallet heads, and weaving shuttles. It’s priceless to weavers and craftsmen because the wooden is shock resistant and comparatively effortless to function with.

flowering dogwood tree
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Festivals Celebrating the Dogwood

North Carolinians without doubt adore dogwoods they keep dogwood festivals each year in five metropolitan areas. 20-eight many years right after N.C. lawmakers produced the dogwood the state flower, Statesville held its 1st pageant.

Statesville Carolina Dogwood Festival

The Statesville Carolina Dogwood Competition was initially developed to advertise high school bands. The city’s director of the Statesville Substantial School Grenadier Band joined nearby business homeowners in selling a band contest that allowed entries from other states. The pageant often lasts a week or a lot more, and some of the activities contain an vehicle display, golfing event, parade, attractiveness pageant, and softball event.

Fayetteville Dogwood Festival

In 1982, Fayetteville’s mayor, Invoice Hurley, boldly mentioned that Fayetteville was “The Metropolis of Dogwoods.” Fascination in the flowering tree had enhanced given that the town experienced instituted a dogwood planting system, and the program’s achievement convinced city officials to maintain a ten-working day competition. Every calendar year, shut to one hundred,000 men and women check out the festival, which includes much more than 35 events. A golfing match, chili prepare dinner-off, rodeo, parade, ten-K run, and a trend show are only a couple of of the actions that attendees appreciate. The spotlight of the pageant is the Dogwood Trail: 18 miles of Victorina, Federal, and Greek Revival architecture adorned with flowering dogwoods.

Kousa dogwood
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Farmville Dogwood Festival

Farmville is not a large town, but its Dogwood Pageant draws the 2nd greatest crowd. Over 40,000 people pay a visit to the historic town every single April to listen to forty bands perform nearly each style of tunes. Most of the live shows are performed at the city widespread, but attendees can also get pleasure from a Civil War reenactment, petting zoo, car displays, celeb storytelling, and arts and crafts exhibits.

Mebane Dogwood Festival

In 1989, Mebane held its very first Dogwood Pageant, and each and every yr, ten,000–15,000 folks visit the town to celebrate the flowering dogwoods. Occasions incorporate a golf tournament, musical acts, arts and crafts initiatives, and southern cooking from foods vehicles.

Pacific Dogwood
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Lake Lure Dogwood Festival

Stunning Lake Lure held its initial competition in 1991. Even though it has fewer attendees than other festivals, website visitors are treated to magnificent sights of flowering dogwoods on the mountainside mirrored on the lake below. The town retains a parade to open up the festival and also has live shows, food suppliers, crafts displays, and even free of charge overall health screenings.

Interesting Facts About the Flowering Dogwood

The dogwood is a useful and beloved species in North Carolina, but it is also appreciated by the state’s northern neighbor, Virginia. In Virginia, the flowering dogwood is the condition tree and the state flower. Below are a couple of other exciting facts about North Carolina’s state flower:

  • Clinton, North Carolina, has the largest dogwood in the state. The 31-foot tree has branches that span 48 feet.
  • Over $70 million is spent on dogwood purchases every year in the United States.
  • North Carolina State University professor, Dr. Tom Ranney, patented a special dogwood variety he named the Bob Timberlake Eternal Dogwood.
  • The tree’s name is explained by the myth that the bark of the tree was boiled down to treat dogs suffering from mange.
  • The first mention of the flowering dogwood, according to Merriam-Webster, was in 1617.
  • In 1917, National Geographic Magazine printed an article that claimed the daisy was North Carolina’s state flower. The flower was popular in the state but was not officially declared the state flower.
  • The flowering dogwood had intense competition from other species to become the state flower. Other candidates included the daisy, Venus flytrap, goldenrod, pinecone, and flame azalea.

Final Thoughts

Unlike Virginia, which has the dogwood as the condition flower and tree, North Carolina only chose the flowering dogwood as the point out flower North Carolina’s condition tree is the pine. The colorful floral exhibit in the spring, red fruit that feeds the wildlife, and gorgeous crimson foliage in the slide make the flowering dogwood 1 of the state’s best normal attractions. If you’re nervous to encounter a breathtaking look at when winter ends, consider a journey to North Carolina, when the flowering dogwoods are protected with vivid pink and white flowers.


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