Track Saw vs Cordless Circular Saw: Which Is Best for Your Project?

Track Saw vs Cordless Circular Saw: Which Is Best for Your Project?

For generating long and exact straight cuts through wooden, steel, or plastic, you only have a few possibilities: Table saws, round saws, or observe saws.

But if you’re looking to make those cuts at a realistic cost – or anyplace that’s not connected to a four hundred-pound device – you’ll want to determine among a monitor noticed and a cordless circular noticed.

By comparing the characteristics and benefits of keep track of saws and cordless circular saws, we intention to depart you better informed as to which saw is worth investing your hard-attained funds in. As soon as you realize the needs and attributes of each noticed in a further and much more thorough way, we’re confident that you will be able to make the greatest selection for your property and workshop.

Our Favorite Track Saw in 2022

DEWALT Circular Saw, 6-1/2-Inch, TrackSaw Kit (DWS520K)

  • Zero clearance track saw cutting system delivers precise, straight, splinter-free cuts.Power Tool Type Corded
  • For use with track saw dual-edged tracks for perfectly straight cuts in both directions
  • On-track cut depth: 2-1/8 (54mm) at 90 degree , 1-5/8-inch (41mm) at 45 degree ; depth scale accurately indicates exact depth of cut…

Track Saws Explained

Pioneered by German electricity tool manufacturer Festool in the early sixties, track saws utilize a prolonged metal guidebook and a exclusive plunge chopping system to make incredibly exact cuts.

Track Saw vs Cordless Circular Saw: Which Is Best for Your Project?The “toe-in” blade place of a keep track of noticed permits it to minimize from the front of the blade, whilst the back of the blade is held farther absent from every single freshly reduce edge. In turn, this leaves virtually no tear-out on the back again edge – making for smoother, cleaner cuts with a polished edge which is ideal for fantastic woodworking.

In addition to its functionality for finer cuts, an additional advantage of the monitor saw is its enhanced basic safety as compared to a circular saw. Simply because the complete noticed is mounted on a extended keep track of, the chance of kickbacks or accidental get in touch with with the blade is properly negated.

That mentioned, the set up and preparing time for generating a lower with a monitor noticed is a lot increased than what you can expect from a circular observed. Include to that its significantly greater value tag – at times costing up to five times as much as a cordless round saw – and it’s clear that the observe observed is a far better decision for experts and specialists than for novices and hobbyists.

Track Saw Pros
  • Incredibly accurate straight cuts
  • Integrated rail makes it safer than table or circular saws
  • Makes finer and smoother straight cuts than any other saw
Track Saw Cons
  • Expensive
  • Takes longer to set up cuts

Tips for Using a Track Saw

Our Favorite Cordless Circular Saw in 2022

DEWALT 6-1/2-Inch 20V MAX Circular Saw, Tool Only (DCS391B) , Yellow

  • 5150 RPM motor of DEWALT circular saw delivers power and speed to make the most demanding cuts with ease
  • High strength and lightweight magnesium shoe of the corded circular saw provides jobsite durability for long-term cut accuracy
  • Optimized rubber overmolded comfort grip of the compact circular saw delivers optimal balance and control

Cordless Circular Saws Explained

For comfort in producing swift rips and crosscuts, it is difficult to beat the hand-held flexibility of a cordless round observed. They’ve prolonged been a standby of carpenters and building workers because of their light excess weight and portability, as effectively as their potential to settle for a variety of observed blades for various cutting jobs.

Track Saw vs Cordless Circular Saw: Which Is Best for Your Project?Far better at producing tough cuts for sizing big artifical boards, circular saws can be a challenge to use with any degree of precision. In many cases, they count on not significantly much more than a mounted information, your vision, and a steady hand to generate truly straight cuts.

In which they may possibly be less reliable for generating exact cuts than a keep track of observed, cordless circular saws have two significant benefits: They are really transportable and straightforward to use and price drastically considerably less than the a lot more robustly created observe noticed. For common woodworking and development tasks, they are an reasonably priced and potent selection that is suited for beginners and specialists alike.

Cordless Circular Saw Pros
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Great for making rough cuts and sizing larger boards
  • Inexpensive
Cordless Circular Saw Cons
  • Not as suitable for precision cuts
  • Less durable than most track saws

Tips for Using a Circular Saw

Final Thoughts: Which Saw Is Better for You?

Equally keep track of saws and cordless round saws offer you appealing choices for creating straight cuts more conveniently than with a desk noticed. For pros and anybody demanding a substantial degree of precision for their cuts, the monitor saw is a considerably better choice – but also noticeably much more costly. If you’re searching for a saw to make tough cuts for Do-it-yourself assignments and house repairs, go for an inexpensive and straightforward to use cordless round observed.