Why Won’t My Dryer Start? 10 Likely Reasons

Number of issues are far more annoying than throwing a basket of wet garments into a dryer that abruptly refuses to change on. For troubleshooting purposes, it is essential to be aware whether the dryer begins momentarily and then shuts off, or if no noise emanates from the equipment at all.  This is because dryer repairs can be as basic as resetting the electrical breaker in your property, or as invasive as contacting a repairman or even getting a new dryer based on the issue and the quoted price. We’ll delve into frequent factors your dryer isn’t starting, as properly as techniques you can sustain your dryer to avoid potential problems.

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The 10 Reasons Your Dryer Won’t Start

1. Tripped Breaker

circuit breaker
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If you’re running many appliances at the very same time in a small region, the possibilities are pretty very good that you have tripped the breaker. Ideally, this is all that’s improper simply because all you are going to require to do is reset¹ the breaker in your property.

One effortless way to notify is to plug a tiny lamp into your dryer’s outlet and turn it on. If the lamp functions, then the dilemma has one thing to do with the dryer alone. If not, then unplug and change off every little thing in the afflicted location and attempt to reset the breaker to see if that solves the dilemma. If you are even now not receiving any electrical power, phone your regional electrician.

2. Broken Dryer Timer

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Most dryers are outfitted with timers and temperature settings to aid control the dry cycles. If your timer is broken, your device may possibly operate for a handful of minutes and then flip off, or it may possibly run continually, which is a fireplace hazard.

Broken timers are relatively typical troubles that occasionally can have a Do-it-yourself remedy¹, but you may need to have to phone a technician based on the design and your comfort and ease degree. Bear in mind, you will void the guarantee if you harm your dryer while making an attempt to fix it yourself. Usually be specific you know what you are undertaking prior to you pull out the toolbox.

3. Blown Thermal Fuse

Electric Fuse
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A thermal fuse is a fairly new component that’s made to change off the dryer if it reaches a particular temperature. Even so, if the thermal fuse is blown the dryer won’t commence at all. This issue can be solved by Do it yourself¹ or calling a technician.

4. Power Cord Problem

power cord
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If your dryer won’t commence at all, check out the power cords to make confident there are no cuts or gashes. Also, never plug your dryer into an extension twine due to the fact that can short it out and perhaps start off a fireplace.

5. Start Switch Malfunction

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Push the start button and listen for any noise. If your device is flawlessly silent, there’s a very good possibility your commence swap has died. While this is a rapid and lower-value repair, you are going to probably want to get in touch with a repairman for this a single.

6. Drive Motor Failure

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If this is your dilemma, you will almost certainly listen to an obnoxious buzzing seem as the push motor tries to churn the drum. You’ll need to have to phone a technician to come out and resolve it. Drive motors can reach into the $250-$400 variety, so you may possibly make a decision to seem into a new device alternatively.

7. Problem with the Motor Relay

dryer motor repair
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The motor relay assists the travel motor. If it is destroyed the dryer will not commence at all, and the relay will require to be replaced.

8. Door Switch Detection

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Luckily, dryers have basic safety functions that prevent them from turning on if the door is open. Check to make certain the doorway is locking correctly to help narrow down if it’s the switch or the doorway by itself. Fortunately, these are both fairly typical repairs that need to cost you beneath $100.

9. Broken Drive Belt

fixing dryer drive belt
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The travel belt turns the drum, which rotates the outfits. Some dryers have sensors which will avoid the equipment from turning on if the push belt breaks. Other devices will preserve working, but you could recognize the clothing aren’t drying evenly or on time. You are going to need to have to substitute the belt oneself or phone a technician if you have decided that this is your problem.

10. Shorted-out Main Control Board

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Of all the attainable issues that could’ve long gone mistaken with your dryer, this one is one particular of the most regrettable. The circuit panel tells the dryer when and how to run. The connections can be replaced, but sadly if the manage board is absent, then your device most likely is, too. Though the management board can be skillfully changed, it would almost certainly behoove you to acquire a new device as an alternative due to the fact it is expensive.

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How To Maintain Your Dryer

To stop troubles in the long term, make positive to constantly thoroughly clean out the lint filter in amongst hundreds. At least when a year—or far more if you have pet fur intertwined in your lint—you ought to thoroughly clean out your dryer vent. This boosts your dryer’s effectiveness by reducing drying time and can also aid avert fires.

Additionally, don't forget to always plug your dryer immediately into an appropriate outlet. You need to by no means use an extension wire due to the fact dryers pull an massive quantity of energy which can quick out the wire and begin a hearth.

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Doing routine servicing this kind of as emptying the lint filter assists to hold laundry day trouble-free for as long as achievable. Inevitably, however, the dryer will ultimately not turn on. You will want to troubleshoot the solution if you’re hunting for a fix fairly than a replacement. The good information is that most widespread problems have a fast and reduced-expense resolution, this sort of as changing the doorway switch which generally fees around $50.

You can resolve many of these problems yourself, but you may well want to consider hiring a repairman alternatively if your dryer is reasonably new due to the fact repairing it by yourself will void any manufacturing facility warranties. You also may possibly contemplate purchasing yet another dryer if the mend is heading to value you above $two hundred or involves a more critical portion of the dryer these kinds of as the circuit panel.

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