Why Won’t My Lawn Mower Start? 6 Possible Reasons

Maintaining a spotless garden is an daily problem for most—whether you are a gardener with a good deal of expertise driving you or a newbie with a new lawn mower ready for the initial test operate. Gardening demands challenging work and devotion, and if you are passionate about every little thing that gardening signifies, you must welcome all the issues that arrive with this pastime.

Lawn mowers are a gardener’s favorite device, but even this unbeatable beast of a equipment faces troubles from time to time. If your lawn mower is not starting—and you really do not know why—we’ve collected some crucial details for you to understand, as these troubles may possibly have a easy solution.

Why Won’t My Lawn Mower Start? 6 Possible Reasons

1. Empty Gas Tank

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An empty fuel tank is a very frequent dilemma of lawn mowers not commencing. This dilemma may be one of the simplest and with it will come a extremely basic solution! Verify the fuel tank ahead of you shed all your hope of starting up the garden mower back again up. Even if you imagined that it had ample gasoline, it is possible that in excess of a long time period, the fuel evaporated.


Fill your garden mower with gas. Make positive you use new and clean fuel because incorporating stale fuel can additional harm your lawn mower.

2. Old or Stale Gas

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Keeping the fuel in your garden mower continually fresh is crucial for correct servicing. Though it could not appear as critical, having stale gasoline in your tank can cause many troubles and even stop your mower from working appropriately. Gasoline has a life span of about thirty days prior to shedding its houses. Once the ethanol from the gas evaporates, the outdated gasoline can rapidly trigger corrosion or clog your carburetor.


Make positive your fuel is up to date. Replace and maintain it frequently to make certain you are using the ideal gasoline for your lawn mower and, that way, lengthen its life. Try changing the stale gas proper absent with fresh fuel.

3. Worn Out Battery

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The battery on your garden mower could have dropped its electricity following a long winter season. Batteries usually have a lifestyle span of 5 years, even though you may expertise issues faster. If your lawn mower will not start off or the battery is not remaining billed for long ample, you may possibly need to have to substitute the battery entirely.


If your battery is not keeping charged for prolonged enough or will not cost at all, it may possibly be time to purchase a new battery. Substitute the battery if you start off noticing any of these indications of wear.

4. Clogged Carburetor

clogged carburator of old lawnmower
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As pointed out earlier mentioned, stale fuel can significantly influence and hurt a garden mower or any other machine. It can cause rust, major to many difficulties and even permanent harm to your carburetor. More than a a lot more extended interval, stale and dirty gasoline can lead to a clogged carburetor. After a long interval without having modifying, gasoline can cause buildup in the carburetor, which may possibly be why your garden mower does not function properly.


Drain the gasoline totally and give your carburetor a complete thoroughly clean before adding fresh gas.

5. Faulty Spark Plug

Changing lawn mower spark plug
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The spark plug responsible for starting your garden mower can have numerous possible problems that may possibly trigger your lawn mower to have commencing concerns. The spark plug may be loose, not creating a relationship, or even gunked up with dirt and debris.


Clean the spark plug and make certain to tighten it securely. You may possibly want to change the aged spark plug completely, but very first, make sure to cleanse the location exactly where it will be put in.

6. Dirty Air Filter

person replacing air filter of lawnmower
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If you want your carburetor to operate effectively and as prolonged as feasible with out currently being replaced, you have to know how to maintain it accurately. Given that a carburetor requirements air for the engine to run, the carburetor will not get adequate air if the air filter is soiled. If your garden mower stops doing work or are not able to start off, your air filter might be worn and particles could have located its way to the carburetor or motor.


Cleanse your air filter routinely, or replace it as soon as you observe signs and symptoms of dress in and tear.

Safety Measures to Take Before Troubleshooting

Just before you start with any troubleshooting, make confident to take all precautions. Lawn mowers are huge and possibly dangerous equipment necessitating an knowledgeable man or woman to manage them. If you are insecure and are trying to determine out a achievable difficulty on your personal, do that with warning and usually adhere to standard security actions.

  • Use maximum caution when handling gasoline or petrol, as they are highly flammable gases.
  • Before removing grass from underneath the deck, disconnect the spark lead first.
  • Always check the manual before doing any work on your own
  • If the level of the fuel reaches the cap, drain the tank accordingly

Tips to Get Your Lawn Mower to Start

Just before seeking for feasible reasons for your lawn mower to stop working, you can try out a number of swift tips that may do the trick. Often a issue is just a simple resolve that you can quickly solve.

  • Replace the spark plug, or try tightening it more firmly
  • Change the air filter
  • Ensure no excess water is collecting on the tank’s bottom
  • Remove all clumps of grass from underneath the deck
  • Make sure your carburetor is screwed in firmly
  • Always use fresh gas

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Ideally, right after studying this write-up, you have gained some insight into all the achievable reasons why your garden mower might have stopped commencing. There are a lot of attainable causes for your land mower to stop working, even though when troubleshooting, it may be greatest to commence with a easier remedy initial, as the most straightforward troubles are the most frequent ones to take place.

All these possibilities may appear difficult and complex at initial, but they truly have rational and easy options.



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